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Rhythm Is A Dancer - 30 Jahre Eurodance

CD, 03.03.2023

Rhythm is a dancer. It's a soul's companion. You can feel it everywhere! Der Ursprung des Eurodance geht mittlerweile 30...


Auslieferung erfolgt in der Regel innert 3 bis 4 Werktagen.



Disc 1
1Rhythm Is A Dancer (7'' Edit)03:43
2It's My Life (Radio Edit)04:02
3Be My Lover (Radio Edit)04:01
4Mr. Vain (Original Radio Edit)04:23
5More And More (Single Version)04:11
6Power Of American Natives (Radio Edit)03:52
7Pump Up The Jam (Radio Edit)03:36
8Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!03:24
9Saturday Night (Radio Edit)03:43
10Dear Jessie (Radio Edit)04:03
11Herz an Herz (Herz in der Luft Radio Mix)03:46
12How Much Is The Fish?03:47
13No Limit (Radio Edit)03:17
14Feel The Heat Of The Night (Radio Edit)03:46
15Ride On Time04:32
16The Rhythm Of The Night04:24
17Captain Jack (Short Mix)04:08
18Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Radio Edit)03:31
19Somebody Dance With Me03:32
20Up'n Away (Radio Edit)03:54
21Freed From Desire03:33
Disc 2
1Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Radio Edit)04:44
2Coco Jamboo (Radio Edit)03:40
3Around The World (La La La La La) (Radio Version)03:37
4Sing Hallelujah! (Short Version)04:03
5Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (Radio Edit)03:47
6Inside Out (Radio Edit)03:56
7Please Don't Go03:18
8Sweet Dreams (Radio Version)03:24
9Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Edit)03:28
10Bla Bla Bla (Radio Cut)03:12
11Close To You03:38
12Barbie Girl03:48
13Cotton Eye Joe03:13
14Scatman's World03:41
15No More (I Can't Stand It) (Airplay Mix)03:44
16U Got 2 Let The Music (Radio Version)03:37
17The Power03:48
18Das Boot05:14
19There Is A Star (Radiostar Videomix)03:55
20Another Night (Radio Mix)04:00
21Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) (Remastered)03:40