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Counting for Something

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Inhalt1 StatisticsThe Word.- Descriptive Statistics.- Inferential Statistics.- References.- 2 Distributions.- The Frequency Distri... Weiterlesen
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1 StatisticsThe Word.- Descriptive Statistics.- Inferential Statistics.- References.- 2 Distributions.- The Frequency Distribution.- Summary Measures.- Graphs.- References.- 3 Special Averages.- Index Numbers.- Some History.- The Harmonic Mean.- Averaging Time Rates.- Simpson's Paradox.- References.- 4 Making Comparisons.- Comparing Observations.- Standard Scores.- Comparing Variables.- Median and Quartiles.- Boxplots.- Ordinal Data.- The Dollar Scale.- References.- 5 Probability.- Laplaoe's Principles of Probability.- Counting the Ways.- Poker Hands.- The Birthday Problem.- Probability in Court.- Which Question Was That?.- References.- 6 Craps and Binomial.- Probabilities for Craps.- The Binomial Distribution.- Inference from the Binomial.- Interval Estimates.- References.- 7 Horsekicks, Deadly Quarrels, and Flying Bombs.- The Poisson Distribution.- The Exponential Distribution.- A Problem of Authorship.- References.- 8 Normal Distribution.- The Standard Normal Distribution.- Probability Distribution of the Sample Mean.- Process Control Chart.- The Central Limit Theorem.- References.- 9 Political Arithmetic.- Beginnings in England.- America to 1790.- The United States, 17901900.- Statistics and Social Issues.- 19001950.- Since 1950.- References.- 10 Regression and Correlation.- The Regression Line.- Variation from Regression.- Correlation and Gallon.- References.- 11 Karl Pearson.- Karl Pearsonto 1901.- Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test.- Karl Pearsonfrom 1901.- References.- 12 Pearson to Cosset to Fisher.- William S. Gosset (Student).- Ronald A. Fisher.- Using the t-Distribution.- References.- 13 More Regression.- Standard Error of the Regression Coefficient.- Transformations.- Multiple Regression and Correlation.- History and Applications.- References.- 14 R. A. Fisher.- The Analysis of Variance.- R. A. Fisherfrom 1925.- Experimental Design.- Postscript.- References.- 15 Sampling: Polls and Surveys.- Proportions.- Coefficient of Variation.- Random Numbers.- Sampling Methods.- Election Polls.- Estimating Sample Size.- A National Sample.- References.- 16 Quality Control.- Quality Control to 1930.- Sampling Inspection.- The 1930s.- QC Goes to War.- Sequential Sampling.- Post-World War and Today.- References.- 17 Principal Components and Factor Analysis.- The Principal Component.- General Intelligence.- Criticism.- Ways of LifeAn Example.- Factor Rotation.- Semantic Analysis of the Ways.- A Three-Dimensional Map.- References.- 18 Jerzy Neyman.- E. S. Pearson to Gosset to Neyman.- Neyman-Pearson Tests.- The Power of a Test.- Confidence Intervals.- Statistical Issues and Personalities of the 1930s.- Neyman in America.- References.- 19 The Bayesian Bandwagon.- Utility.- Utility After Bernoulli.- Bayes' Theorem.- The Value of Information.- Break-Even Problems.- Bayesian EstimationThe Newsboy Problem.- Subjective Probability.- Assessing Subjective Probabilities.- Bayesian Statistics.- References.- 20 Observational Studies and Program Evaluation.- The Language of Cause.- Rival Explanations.- Analytical Control.- Auto Death Rates and Safety Inspections.- Systems of Relationships.- Discriminant Analysis.- A Discriminant Analysis of Selection Factors.- Evaluation and Controlled Experimentation.- References.- 21 Nonparametrics and Robust Methods.- The Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test.- Robustness and Student's t.- Robust Estimation.- The Jacknife.- Exploratory Data Analysis.- References.- 22 StatisticsA Summing Up.- References.- List of Names.


Titel: Counting for Something
Untertitel: Statistical Principles and Personalities
EAN: 9781461290940
ISBN: 1461290945
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer New York
Genre: Mathematik
Anzahl Seiten: 296
Gewicht: 452g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T16mm
Jahr: 2011
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987

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