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King Scratch(musical Masterpieces From The Upsette

CD, 26.08.2022

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Disc 1
1People funny boy02:36
2Tighten up02:42
3Return of Django02:32
4Shocks of mighty02:49
5Place called Africa02:42
6All Africans aka Don't cross the nation (7" Mix)02:56
7Beat down Babylon02:35
8Words of my mouth03:36
9Bucky skank03:51
10Jungle lion (7" Mix)03:26
11Hurt so good (7" Mix)03:06
12Curley locks03:02
13Bushweed corntrash03:25
14Stay dread02:11
15Three blind mice02:56
16Do it baby (Nice and easy) (7" Mix)03:23
17Natty pass through Rome04:54
18One step forward / Ital corner (12" Mix)06:48
19Sufferer's time03:57
20Police and thief aka Police and thieves (12" Mix)06:06
21Roast fish and corn bread (Jamaican Mix)03:37
22Sipple out deh aka War in Babylon (Jamaican Mix)03:38
Disc 2
1Fire fe the Vatican (7" Mix)03:35
2Rise and shine02:50
3Chase the devil / Disco devil05:16
5Open the gate (7" Mix)04:05
6Roots train (7" Mix)03:34
7Soul fire (Jamaican Mix)03:54
8Cross over (12" Mix)06:57
9At the feast (of the passover)03:40
10Free up the prisoners (7" Mix)03:52
11Sons of slaves (7" Mix)03:10
12Big neck policeman03:38
13Necodeemus aka Nicodemus (7" Mix)03:39
14Bafflin' smoke signal (7" Mix)03:31
15One drop07:01
16I am a madman04:27
17Exodus (7" Mix)03:38
18Jamaican E.T.05:40