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Hardstyle Top 100 Edition 2021

CD, 23.07.2021

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Disc 1
1Dragonborn [Part 3] (Oceans apart)01:36
2Lose it all02:13
3Lighting up the sky01:07
5Party people (Radio Edit)01:42
6Feel inside (Radio Edit)01:56
7Guardians of the night01:55
8THE HEADMASTER (Radio Edit)01:02
9Outta control (Radio Edit)01:24
10Everlasting (2020) (Radio Edit)01:18
11Breathe (2020 Edit) (Radio Edit)00:41
12Paranoid (Digital Punk Remix) (Radio Edit)01:41
1340 oz01:24
14D A N C E (Fradusta Remix)02:06
16Letting go (Radio Edit)01:42
17WALK AWAY (Radio Edit)01:16
18The grind (Radio Edit)01:32
19Every breaking wave (Radio Edit)01:33
20Eternal light (Radio Edit)00:50
21TMY (Radio Edit)01:55
22From Russia (Original Mix)02:03
23Power of light01:04
24Catch the moment01:16
25All alone01:56
27Kill me (Radio Edit)01:48
28Can't breathe02:23
29Children of drums (Headhunterz Remix)02:01
30Fine Day02:24
31Call my name (Original Mix)01:29
34Future of music01:55
36Deeper than the ocean01:43
37Rescue me 2020 (Radio Edit)01:22
38Harder louder (Radio Mix)02:24
39Nobody like you01:48
40After the stars01:23
41Our only home (Radio Edit)01:10
42Solar system01:19
43Exist no more (Radio Edit)00:56
44For you (Radio Edit)01:29
45YRML 2k20 (Radio Edit)01:19
46Get up (Radio Edit)00:51
47Tweak it (Original Mix)01:12
48Funk me (Radio Edit)00:37
49get closer (Radio Edit)00:48
50I'm alive (Official Rebirth Festival Anthem 2019) (Re-Style & Vertex Remix) (Radio Edit)00:59
Disc 2
1The other side01:27
2Shake the ground01:31
3Meltdown (2020 Kick Edit) (Radio Edit)00:54
4Fascinating rhythm (Radio Edit)01:29
5Move ma body (Uptempo Edit) (Radio Edit)01:32
7Harder state of mind (Radio Edit)01:49
8Alchemy of hardstyle (Ecstatic Remix) (Radio Edit)01:18
9MY OWN HEART (Mekanikal Remix)01:58
10Weekend warriors (Defqon.1 Festival 2013 Anthem Live Edit)02:26
11For you01:26
12Stronger (Radio Edit)00:57
14TEARS IN RAIN (Radio Edit)01:26
15All black (Narcyz Remix)01:42
16We won't die young01:06
17All or nothing01:04
18To the moon and back (Timbo Remix)01:16
19This is the sound (Narcyz Remix)01:36
21Deep in the night01:45
22Embracing the madness01:05
23Jump in01:20
24The remedy (Original Mix)01:43
25All Of Us01:48
26Feel it! (Radio Edit)01:39
27Revive (Radio Edit)01:43
28Wildfire (Adaro Remix) (Radio Edit)02:02
29Strong (Radio Edit)02:03
30Above it all01:51
31Step into the game (Official Intents Festival 2020 Anthem) (Radio Edit)02:15
32I will reach you (Radio Edit)01:02
33Armageddon (Radio Edit)01:50
34Trouble (Radio Edit)01:03
35The awakening (Kickerz 2020 Anthem) (Radio Edit)01:16
36Above heaven01:16
37Beyond reality (Radio Edit)00:54
38Kick the dancefloor01:10
39Outcasts (Toneshifterz & Code Black Remix)01:29
41Fake ones00:51
42Oldschool Vibez (Radio Edit)00:38
43Close our eyes (Radio Edit)00:51
44Global citizens (Radio Edit)01:56
45The enemy (you cannot see) (Radio Edit)02:01
46Making memories (Radio Edit)02:28
47Wolf of warriors (Radio Edit)01:42
48GIVE ME A SIGN (Radio Edit)01:16
49709 (Original Mix)02:14