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The Complete Studio Albums 1970-1990

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Contenu Disk: 1 1. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree 2. Brown Sugar 3. Squank 4. Goin' Down To Mexico 5. Old Man 6. Neig...


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Disque 1
1(Somebody else been) Shaking your tree02:35
2Brown sugar05:24
4Goin' down to Mexico03:23
5Old man03:27
6Neighbor, neighbor02:21
7Certified blues03:27
8Bedroom thang04:39
9Just got back from baby's04:10
10Backdoor love affair03:19
Disque 2
2Just got paid04:27
3Mushmouth soutin'03:48
4Ko ko blue04:32
6Apologies to pearly02:39
8Sure got cold after the rain fell07:20
9Whiskey'n mama03:20
10Down brownie02:30
Disque 3
1Waitin' for the bus02:52
2Jesus just left Chicago03:30
3Beer drinkers & hell raisers03:25
4Master of sparks03:31
5Hot, blue and righteous03:16
6Move me on down the line02:31
7Precious and grace03:09
8La grange03:52
10Have you heard?03:14
Disque 4
2Jailhouse rock01:55
3Backdoor medley09:51
3Backdoor love affair09:51
3Mellow down easy09:51
3Backdoor love affair No. 209:51
3Long distance boogie09:51
4Nasty dogs and funky kings02:44
5Blue Jean blues04:44
7Mexican blackbird03:05
8Heard it on the X02:25
Disque 5
1It's only love04:23
2Arrested for driving while blind03:06
3El diablo04:21
4Snappy Kakkie02:58
5Enjoy and get it on03:25
6Ten dollar man03:41
7Pan Am Highway blues03:15
8Avalon hideaway03:07
9She's a heartbreaker03:02
10Asleep in the desert03:29
Disque 6
1I thank you03:25
2She loves my automobile02:23
3I'm bad, I'm nationwide04:52
4A fool for your stockings04:16
5Manic mechanic02:36
6Dust my broom03:09
7Lowdown on the street02:50
8Hi fi mama02:25
9Cheap sunglasses04:48
10Esther be the one03:30
Disque 7
1Tube snake boogie03:05
2I wanna drive you home04:49
3Ten foot pole04:24
5Don't tease me04:22
6It's so hard05:11
7Pearl necklace04:06
8Groovey little hippie pad02:44
9Heaven, hell or Houston02:33
10Party on the patio02:48
Disque 8
1Gimme all your lovin04:04
2Got me under pressure04:03
3Sharp dressed man04:18
4I need you tonight06:18
5I got the six02:54
8TV dinners03:50
9Dirty dog04:06
10If I could only flag her down03:40
11Bad girl03:19
Disque 9
1Sleeping bag04:06
3Woke up with wood03:49
4Rough boy04:52
5Can't stop rockin'03:04
6Planet of women04:06
7I got the message03:30
8Velcro fly03:32
9Dipping low (in the lap of luxury)03:15
Disque 10
1Concrete and steel03:49
3Penthouse eyes03:47
4Tell it04:48
5My head's in Mississippi04:25