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Micro and Nano Technologies in Bioanalysis

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In recent years, large-scale advances in technology have led to greater understanding of the world at the biomolecular level. In t... Weiterlesen
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In recent years, large-scale advances in technology have led to greater understanding of the world at the biomolecular level. In this book, expert researchers from across the globe explore the technology which makes this analysis possible.

Provides current information on developments in nanotechnologies and their use in biomolecular delivery, gene therapy and expression control

Considers the applications of microfluidics and nanopores in the separation, manipulation, detection, and analysis of biomolecules

Presents emerging technologies, including applications of quantum dots and molecular fluorescence in the tracking and imaging of biomolecules

Contains chapters contributed by nearly 100 authors worldwide, many of whom are ranked among the world's most prominent scientists in their fields

Table of Contents Preface Contributors Part I. Applications of microfluidics and nanopores in separation, detection, manipulation, and analysis of biomolecules 1. HPLC-Chip/MS technology in proteomic profiling Martin Vollmer and Tom van de Goor 2. Nanofluidic channels fabrication and manipulation of DNA molecules Kai-Ge Wang, Hanben Niu 3. A single-molecule barcoding system using nanoslits for DNA analysis--Nanocoding Kyubong Jo, Timothy M. Schramm, David C. Schwartz 4. Microfluidic Devices with Photodefinable Pseudo-valves for Protein Separation Z. Hugh Fan 5. Microfluidic chip designed for measuring biomolecules through microbead-based quantum dot fluorescence assay Kwang-Seok Yun, Dohoon Lee, Hak-Sung Kim and Euisik Yoon 6. DNA Focusing Using Microfabricated Electrode Arrays Faisal A. Shaikh and Victor M. Ugaz 7. Solid-state Nanopore for Detecting Individual Biopolymers Jiali Li and Jene A. Golovchenko 8. Inserting and manipulating DNA in a nanopore with optical tweezers U. F. Keyser, J. van der Does, C. Dekker, N. H. Dekker 9. Forming an a-hemolysin nanopore for single molecule analysis Nahid N. Jetha, Matthew Wiggin, and Andre Marziali 10. Nanopore Force Spectroscopy on DNA Duplexes Nahid N. Jetha, Matthew Wiggin, and Andre Marziali Part II. Technologies of physical science and chemistry in detection and analysis of biomolecules 11. Quantitative chemical analysis of single cells Michael L. Heien and Andrew G. Ewing 12. Trapping and Detection of Single Molecules in Water M. Willander, K. Risveden, B. Danielsson and O. Nur 13. ZnO Nanorods as an Intracellular Sensor for pH Measurements M. Willander and Safaa Al-Hilli 14. Analysis of Biomolecules Using Surface Plasmons M. Willander and Safaa Al-Hilli 15. Use of residual dipolar couplings in structural analysis of protein-ligand complexes by solution NMR spectroscopy Nitin U. Jain 16. Raman-assisted X-ray crystallography for the analysis of biomolecules Dominique Bourgeois, Gergely Katona, Eve de Rosny and Philippe Carpentier 17. Methods and Software for Diffuse X-Ray Scattering from Protein Crystals Michael E. Wall 18. Deuterium Labeling for Neutron Structure-Function-Dynamics Analysis Flora Meilleur, Kevin L. Weiss, and Dean A.A. Myles 19. Small-angle Neutron Scattering for Molecular Biology: Basics and Instrumentation William T. Heller, Kenneth C. Littrell 20. Small-Angle Scattering and Neutron Contrast Variation for Studying Bio-molecular Complexes Andrew E. Whitten and Jill Trewhella 21. Protein sequencing with tandem mass spectrometry Assem G. Ziady and Michael Kinter 22. Metabolic Analysis Vladimir V. Tolstikov Part III. Applications of quantum dots and molecular fluorescence in detection, tracking and imaging of biomolecules 23. Multicolor detection of combed DNA molecules using quantum-dots Christophe Escudé, Bénédicte Géron-Landre, Aurélien Crut, and Pierre Desbiolles 24. Quantum Dot Molecular Beacons for DNA Detection Nathaniel C. Cady 25. Quantum dot hybrid gel blotting: a technique for identifying quantum dot-protein/ protein-protein interactions Tania Q. Vu and Hong Yan Liu 26. In vivo imaging of quantum dots Isabelle Texier, Véronique Josserand 27. Semiconductor Fluorescent Quantum dots: Efficient biolabels in cancer diagnostics Patricia M. A. Farias, Beate S. Santos, Adriana Fontes 28. The Monitoring and Affinity


Titel: Micro and Nano Technologies in Bioanalysis
Untertitel: Methods and Protocols
EAN: 9781617794872
ISBN: 978-1-61779-487-2
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Technik
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Größe: H36mm x B262mm x T195mm
Jahr: 2011
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: Repr. d. Ausg. v. 2009

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