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United Alive

CD, 04.10.2019

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Disc 1
1Halloween (Live)13:37
2Dr. Stein (Live)05:36
3I'm Alive (Live)03:47
4If I Could Fly (Live)04:00
5Are You Metal? (Live)04:27
6Rise And Fall (Live)04:21
7Waiting For The Thunder (Live)04:01
8Perfect gentleman (Live)04:49
9Kai's medley (Live)13:52
9Ride the sky13:52
9Heavy metal is the law13:52
10Forever And One (Live)05:21
11A Tale That Wasn't Right (Live)05:43
Disc 2
1I can (Live)04:57
2Livin' ain't no crime / A little time (Live)06:39
3Sole survivor (Live)04:57
4Power (Live)04:10
5How Many Tears (Live)10:55
6Invitation / Eagle fly free (Live)07:13
7Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Live)17:03
8Future World (Live)05:35
9I Want Out (Live)08:47
Disc 3
1March Of Time (Live)05:28
2Kids of the century (Live)04:01
3Why? (Live)04:42
4Pumpkins United (Live)06:31