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Mein Ex Libris

God Save The Rave

CD, 16.04.2021



Auslieferung erfolgt in der Regel innert 5 bis 7 Werktagen.



Disc 1
1Futurum est nostrum01:39
2God save the rave03:13
3Never stop the show03:53
4We loves hardcore03:17
5Paul is dead02:55
7Which light switch is which?03:23
8FCK 202003:31
9Groundhog Day02:55
10Hang the DJ03:17
11Rave teacher (Somebody like me) (Album Edit)03:18
13Devil's symphony03:06
14These days04:05
15Wand'rin' star03:59
Disc 2
1Intro (Live)01:24
2One (Always hardcore) (Live)04:15
3The logical song (Live)04:49
4Bora Bora Bora (Live)03:50
5My gabber (Live)03:46
6God save the rave (Live)04:48
7Fire (Live)04:36
8How much is the fish? (Live)03:51
9The age of love (Live)02:30
10Fuck the millienium / Call me Mañana (Medley) (Live)05:39
11J'adore hardcore / Jumping all over the world (Live)07:58
12Maria (I like it loud) (Live)05:01
13Which light switch is which? (Live)04:29
14Medley (Live)07:40
14Endless summer07:40
14Hyper hyper07:40
14Move your ass07:40
14Move your ass (Noisecontrollers Remix)07:40