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Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2003

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Thisvolumecontainspapersselectedforpresentationatthe28thSymposiumon MathematicalFoundationsofComputerScience MFCS2003,heldinBratis... Weiterlesen
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Thisvolumecontainspapersselectedforpresentationatthe28thSymposiumon MathematicalFoundationsofComputerScience MFCS2003,heldinBratislava, Slovakia, August 25 29, 2003. MFCS 2003 was organized by the Slovak Society for Computer Science and the Comenius University in Bratislava, in cooperation with other institutions in Slovakia. It was supported by the European Association for Theoretical C- puter Science and the Slovak Research Consortium for Informatics and Mat- matics. The series of MFCS symposia, organized alternately in the Czech Republic, PolandandSlovakiasince1972,hasawell-establishedtradition. TheMFCSs- posiaencouragehigh-qualityresearchinallbranchesoftheoreticalcomputers- ence. Theirbroadscopeprovidesanopportunitytobringtogetherspecialistswho donotusuallymeetatspecializedconferences. Thepreviousmeetingstookplace ? in Jablonna, 1972; Strbsk e Pleso, 1973; Jadwisin, 1974; Mari ansk eL azn? e, 1975; Gdansk, ` 1976; Tatransk a Lomnica, 1977; Zakopane, 1978; Olomouc, 1979; Ry- ? dzina, 1980; Strbsk e Pleso, 1981; Prague, 1984; Bratislava, 1986; Carlsbad, 1988; Porabk a-Kozubnik,1989;Bansk aBystrica,1990;KazimierzDolny,1991;Prague, 1992;Gdansk, ` 1993,Ko? sice,1994;Prague,1995;Krak ow,1996;Bratislava,1997; Brno, 1998; Szklarska Por eba, 1999; Bratislava, 2000; Mari ansk eL azn? e, 2001; and Warsaw-Otwock, 2002. The MFCS 2003 Proceedings consists of 7 invited papers and 55 c- tributed papers. The latter were selected by the Program Committee from a total of 137 submitted papers.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Invited Talks.- Distributed Quantum Computing.- Selfish Routing in Non-cooperative Networks: A Survey.- Process Algebraic Frameworks for the Specification and Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols.- Semantic and Syntactic Approaches to Simulation Relations.- On the Computational Complexity of Conservative Computing.- Constructing Infinite Graphs with a Decidable MSO-Theory.- Towards a Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics.- Contributed Papers.- Adversarial Models for Priority-Based Networks.- On Optimal Merging Networks.- Problems which Cannot Be Reduced to Any Proper Subproblems.- ACID-Unification Is NEXPTIME-Decidable.- Completeness in Differential Approximation Classes.- On the Length of the Minimum Solution of Word Equations in One Variable.- Smoothed Analysis of Three Combinatorial Problems.- Inferring Strings from Graphs and Arrays.- Faster Algorithms for k-Medians in Trees.- Periodicity and Transitivity for Cellular Automata in Besicovitch Topologies.- Starting with Nondeterminism: The Systematic Derivation of Linear-Time Graph Layout Algorithms.- Error-Bounded Probabilistic Computations between MA and AM.- A Faster FPT Algorithm for Finding Spanning Trees with Many Leaves.- Symbolic Analysis of Crypto-Protocols Based on Modular Exponentiation.- Denotational Testing Semantics in Coinductive Form.- Lower Bounds for General GraphDriven ReadOnce Parity Branching Programs.- The Minimal Graph Model of Lambda Calculus.- Unambiguous Automata on Bi-infinite Words.- Relating Hierarchy of Temporal Properties to Model Checking.- Arithmetic Constant-Depth Circuit Complexity Classes.- Inverse NP Problems.- A Linear-Time Algorithm for 7-Coloring 1-Planar Graphs.- Generalized Satisfiability with Limited Occurrences per Variable: A Study through Delta-Matroid Parity.- Randomized Algorithms for Determining the Majority on Graphs.- Using TransitiveClosure Logic for Deciding Linear Properties of Monoids.- Linear-Time Computation of Local Periods.- Two Dimensional Packing: The Power of Rotation.- Approximation Schemes for the Min-Max Starting Time Problem.- Quantum Testers for Hidden Group Properties.- Local LTL with Past Constants Is Expressively Complete for Mazurkiewicz Traces.- LTL with Past and Two-Way Very-Weak Alternating Automata.- Match-Bounded String Rewriting Systems.- Probabilistic and Nondeterministic Unary Automata.- On Matroid Properties Definable in the MSO Logic.- Characterizations of Catalytic Membrane Computing Systems.- Augmenting Local Edge-Connectivity between Vertices and Vertex Subsets in Undirected Graphs.- Scheduling and Traffic Allocation for Tasks with Bounded Splittability.- Computing Average Value in Ad Hoc Networks.- A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Deciding True Concurrency Equivalences of Basic Parallel Processes.- Solving the Sabotage Game Is PSPACE-Hard.- The Approximate Well-Founded Semantics for Logic Programs with Uncertainty.- Which Is the Worst-Case Nash Equilibrium?.- A Unique Decomposition Theorem for Ordered Monoids with Applications in Process Theory.- Generic Algorithms for the Generation of Combinatorial Objects.- On the Complexity of Some Problems in Interval Arithmetic.- An Abduction-Based Method for Index Relaxation in Taxonomy-Based Sources.- On Selection Functions that Do Not Preserve Normality.- On Converting CNF to DNF.- A Basis of Tiling Motifs for Generating Repeated Patterns and Its Complexity for Higher Quorum.- On the Complexity of Some Equivalence Problems for Propositional Calculi.- Quantified Mu-Calculus for Control Synthesis.- On Probabilistic Quantified Satisfiability Games.- A Completeness Property of Wilke's Tree Algebras.- Symbolic Topological Sorting with OBDDs.- Ershov's Hierarchy of Real Numbers.


Titel: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2003
Untertitel: 28th International Symposium, MFCS 2003, Bratislava, Slovakia, August 25-29, 2003, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540406716
ISBN: 3540406719
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 712
Gewicht: 1060g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T37mm
Jahr: 2003
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2003

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