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Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2004

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The natural mission of Computational Science is to tackle all sorts of human problems and to work out intelligent automata aimed ... Weiterlesen
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The natural mission of Computational Science is to tackle all sorts of human problems and to work out intelligent automata aimed at alleviating the b- den of working out suitable tools for solving complex problems. For this reason ComputationalScience,thoughoriginatingfromtheneedtosolvethemostch- lenging problems in science and engineering (computational science is the key player in the ?ght to gain fundamental advances in astronomy, biology, che- stry, environmental science, physics and several other scienti?c and engineering disciplines) is increasingly turning its attention to all ?elds of human activity. In all activities, in fact, intensive computation, information handling, kn- ledge synthesis, the use of ad-hoc devices, etc. increasingly need to be exploited and coordinated regardless of the location of both the users and the (various and heterogeneous) computing platforms. As a result the key to understanding the explosive growth of this discipline lies in two adjectives that more and more appropriately refer to Computational Science and its applications: interoperable and ubiquitous. Numerous examples of ubiquitous and interoperable tools and applicationsaregiveninthepresentfourLNCSvolumescontainingthecontri- tions delivered at the 2004 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications (ICCSA 2004) held in Assisi, Italy, May 14-17, 2004.


Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) Workshop, Multimedia Session.- Face Detection by Facial Features with Color Images and Face Recognition Using PCA.- A Shakable Snake for Estimation of Image Contours.- A New Recurrent Fuzzy Associative Memory for Recognizing Time-Series Patterns Contained Ambiguity.- A Novel Approach for Contents-Based E-catalogue Image Retrieval Based on a Differential Color Edge Model.- A Feature-Based Algorithm for Recognizing Gestures on Portable Computers.- Fingerprint Matching Based on Linking Information Structure of Minutiae.- Video Summarization Using Fuzzy One-Class Support Vector Machine.- A Transcode and Prefetch Technique of Multimedia Presentations for Mobile Terminals.- Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) Workshop, Algorithm Session.- A Study on Generating an Efficient Bottom-up Tree Rewrite Machine for JBurg.- A Study on Methodology for Enhancing Reliability of Datapath.- A Useful Method for Multiple Sequence Alignment and Its Implementation.- A Research on the Stochastic Model for Spoken Language Understanding.- The Association Rule Algorithm with Missing Data in Data Mining.- Constructing Control Flow Graph for Java by Decoupling Exception Flow from Normal Flow.- On Negation-Based Conscious Agent.- A Document Classification Algorithm Using the Fuzzy Set Theory and Hierarchical Structure of Document.- A Supervised Korean Verb Sense Disambiguation Algorithm Based on Decision Lists of Syntactic Features.- Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) Workshop, Security Session.- Network Security Management Using ARP Spoofing.- A Secure and Practical CRT-Based RSA to Resist Side Channel Attacks.- A Digital Watermarking Scheme in JPEG-2000 Using the Properties of Wavelet Coefficient Sign.- A Security Proxy Based Protocol for Authenticating the Mobile IPv6 Binding Updates.- A Fuzzy Expert System for Network Forensics.- A Design of Preventive Integrated Security Management System Using Security Labels and a Brief Comparison with Existing Models.- The Vulnerability Assessment for Active Networks; Model, Policy, Procedures, and Performance Evaluations.- Authentication of Mobile Node Using AAA in Coexistence of VPN and Mobile IP.- Survivality Modeling for Quantitative Security Assessment in Ubiquitous Computing Systems*.- New Approach for Secure and Efficient Metering in the Web Advertising.- MLS/SDM: Multi-level Secure Spatial Data Model.- Detection Techniques for ELF Executable File Using Assembly Instruction Searching.- Secure Communication Scheme Applying MX Resource Record in DNSSEC Domain.- Committing Secure Results with Replicated Servers.- Applied Research of Active Network to Control Network Traffic in Virtual Battlefield.- Design and Implementation of the HoneyPot System with Focusing on the Session Redirection.- Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) Workshop, Network Session.- Analysis of Performance for MCVoD System.- A QoS Improvement Scheme for Real-Time Traffic Using IPv6 Flow Labels.- Energy-Efficient Message Management Algorithms in HMIPv6.- A Queue Management Scheme for Alleviating the Impact of Packet Size on the Achieved Throughput.- PTrace: Pushback/SVM Based ICMP Traceback Mechanism against DDoS Attack.- Traffic Control Scheme of ABR Service Using NLMS in ATM Network.- Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) Workshop, Grid Session.- XML-Based Workflow Description Language for Grid Applications.- Placement Algorithm of Web Server Replicas.- XML-OGL: UML-Based Graphical Web Query Language for XML Documents.- Layered Web-Caching Technique for VOD Services.- QoS-Constrained Resource Allocation for a Grid-Based Multiple Source Electrocardiogram Application.- Efficient Pre-fetch and Pre-release Based Buffer Cache Management for Web Applications.- A New Architecture Design for Differentiated Resource Sharing on Grid Service.- An Experiment and Design of Web-Based Instruction Model for Collaboration Learning.- Information Systems and Information Technologies (ISIT) Workshop, Mobile Session.- Performance Limitation of STBC OFDM-CDMA Systems in Mobile Fading Channels.- PMEPR Reduction Algorithms for STBC-OFDM Signals.- An Efficient Image Transmission System Adopting OFDM Based Sequence Reordering Method in Non-flat Fading Channel.- The Efficient Web-Based Mobile GIS Service System through Reduction of Digital Map.- Reducing Link Loss in Ad Hoc Networks.- A Web Based Model for Analyzing Compliance of Mobile Content.- Delay and Collision Reduction Mechanism for Distributed Fair Scheduling in Wireless LANs.- Approaches or Methods of Security Engineering Workshop.- Bit-Serial Multipliers for Exponentiation and Division in GF(2 m ) Using Irreducible AOP.- and Evaluation of Development System Security Process of ISO/IEC TR 15504.- Design on Mobile Secure Electronic Transaction Protocol with Component Based Development.- A Distributed Online Certificate Status Protocol Based on GQ Signature Scheme.- A Design of Configuration Management Practices and CMPET in Common Criteria Based on Software Process Improvement Activity.- The Design and Development for Risk Analysis Automatic Tool.- A Fault-Tolerant Mobile Agent Model in Replicated Secure Services.- Computation of Multiplicative Inverses in GF(2 n ) Using Palindromic Representation.- A Study on Smart Card Security Evaluation Criteria for Side Channel Attacks.- User Authentication Protocol Based on Human Memorable Password and Using RSA.- Supporting Adaptive Security Levels in Heterogeneous Environments.- Intrusion Detection Using Noisy Training Data.- A Study on Key Recovery Agent Protection Profile Having Composition Function.- Simulation-Based Security Testing for Continuity of Essential Service.- NextPDM: Improving Productivity and Enhancing the Reusability with a Customizing Framework Toolkit.- A Framework for Security Assurance in Component Based Development.- An Information Engineering Methodology for the Security Strategy Planning.- A Case Study in Applying Common Criteria to Development Process of Virtual Private Network.- A Pointer Forwarding Scheme for Fault-Tolerant Location Management in Mobile Networks.- Architecture Environments for E-business Agent Based on Security.- Authentication Authorization Accounting (AAA) Workshop.- Multi-modal Biometrics System Using Face and Signature.- Simple and Efficient Group Key Agreement Based on Factoring.- On Facial Expression Recognition Using the Virtual Image Masking for a Security System.- Secure Handoff Based on Dual Session Keys in Mobile IP with AAA.- Detection and Identification Mechanism against Spoofed Traffic Using Distributed Agents.- DMKB : A Defense Mechanism Knowledge Base.- A Fine-Grained Taxonomy of Security Vulnerability in Active Network Environments.- A New Role-Based Authorization Model in a Corporate Workflow Systems*.- A New Synchronization Protocol for Authentication in Wireless LAN Environment.- A Robust Image Authentication Method Surviving Acceptable Modifications.- Practical Digital Signature Generation Using Biometrics.- Performance Improvement in Mobile IPv6 Using AAA and Fast Handoff.- An Efficient Key Agreement Protocol for Secure Authentication.- A Policy-Based Security Management Architecture Using XML Encryption Mechanism for Improving SNMPv3.- IDentification Key Based AAA Mechanism in Mobile IP Networks.- An Integrated XML Security Mechanism for Mobile Grid Application.- Development of XKMS-Based Service Component for Using PKI in XML Web Services Environment.- A Scheme for Improving WEP Key Transmission between APs in Wireless Environment.- Internet Communication Security Workshop.- Generic Construction of Certificateless Encryption.- Security Issues in Network File Systems.- A Content-Independent Scalable Encryption Model.- Fair Exchange to Achieve Atomicity in Payments of High Amounts Using Electronic Cash.- N3: A Geometrical Approach for Network Intrusion Detection at the Application Layer.- Validating the Use of BAN LOGIC.- Use of Spectral Techniques in the Design of Symmetrical Cryptosystems.- Load Balancing and Survivability for Network Services Based on Intelligent Agents.- A Scalable PKI for Secure Routing in the Internet.- Cryptanalysis and Improvement of Password Authenticated Key Exchange Scheme between Clients with Different Passwords.- Timeout Estimation Using a Simulation Model for Non-repudiation Protocols.- DDoS Attack Defense Architecture Using Active Network Technology.- A Voting System with Trusted Verifiable Services.- Chaotic Protocols.- Security Consequences of Messaging Hubs in Many-to-Many E-procurement Solutions.- The SAC Test: A New Randomness Test, with Some Applications to PRNG Analysis.- A Survey of Web Services Security.- Fair Certified E-mail Protocols with Delivery Deadline Agreement.- Location Management and the Security in the Next Generation Mobile Networks Workshop.- QS-Ware: The Middleware for Providing QoS and Secure Ability to Web Server.- Implementation and Performance Evaluation of High-Performance Intrusion Detection and Response System.- Efficient Key Distribution Protocol for Secure Multicast Communication.- A Bayesian Approach for Estimating Link Travel Time on Urban Arterial Road Network.- Perimeter Defence Policy Model of Cascade MPLS VPN Networks.- Design of Authentication and Key Exchange Protocol in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks.- Detection of Moving Objects Edges to Implement Home Security System in a Wireless Environment.- Reduction Method of Threat Phrases by Classifying Assets.- Anomaly Detection Using Sequential Properties of Packets in Mobile Environment.- A Case Study in Applying Common Criteria to Development Process to Improve Security of Software Products.- A New Recovery Scheme with Reverse Shared Risk Link Group in GMPLS-Based WDM Networks.- Real Time Estimation of Bus Arrival Time under Mobile Environment.- Call Tracking and Location Updating Using DHS in Mobile Networks.- Routing and Handoff Workshop.- Improving TCP Performance over Mobile IPv6.- Design of Mobile Network Route Optimization Based on the Hierarchical Algorithm.- On Algorithms for Minimum-Cost Quickest Paths with Multiple Delay-Bounds.- A Fast Handover Protocol for Mobile IPv6 Using Mobility Prediction Mechanism.- The Layer 2 Handoff Scheme for Mobile IP over IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN.- Session Key Exchange Based on Dynamic Security Association for Mobile IP Fast Handoff.- A Modified AODV Protocol with Multi-paths Considering Classes of Services.


Titel: Computational Science and Its Applications -- ICCSA 2004
Untertitel: International Conference, Assisi, Italy, May 14-17, 2004, Proceedings, Part I
EAN: 9783540247074
Format: E-Book (pdf)
Hersteller: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: IT & Internet
Veröffentlichung: 26.04.2004
Digitaler Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Anzahl Seiten: 1185

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