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Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2004

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The natural mission of Computational Science is to tackle all sorts of human problems and to work out intelligent automata aimed ... Weiterlesen
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The natural mission of Computational Science is to tackle all sorts of human problems and to work out intelligent automata aimed at alleviating the b- den of working out suitable tools for solving complex problems. For this reason ComputationalScience,thoughoriginatingfromtheneedtosolvethemostch- lenging problems in science and engineering (computational science is the key player in the ?ght to gain fundamental advances in astronomy, biology, che- stry, environmental science, physics and several other scienti?c and engineering disciplines) is increasingly turning its attention to all ?elds of human activity. In all activities, in fact, intensive computation, information handling, kn- ledge synthesis, the use of ad-hoc devices, etc. increasingly need to be exploited and coordinated regardless of the location of both the users and the (various and heterogeneous) computing platforms. As a result the key to understanding the explosive growth of this discipline lies in two adjectives that more and more appropriately refer to Computational Science and its applications: interoperable and ubiquitous. Numerous examples of ubiquitous and interoperable tools and applicationsaregiveninthepresentfourLNCSvolumescontainingthecontri- tions delivered at the 2004 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications (ICCSA 2004) held in Assisi, Italy, May 14-17, 2004.


Track on Numerical Methods and Algorithms.- New Techniques in Designing Finite Difference Domain Decomposition Algorithm for the Heat Equation.- A Fast Construction Algorithm for the Incidence Matrices of a Class of Symmetric Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.- ILUTP_Mem: A Space-Efficient Incomplete LU Preconditioner.- Optimal Gait Control for a Biped Locomotion Using Genetic Algorithm.- A Bayes Algorithm for the Multitask Pattern Recognition Problem - Direct and Decomposed Independent Approaches.- Energy Efficient Routing with Power Management to Increase Network Lifetime in Sensor Networks.- New Parameter for Balancing Two Independent Measures in Routing Path.- A Study on Efficient Key Distribution and Renewal in Broadcast Encryption.- Track on Parallel and Distributed Computing.- Self-Tuning Mechanism for Genetic Algorithms Parameters, an Application to Data-Object Allocation in the Web.- Digit-Serial AB 2 Systolic Array for Division in GF(2 m ).- Design and Experiment of a Communication-Aware Parallel Quicksort with Weighted Partition of Processors.- A Linear Systolic Array for Multiplication in GF(2 m ) for High Speed Cryptographic Processors.- Price Driven Market Mechanism for Computational Grid Resource Allocation.- A Novel LMS Method for Real-Time Network Traffic Prediction.- Dynamic Configuration between Proxy Caches within an Intranet.- A Market-Based Scheduler for JXTA-Based Peer-to-Peer Computing System.- Reducing on the Number of Testing Items in the Branches of Decision Trees.- CORBA-Based, Multi-threaded Distributed Simulation of Hierarchical DEVS Models: Transforming Model Structure into a Non-hierarchical One.- The Effects of Network Topology on Epidemic Algorithms.- A Systematic Database Summary Generation Using the Distributed Query Discovery System.- Parallel Montgomery Multiplication and Squaring over GF(2 m ) Based on Cellular Automata.- A Decision Tree Algorithm for Distributed Data Mining: Towards Network Intrusion Detection.- Maximizing Parallelism for Nested Loops with Non-uniform Dependences.- Fair Exchange to Achieve Atomicity in Payments of High Amounts Using Electronic Cash.- Gossip Based Causal Order Broadcast Algorithm.- Track on Signal Processing.- Intermediate View Synthesis from Stereoscopic Videoconference Images.- Extract Shape from Clipart Image Using Modified Chain Code - Rectangle Representation.- Control Messaging Channel for Distributed Computer Systems.- Scene-Based Video Watermarking for Broadcasting Systems.- Distortion-Free of General Information with Edge Enhanced Error Diffusion Halftoning.- Enhanced Video Coding with Error Resilience Based on Macroblock Data Manipulation.- Filtering of Colored Noise for Signal Enhancement.- Model-Based Human Motion Tracking and Behavior Recognition Using Hierarchical Finite State Automata.- Effective Digital Watermarking Algorithm by Contour Detection.- New Packetization Method for Error Resilient Video Communications.- A Video Mosaicking Technique with Self Scene Segmentation for Video Indexing.- Real-Time Video Watermarking for MPEG Streams.- A TCP-Friendly Congestion Control Scheme Using Hybrid Approach for Reducing Transmission Delay of Real-Time Video Stream.- Object Boundary Edge Selection Using Level-of-Detail Canny Edges.- Inverse Dithering through IMAP Estimation.- A Study on Neural Networks Using Taylor Series Expansion of Sigmoid Activation Function.- A Study on Neural Networks with Tapped Time Delays: Gas Concentration Estimation.- Speech Emotion Recognition and Intensity Estimation.- Speech Hiding Based on Auditory Wavelet.- Automatic Selecting Coefficient for Semi-blind Watermarking.- Track on Telecommunications.- Network Probabilistic Connectivity: Optimal Structures.- Differentiated Web Service System through Kernel-Level Realtime Scheduling and Load Balancing.- Adaptive CBT/Anycast Routing Algorithm for Multimedia Traffic Overload.- Achieving Fair New Call CAC for Heterogeneous Services in Wireless Networks.- Track on Visualization and Virtual and Augmented Reality.- Application of MCDF Operations in Digital Terrain Model Processing.- Visual Mining of Market Basket Association Rules.- Visualizing Predictive Models in Decision Tree Generation.- Track on Software Engineering.- A Model for Use Case Priorization Using Criticality Analysis.- Using a Goal-Refinement Tree to Obtain and Refine Organizational Requirements.- Using C++ Functors with Legacy C Libraries.- Debugging of Java Programs Using HDT with Program Slicing.- Frameworks as Web Services.- Exception Rules Mining Based on Negative Association Rules.- A Reduced Codification for the Logical Representation of Job Shop Scheduling Problems.- Action Reasoning with Uncertain Resources.- Track on Security Engineering.- Software Rejuvenation Approach to Security Engineering.- A Rollback Recovery Algorithm for Intrusion Tolerant Intrusion Detection System.- Design and Implementation of High-Performance Intrusion Detection System.- An Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol Resistant to a Dictionary Attack.- A Study on Marking Bit Size for Path Identification Method: Deploying the Pi Filter at the End Host.- Efficient Password-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol.- A Two-Public Key Scheme Omitting Collision Problem in Digital Signature.- A Novel Data Encryption and Distribution Approach for High Security and Availability Using LU Decomposition.- An Efficient Conference Key Distribution System Based on Symmetric Balanced Incomplete Block Design.- Multiparty Key Agreement Protocol with Cheater Identification Based on Shamir Secret Sharing.- Security of Shen et al.'s Timestamp-Based Password Authentication Scheme.- ID-Based Authenticated Multiple-Key Agreement Protocol from Pairings.- A Fine-Grained Taxonomy of Security Vulnerability in Active Network Environments.- A Secure and Flexible Multi-signcryption Scheme.- User Authentication Protocol Based on Human Memorable Password and Using RSA.- Effective Packet Marking Approach to Defend against DDoS Attack.- A Relationship between Security Engineering and Security Evaluation.- A Relationship of Configuration Management Requirements between KISEC and ISO/IEC 15408.- Track on Information Systems and Information Technology.- Term-Specific Language Modeling Approach to Text Categorization.- Context-Based Proofreading of Structured Documents.- Implementation of New CTI Service Platform Using Voice XML.- Storing Together the Structural Information of XML Documents in Relational Databases.- Annotation Repositioning Methods in the XML Documents: Context-Based Approach.- Isolating and Specifying the Relevant Information of an Organizational Model: A Process Oriented Towards Information System Generation.- A Weighted Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification and Feature Extraction.- The eSAIDA Stream Authentication Scheme.- An Object-Oriented Metric to Measure the Degree of Dependency Due to Unused Interfaces.- End-to-End QoS Management for VoIP Using DiffServ.- Multi-modal Biometircs System Using Face and Signature.- Track on Information Retrieval.- Using 3D Spatial Relationships for Image Retrieval by XML Annotation.- Association Inlining for Mapping XML DTDs to Relational Tables.- XCRAB: A Content and Annotation-Based Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval System.- An Efficient Cache Conscious Multi-dimensional Index Structure.- Track on Image Processing.- Tracking of Moving Objects Using Morphological Segmentation, Statistical Moments, and Radon Transform.- Feature Extraction and Correlation for Time-to-Impact Segmentation Using Log-Polar Images.- Object Mark Segmentation Algorithm Using Dynamic Programming for Poor Quality Images in Automated Inspection Process.- A Line-Based Pose Estimation Algorithm for 3-D Polyhedral Object Recognition.- Initialization Method for the Self-Calibration Using Minimal Two Images.- Face Recognition for Expressive Face Images.- Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test for Image Comparison.- Modified Radius-Vector Function for Shape Contour Description.- Image Corner Detection Using Radon Transform.- Analytical Comparison of Conventional and MCDF Operations in Image Processing.- On Extraction of Facial Features from Color Images.- Track on Networking.- An Architecture for Mobility Management in Mobile Computing Networks.- An Adaptive Security Model for Heterogeneous Networks Using MAUT and Simple Heuristics.- A Hybrid Restoration Scheme Based on Threshold Reaction Time in Optical Burst-Switched Networks.


Titel: Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2004
Untertitel: International Conference, Assisi, Italy, May 14-17, 2004, Proceedings, Part IV
EAN: 9783540247685
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Veröffentlichung: 29.04.2004
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Anzahl Seiten: 1023

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