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An Hour Before It's Dark Cd Digipak



Auslieferung erfolgt in der Regel innert 8 bis 10 Werktagen.


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Disc 1
1The tear in the big picture03:52
2Lust for luxury02:06
3You can learn03:28
5Trouble-free life02:00
6A cure for us?01:29
7Only a kiss (Instrumental)00:39
8Murder machines04:21
9The crow and the nightingale06:34
10Chance in a million01:33
11The white sand00:53
12The diamond03:29
13The blue warm air02:23
14More than treasure02:34
15Maintenance drugs04:37
16An hour before it's dark02:27
17Every cell03:19
18Angels on earth / Murder machines (Remix)15:03