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Live In Dublin

CD, 28.11.2014

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Contenu CD 1 1 Dance Me to the End of Love 2 The Future 3 Bird on a Wire 4 Everybody Knows 5 Who By Fire 6 The Gypsy's Wife 7...


Habituellement expédié sous 3 à 4 jours ouvrés.



Disque 1
1Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live in Dublin)05:57
2The Future (Live in Dublin)06:46
3Bird On The Wire (Live in Dublin)07:08
4Everybody Knows (Live in Dublin)05:35
5Who By Fire (Live in Dublin)08:45
6The Gypsy's Wife (Live in Dublin)06:11
7Darkness (Live in Dublin)05:51
8Amen (Live in Dublin)08:00
9Come Healing (Live in Dublin)03:58
10Lover, Lover, Lover (Live in Dublin)06:54
11Anthem (Live in Dublin)08:09
Disque 2
1Tower Of Song (Live in Dublin)06:26
2Suzanne (Live in Dublin)04:24
3Chelsea Hotel #2 (Live in Dublin)03:24
4Waiting For The Miracle (Live in Dublin)08:01
5The Partisan (Live in Dublin)05:25
6In My Secret Life (Live in Dublin)05:05
7Alexandra Leaving (Live in Dublin)07:58
8I'm Your Man (Live in Dublin)05:56
9Recitation w/ N.L. (Live in Dublin)03:13
10Hallelujah (Live in Dublin)07:25
11Take This Waltz (Live in Dublin)05:55
Disque 3
1So Long, Marianne (Live in Dublin)05:33
2Going Home (Live in Dublin)04:04
3First We Take Manhattan (Live in Dublin)06:40
4Famous Blue Raincoat (Live in Dublin)04:34
5If It Be Your Will (Live in Dublin)04:53
6Closing Time (Live in Dublin)05:34
7I Tried To Leave You (Live in Dublin)07:42
8Save The Last Dance For Me (Live in Dublin)04:09
Disque 4
1Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live in Dublin)04:42
2The Future (Live in Dublin)07:06
3Bird On The Wire (Live in Dublin)04:30
4Everybody Knows (Live in Dublin)05:34
5Who By Fire (Live in Dublin)08:45
6The Gypsy's Wife (Live in Dublin)06:14
7Darkness (Live in Dublin)05:58
8Amen (Live in Dublin)08:09
9Come Healing (Live in Dublin)04:03
10Lover, Lover, Lover (Live in Dublin)07:37
11Anthem (Live in Dublin)08:21
12Tower Of Song (Live in Dublin)05:59
13Suzanne (Live in Dublin)04:24
14Chelsea Hotel #2 (Live in Dublin)03:30
15Waiting For The Miracle (Live in Dublin)08:07
16The Partisan (Live in Dublin)05:31
17In My Secret Life (Live in Dublin)05:09
18Alexandra Leaving (Live in Dublin)08:12
19I'm Your Man (Live in Dublin)05:54
20Recitation w/ N.L. (Live in Dublin)03:51
21Hallelujah (Live in Dublin)07:24
22Take This Waltz (Live in Dublin)08:27
23So Long, Marianne (Live in Dublin)05:32
24Going Home (Live in Dublin)04:00
25First We Take Manhattan (Live in Dublin)07:11
26Famous Blue Raincoat (Live in Dublin)04:41
27If It Be Your Will (Live in Dublin)05:00
28Closing Time (Live in Dublin)07:48
29I Tried To Leave You (Live in Dublin)07:50
30Save The Last Dance For Me (Live in Dublin)05:06
31Show Me The Place05:06
33Different Sides05:06