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Calcium Measurement Methods

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Calcium Measurement Methods provides a comprehensive overview of calcium imaging techniques for the nervous system. A detailed acc... Weiterlesen
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Calcium Measurement Methods provides a comprehensive overview of calcium imaging techniques for the nervous system. A detailed account of calcium indicators are presented, in addition to a wide array of methods aimed at real-time calcium imaging.

Since the introduction of fluorescent calcium indicators and the subsequent development of capacities for real-time monitoring and imaging of calcium movements in the intact cells studied in isolation, in situ and in vivo, the complex and vital calcium signaling system has been illuminated, proving calcium signals to be excellent universal reporters of cellular activity. In "Calcium Measurement Methods", a team of renowned experts in the field contribute methods dedicated to calcium imaging in neural cells with a balance between the main principles of calcium imaging and specific applications of the technique to neural tissues. The book's contents show how the combination of different indicators and recently developed microscopic techniques lead to spectacular successes in the imaging of neural cells in the living brain in both physiological and pathophysiological models. As a volume in the successful Neuromethods(TM) series, the chapters provide authoritative reviews including up-to-date detailed protocols of the most commonly used approaches in the field. Cutting-edge and concise, "Calcium Measurement Methods" serves as an ideal reference to aid the many scientists worldwide engaged in calcium imaging of the nervous system.


1. Principles of the Ca2+ Homeostatic/Signalling System Alexei Verkhratsky and Ole H. Petersen 2. Ca2+ Recordings: Hardware and Software (From Microscopes to Cameras) Emil C. Toescu and Jeremy Graham 3. Ca2+ Imaging: Principles of Analysis and Enhancement Fabio Mammano and Mario Bortolozzi 4. Bioluminescent Ca2+ Indicators Laura Fedrizzi and Marisa Brini 5. Monitoring Calcium Levels With Genetically Encoded Indicators Olga Garaschuk and Oliver Griesbeck 6. Intracellular Calcium-Sensitive Microelectrodes Roger C. Thomas 7. Ca2+ Caging and Uncaging Shin Hye Kim and Myoung Kyu Park 8. Ca2+ Imaging of Intracellular Organelles: Endoplasmic Reticulum Robert Blum, Ole H. Petersen, and Alexei Verkhratsky 9. Ca2+ Imaging of Intracellular Organelles: Mitochondria Lucía Núñez, Carlos Villalobos, María Teresa Alonso, and Javier García-Sancho 10. Ca2+ Imaging of Dendrites and Spines Knut Holthoff 11. In vivo Ca2+ Imaging of the Living Brain Using Multi-Cell Bolus Loading Technique Gerhard Eichhoff, Yury Kovalchuk, Zsuzsanna Varga, Alexei Verkhratsky, and Olga Garaschuk 12. Ca2+ Imaging of Glia Christian Lohr and Joachim W. Deitmer


Titel: Calcium Measurement Methods
EAN: 9781617796777
ISBN: 978-1-61779-677-7
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Genre: Medizin
Anzahl Seiten: 256
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Größe: H254mm x B254mm x T178mm
Jahr: 2012
Auflage: 2010



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