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Web Technologies Research and Development - APWeb 2005

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This volume contains papers selected for presentation at the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Web Technology (APWeb 2005), which was... Weiterlesen
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This volume contains papers selected for presentation at the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Web Technology (APWeb 2005), which was held in Shanghai, China during March 29April 1, 2005. APWeb is an international conference series on WWW technologies and is the primary forum for researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to exchange knowledge on WWW-related technologies and new advanced applications. APWeb 2005 received 420 submissions from 21 countries and regions worldwide, including China, Korea, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, France, UK, Canada, USA, India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Belgium, New Zealand, and UAE. After a thorough review process for each submission by the Program Committee members and expert reviewers recommended by PC members, APWeb 2005 accepted 71 regular research papers (acceptance ratio 16.9%) and 22 short papers (acceptance ratio 5.2%). This volume also includes 6 keynote papers and 11 invited demo papers. The keynote lectures were given by six leading experts: Prof. Ah Chung Tsoi (Australia Research Council), Prof. Zhiyong Liu (National Nature Science Foundation of China), Prof. John Mylopoulos (University of Toronto), Prof. Ramamohanarao (Rao) Kotagiri (University of Melbourne), Prof. Calton Pu (Georgia Tech), and Prof. Zhiwei Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences).

Keynote Papers.- Databases and the Semantic Web: Data Semantics Revisited.- DSL Weaving for Distributed Information Flow Systems.- Broadening Vector Space Schemes for Improving the Quality of Information Retrieval.- A Neural Network Approach to Web Graph Processing.- Languages for the Net: From Presentation to Collaboration.- Some Issues for Fundamental Research on Information Sciences in China.- Session 1: Classification and Clustering.- An Incremental Subspace Learning Algorithm to Categorize Large Scale Text Data.- Classifying Criminal Charges in Chinese for Web-Based Legal Services.- A Unified Probabilistic Framework for Clustering Correlated Heterogeneous Web Objects.- CLINCH: Clustering Incomplete High-Dimensional Data for Data Mining Application.- Session 2: Topic and Concept Discovery.- Topic Discovery from Document Using Ant-Based Clustering Combination.- A Pattern-Based Voting Approach for Concept Discovery on the Web.- A Similarity Reinforcement Algorithm for Heterogeneous Web Pages.- Constraint-Based Graph Mining in Large Database.- Session 3: Text Search and Document Generation.- Estimating the Number of Substring Matches in Long String Databases.- An Efficient Topic-Specific Web Text Filtering Framework.- An Extension of UML Activity Diagram for Generation of XPDL Document.- Session 4: Web Search.- Block-Based Language Modeling Approach Towards Web Search.- Level-Based Link Analysis.- A Formal Approach to Evaluate and Compare Internet Search Engines: A Case Study on Searching the Chinese Web.- IglooG: A Distributed Web Crawler Based on Grid Service.- Session 5: Mobile and P2P.- An Updates Dissemination Protocol for Read-Only Transaction Processing in Mobile Real-Time Computing Environments.- Scalable and Fault Tolerant Multiple Tuple Space Architecture for Mobile Agent Communication.- LinkNet: A New Approach for Searching in a Large Peer-to-Peer System.- P2P-Based Web Text Information Retrieval.- Session 6: XML (1).- LMIX: A Dynamic XML Index Method Using Line Model.- A New Sequential Mining Approach to XML Document Clustering*.- Labeling Scheme and Structural Joins for Graph-Structured XML Data.- Constructing Extensible XQuery Mappings for XML Data Sharing.- Session 7: XML (2).- Towards Secure XML Document with Usage Control.- A Comparative Study of Functional Dependencies for XML.- Checking Multivalued Dependencies in XML.- Making DTD a Truly Powerful Schema Language.- Session 8: Integration and Collaboration.- An Algebra for Capability Object Interoperability of Heterogeneous Data Integration Systems.- DartGrid: RDF-Mediated Database Integration and Process Coordination Using Grid as the Platform.- Collaborative Web Application for Flood Control System of Reservoirs.- IWWS: A Reliability-Based WWW Collaborative Recommender System.- Session 9: Data Mining and Analysis.- Transforming Non-covering Dimensions in OLAP.- Mining Frequent Trees Based on Topology Projection.- Mining Quantitative Associations in Large Database.- A Fast Algorithm for Mining Share-Frequent Itemsets.- Session 10: Web Browsing and Navigation.- Core: A Search and Browsing Tool for Semantic Instances of Web Sites.- An LOD Model for Graph Visualization and Its Application in Web Navigation.- Automatic Runtime Validation and Correction of the Navigational Design of Web Sites.- Session 11: Spatial Data.- Summarizing Spatial Relations A Hybrid Histogram.- Providing Geographic-Multidimensional Decision Support over the Web.- Spatial Selectivity Estimation Using Compressed Histogram Information.- Representation and Manipulation of Geospatial Objects with Indeterminate Extents.- Session 12: Stream Data Processing.- A Pattern Restore Method for Restoring Missing Patterns in Server Side Clickstream Data.- Tree Structure Based Data Gathering for Maximum Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Processing Frequent Items over Distributed Data Streams.- Distinct Estimate of Set Expressions over Sliding Windows.- Session 13: Web Service.- An Extended Planning Mechanism to Increase Web Service Utilization.- Web Services Based Cross-Organizational Business Process Management.- Conversations for Web Services Composition.- A Framework of Web Service Composition for Distributed XML Query Evaluation.- An Agent-Based Compositional Framework.- Session 14: Ontology.- Integrating Web Services into Ontology-Based Web Portal.- Knowledge-Level Management of Web Information.- Ontology Construction for Semantic Web: A Role-Based Collaborative Development Method.- Ontology-Based Matchmaking in e-Marketplace with Web Services.- Session 15: Change Management.- An Empirical Study on the Change of Web Pages.- Using XML in Version Management of Chemical Process Models.- An Algorithm for Enumerating SCCs in Web Graph.- China Web Graph Measurements and Evolution.- Session 16: Personalization.- PODWIS: A Personalized Tool for Ontology Development in Domain Specific Web Information System.- A Structured Approach to Personalize Websites Using the OO-H Personalization Framework.- Using Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis for Personalized Web Search.- Session 17: Performance and Optimization.- Resource Management and Scheduling for High Performance Computing Application Based on WSRF.- Multiresolution Query Optimization in an Online Environment.- A Comparison of Advance Resource Reservation Bidding Strategies in Sequential Ascending Auctions.- An Efficient Web Page Allocation on a Server Using Adaptive Neural Networks.- Session 18: Web Caching.- An Implementation of the Client-Based Distributed Web Caching System.- Anycast-Based Cooperative Proxy Caching.- Semantic Caching for Web-Based Spatial Applications.- Neural Network Hot Spot Prediction Algorithm for Shared Web Caching System.- Session 19: Data Grid.- A Common Application-Centric QoS Model for Selecting Optimal Grid Services.- Temporal Dependency for Dynamic Verification of Fixed-Date Constraints in Grid Workflow Systems.- A New Method for Online Scheduling in Computational Grid Environments.- Influence of Performance Prediction Inaccuracy on Task Scheduling in Grid Environment.- Grid Accounting Information Gathering System with Access Control.- Session 20: Multimedia.- Neural Network Modeling of Transmission Rate Control Factor for Multimedia Transmission Using the Internet.- A Peer to Peer Proxy Patching Scheme for VOD Servers.- An Indexing Method for Two-D Pattern Matching with Applications to Digital Image Searches.- Indexing Text and Visual Features for WWW Images.- Session 21: Object Recognition and Information Extraction.- Chinese Named Entity Recognition with a Hybrid-Statistical Model.- Towards a Formal Framework for Distributed Identity Management.- Address Extraction: Extraction of Location-Based Information from the Web.- PlusDBG: Web Community Extraction Scheme Improving Both Precision and Pseudo-Recall.- Fuzzy Inference System with Probability Factor and Its Application in Data Mining.- Session 22: Visualization and User Interfaces.- Interactive Semantic-Based Visualization Environment for Traditional Chinese Medicine Information.- Components for Building Desktop-Application-Like Interface in Web Applications.- Supervised Semi-definite Embedding for Email Data Cleaning and Visualization.- Visual Mining for Customer Targeting.- Session 23: Delivery and Network.- On Designing a Novel PI Controller for AQM Routers Supporting TCP Flows.- Call Admission Control with Multiple Priorities Erlang B System.- ACDN: Active Content Distribution Network.- A Real-Time Multimedia Data Transmission Rate Control Using a Neural Network Prediction Algorithm.- Stratus: A Distributed Web Service Discovery Infrastructure Based on Double-Overlay Network.- Session 24: Invited Demo Papers.- ShanghaiGrid: A Grid Prototype for Metropolis Information Services.- Sentential Association Based Text Classification Systems.- Q-GSM: QoS Oriented Grid Service Management.- Skyhawk Grid System.- Cooperative Ontology Development Environment CODE and a Demo Semantic Web on Economics.- Dart Database Grid: A Dynamic, Adaptive, RDF-Mediated, Transparent Approach to Database Integration for Semantic Web.- Voice User Interface Design for a Telephone Application Using VoiceXML.- Content Browsing by Walking in Real and Cyber Spaces.- A Personal Web Bulletin Board with Autonomic Behaviors and Virtual Portal Function.- ImageAspect Finder/Difference-Amplifier: Focusing on Peripheral Information for Image Search and Browsing.- Tools for Media Conversion and Fusion of TV and Web Contents.


Titel: Web Technologies Research and Development - APWeb 2005
Untertitel: 7th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Shanghai, China, March 29 - April 1, 2005, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540252078
ISBN: 978-3-540-25207-8
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1082
Gewicht: 1639g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2005
Auflage: 2005. 2005

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