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Developments in Applied Artificial Intelligence

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Arti?cial Intelligence is a ?eld with a long history, which is still very much active and developing today. Developments of new an... Weiterlesen
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Arti?cial Intelligence is a ?eld with a long history, which is still very much active and developing today. Developments of new and improved techniques, together with the ever-increasing levels of available computing resources, are fueling an increasing spread of AI applications. These applications, as well as providing the economic rationale for the research, also provide the impetus to further improve the performance of our techniques. This further improvement today is most likely to come from an understanding of the ways our systems work, and therefore of their limitations, rather than from ideas 'borrowed' from biology. From this understanding comes improvement; from improvement comes further application; from further application comes the opportunity to further understand the limitations, and so the cycle repeats itself inde?nitely. In this volume are papers on a wide range of topics; some describe appli- tions that are only possible as a result of recent developments, others describe new developments only just being moved into practical application. All the - pers re?ect the way this ?eld continues to drive forward. This conference is the 15th in an unbroken series of annual conferences on Industrial and Engineering Application of Arti?cial Intelligence and Expert Systems organized under the auspices of the International Society of Applied Intelligence.

Includes supplementary material:

Neural Networks 1.- An Error Back-Propagation Artificial Neural Networks Application in Automatic Car License Plate Recognition.- Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Buffet Loads Prediction.- Computational Cost Reduction by Selective Attention for Fast Speaker Adaptation in Multilayer Perceptron.- A Comparison of Neural Networks with Time Series Models for Forecasting Returns on a Stock Market Index.- Image/Speech 1.- Automatic Detection of Film Orientation with Support Vector Machines.- A Generic Approach for the Vietnamese Handwritten and Speech Recognition Problems.- Efficient and Automatic Faces Detection Based on Skin-Tone and Neural Network Model.- Efficient Image Segmentation Based on Wavelet and Watersheds for Video Objects Extraction.- Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms 1.- FPGA-Based Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Industrial Application.- Minimal Addition Chain for Efficient Modular Exponentiation Using Genetic Algorithms.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Synthesis of RAM-Based FSMs.- Genetic Algorithms for Design of Liquid Retaining Structure.- Autonomous Agents.- Modelling Crew Assistants with Multi-Agent Systems in Fighter Aircraft.- Learning from Human Decision-Making Behaviors An Application to RoboCup Software Agents.- Distributed Deadlock Detection in Mobile Agent Systems.- An Agent-Based Approach for Production Control Incorporating Environmental and Life-Cycle Issues, together with Sensitivity Analysis.- Feasibility Restoration for Iterative Meta-heuristics Search Algorithms.- Best Paper Candidates 1.- Optimization of Pulse Pattern for a Multi-robot Sonar System Using Genetic Algorithm.- The Suitability of Particle Swarm Optimisation for Training Neural Hardware.- Evolutionary Multi-objective Integer Programming for the Design of Adaptive Cruise Control Systems.- The Macronet Element: A Substitute for the Conventional Neuron.- Genetic Algorithm Optimisation of Mathematical Models Using Distributed Computing.- Best Paper Candidates 2.- Genetic Algorithm Optimisation of Part Placement Using a Connection-Based Coding Method.- A Fast Evolutionary Algorithm for Image Compression in Hardware.- Automatic Speech Recognition: The New Millennium.- Applying Machine Learning for Ensemble Branch Predictors.- A Customizable Configuration Tool for Design of Multi-part Products.- Neural Networks 2.- Phase-to-Phase Wave Parameters Measurement of Distribution Lines Based on BP Networks.- Learning Capability: Classical RBF Network vs. SVM with Gaussian Kernel.- Trading off between Misclassification, Recognition and Generalization in Data Mining with Continuous Features.- Interacting Neural Modules.- The Application of Visualization and Neural Network Techniques in a Power Transformer Condition Monitoring System.- Internet Applications 1.- Entrepreneurial Intervention in an Electronic Market Place.- Intelligent Auto-downloading of Images.- Intelligent Facilitation Agent for Online Web-Based Group Discussion System.- TWIMC: An Anonymous Recipient E-mail System.- Mental States of Autonomous Agents in Competitive and Cooperative Settings.- Expert Systems.- An Expert System Application for Improving Results in a Handwritten Form Recognition System.- A Knowledge-Based System for Construction Site Level Facilities Layout.- A Decision-Support System to Improve Damage Survivability of Submarine.- On the Verification of an Expert System: Practical Issues.- DOWNSIZINGX: A Rule-Based System for Downsizing the Corporation's Computer Systems.- Credit Apportionment Scheme for Rule-Based Systems: Implementation and Comparative Study.- Internet Applications 2.- An Adaptive Web Cache Access Predictor Using Neural Network.- A Designated Bid Reverse Auction for Agent-Based Electronic Commerce.- Design of a Fuzzy Usage Parameter Controller for Diffserv and MPLS.- A Tool for Extension and Restructuring Natural Language Question Answering Domains.- Effective Retrieval of Information in Tables on the Internet.- Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms 2.- A Fitness Estimation Strategy for Genetic Algorithms.- Derivation of L-system Models from Measurements of Biological Branching Structures Using Genetic Algorithms.- Evolving a Schedule with Batching, Precedence Constraints, and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times: Crossover Needs Building Blocks.- The Development of the Feature Extraction Algorithms for Thai Handwritten Character Recognition System.- Route Planning Wizard: Basic Concept and Its Implementation.- AI Applications.- The Design and Implementation of Color Matching System Based on Back Propagation.- Component-Oriented Programming as an AI-Planning Problem.- Dynamic CSPs for Interval-Based Temporal Reasoning.- Efficient Pattern Matching of Time Series Data.- A Multi-attribute Decision-Making Approach toward Space System Design Automation through a Fuzzy Logic-Based Analytic Hierarchical Process.- Best Paper Candidates 3.- A Case Based System for Oil and Gas Well Design.- Ant Colony Optimisation Applied to a Dynamically Changing Problem.- A GIS-Integrated Intelligent System for Optimization of Asset Management for Maintenance of Roads and Bridges.- A Unified Approach for Spatial Object Modelling and Map Analysis Based on 2nd Order Many-Sorted Language.- Training and Application of Artificial Neural Networks with Incomplete Data.- Knowledge Processing.- Message Analysis for the Recommendation of Contact Persons within Defined Subject Fields.- An Intelligent Knowledge Processing System on Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Modeling.- Uncertainty Management and Informational Relevance.- Potential Governing Relationship and a Korean Grammar Checker Using Partial Parsing.- Image/Speech 2.- On-Line Handwriting Character Recognition Using Stroke Information.- Face Detection by Integrating Multiresolution-Based Watersheds and a Skin-Color Model.- Social Interaction of Humanoid Robot Based on Audio-Visual Tracking.- Hybrid Confidence Measure for Domain-Specific Keyword Spotting.- Model Based Reasoning.- Model-Based Debugging or How to Diagnose Programs Automatically.- On a Model-Based Design Verification for Combinatorial Boolean Networks.- Optimal Adaptive Pattern Matching.- Analysis of Affective Characteristics and Evaluation of Harmonious Feeling of Image Based on 1/f Fluctuation Theory.- Adaptive Control.- Collective Intelligence and Priority Routing in Networks.- An Agent-Based Approach to Monitoring and Control of District Heating Systems.- Using Machine Learning to Understand Operator's Skill.- Reactive Load Control of Parallel Transformer Operations Using Neural Networks.


Titel: Developments in Applied Artificial Intelligence
Untertitel: 15th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering. Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, IEA/AIE 2002, Cairns, Australia, June 17-20, 2002. Proceedings
EAN: 9783540437819
ISBN: 3540437819
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 852
Gewicht: 1264g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T45mm
Jahr: 2002
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2002

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