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Ultrafast Phenomena XVI

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Ultrafast Phenomena XVI presents the latest advances in ultrafast science, including both ultrafast optical technology and the stu... Weiterlesen
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Ultrafast Phenomena XVI presents the latest advances in ultrafast science, including both ultrafast optical technology and the study of ultrafast phenomena. The book provides an up-to-date view of this important and rapidly advancing field.

Current status report on ultrafast phenomena

Includes supplementary material:


Paul Corkum: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science Group Leader at Steacie of the National Research Council, he is a member of the Royal Societies of London and of Canada. He was the recipient of the Optical Society of America's Charles H. Townes award and the IEEE's Quantum electronics award in 2005. In 2006 he received the American Physical Society's Arthur L. Schawlow Prize. Corkum's research launched attosecond science. After studying the interaction of intense light pulses with atoms and molecules he and his group proposed how atomic and molecular gases can be used to produce attosecond pulses. In 2002 they measured the motion of hydrogen atoms in a hydrogen molecular ion with a timing precision of 200-attoseconds and a spatial precision of 0.02 Angstroms. In 2004 they demonstrated how attosecond technology can be used to image the highest occupied molecular orbital of Nitrogen. More recently they were able to strobe the attosecond motion of an electron in a hydrogen molecule almost instantaneously as the molecule breaks.

Sandro De Silvestri: He is professor at the Department of Physics of Politecnico in Milan, Italy. He is presently director of the European Large Scale Infrastructure "Center for Ultrafast Science and Biomedical Optics (CUSBO)", within the program of providing access to europen reasearch groups. He is also director of the "Centre of Ultrafast and Ultraintense Optical Science" (ULTRAS) of CNR-INFM. He is Fellow of the Optical Society of America and he is member of organising committee of several international congress in the field of photonics and ultrafast phenomena. He has made a number of significant contributions to the field of "Ultrafast Phenomena", extending for a period of about 25 years, in a variety of topics such as: (i) coherent vibrational spectroscopy; (ii) development of techniques for the generation of few optical cycle pulses either with high energy or tunable from near-IR to visible; (iii) study of ultrafast dynamics in organic and quantum confined systems; (iv) carrier envelope phase effects on strong field photoionization and high order harmonic generation; (v) generation of attosecond pulses.

Keith Nelson: He is professor at the Department of Chemistry of MIT. His research is aimed at time-resolved optical study and control of condensed matter structural changes and the collective modes of motion through which they occur: (i) phase transitions or other collective structural rearrangements in crystalline solids; (ii) dynamics of the lattice vibrational modes; (iii) interactions between reactive molecular modes and lattice vibrations in reaction dynamics. He has developed femtosecond pulse shaping techniques for multiple-pulse excitation and coherent control of crystal lattice vibrations whose motions are involved in ferroelectric phase transitions, and for generation of ultrahigh-frequency acoustic waves whose motions are involved in structural relaxation of viscoelastic fluids and polymers. He has developed novel methods for recording complete femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopy measurements in a single laser shot, with the objective of observing ultrafast, irreversible structural and chemical changes in solids. In the ferroelectric crystals he has studied terahertz (THz) frequency lattice vibrations, by fabricating integrated waveguides and other structures through femtosecond laser machining providing further control over THz waves. He is extending these and other methods and applying them toward study of and control over condensed matter structural changes.

Eberhard Riedle: He is professor for experimental physics at the Department for Physics of the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany. His interest and research focuses on the ultrafast dynamics, mechanisms and control of ultrafast chemical reactions, e.g. proton and electron transfer, molecular switches and molecules in zeolites. For these investigations he develops new methods and techniques for the generation and characterisation of extremely short tunable light pulses in the visible, NIR and UV. The research is performed within the framework of the SFB ADLIS in Vienna, the newly founded SFB 749 on "dynamics and intermediates of molecular transformations", the International Max Planck Research School on Advanced Photon Science (IMPRS-APS) and most importantly the newly founded exclellence cluster "Munich-Centre for Advanced Photonics (MAP)". In the latter he coordinates the research area " Molecular dynamics and elementary chemical reactions". He was deputy chair (2001-2004) and chair (2004-2007) of the Molecular Physics division of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG). Among a large number of meetings he was the responsible local organizer of the 68. Physikertagung der DPG (2004) and local chair for CLEO-Europe/EQEC (2033, 2005,2007).

Robert Schoenlein: He is Staff Scientist at LBNL. His research included the development of a 8 fs pulse novel laser system in the blue-green spectral region, the application to three-pulse photon echo studies of electronic dephasing and vibrational dynamics in semiconductor nanocrystals and ultrafast dynamics of the first step in vision. In 1994 he received the Adolph Lomb Medal from OSA. He initiated a new research direction in ultrafast x-ray science with the first time generation of 300 fs pulses in the hard x-ray regime (30 keV) via Thomson scattering between relativistic electrons from a LINAC and terawatt femtosecond laser pulses. In 2000, Schoenlein and co-workers demonstrated for the first time, the generation of femtosecond synchrotron pulses via laser manipulation of a stored electron beam. This approach serves as the basis for new femtosecond x-ray beamlines now under construction at the Advanced Light Source, BESSY, and the Swiss Light Source. Current research activities are in the application of ultrafast x-ray techniques to investigate atomic and electronic structural dynamics in condensed matter including photoinduced phase transitions in correlated electron systems, ferroelectrics, transition-metal complexes and molecular dynamics in solution.

Attosecond and High-Order Harmonic Generation and Measurement, Atomic and Molecular Physics.- Sub-100-as soft x-ray pulses.- Generation of High-order Harmonics with a Near-IR Self-phase-stabilized Parametric Source.- Quasi-Phase-Matched High-Order Harmonic Generation in the Soft-X-ray Regime.- Phase Matching and Quasi-Phase Matching of Extreme High-Order Harmonic Generation.- Comparison of Parallel and Perpendicular Polarized Counterpropagating Light for Quasi-Phase-Matching High Harmonic Generation.- Enhanced Harmonic Generation in Gas Jets with Expanding Clusters.- Observation of Elliptically Polarized High Harmonic Emission from Molecules Driven by Linearly Polarized Light.- Polarization-Resolved Pump-Probe Spectroscopy with High Order Harmonics.- Study of quantum-path interferences in the high harmonic generation process.- Interference Patterns in the Wavelength Dependence of High-Harmonic Generation.- Generation of Polarization-Shaped Ultraviolet Femtosecond Pulses.- All-Optical Quasi-Phase Matching and Quantum Path Selection of High-Order Harmonic Generation at 140 eV Using Counterpropagating Light.- Ultrafast Molecular and Materials Dynamics probed by Coherent X-Rays.- Plasma-Blue-Shift Spectral Shear Interferometry for Characterization of Ultimately short Optical Pulses.- Spatially resolved Ar and Ar+ imaging as a diagnostic for capillary based high harmonic generation.- Internal Momentum State Mapping using High Harmonic Radiation.- Attosecond control of electron localization in one- and two-color dissociative ionization of H and D.- Simultaneous Description of Electron and Nuclear Dynamics: A Quantum Approach for Multi-Electron Systems.- Attosecond Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Electron Tunneling in Dissociating Hydrogen Molecular Ion.- Attosecond angular streaking: an ideal technique to measure an electron tunneling time?.- Probing Dynamics in Polyatomic Molecules Using High Harmonic Generation: the Role of Ionization Continua.- High harmonic generation from multiple molecular orbitals of N.- Ultrafast Multiphoton Crystallography.- Direct Measurement of Angle-Dependent Single Photon Ionization of N and CO.- Field-free unidirectional molecular rotation.- Attosecond coincidence spectroscopy of diatomic molecules.- Real-time Evolution of the Valence Orbitals in a Dissociating Molecule as Revealed by Femtosecond Photoelectron Spectroscopy.- Transient Waveguiding in a Rotationally Excited Molecular Gas.- Molecular Recollision Interferometry in High Harmonic Generation.- Multi-Electron Dynamics in Molecular High Harmonic Generation.- Probing the dynamics of plasma mirrors on the attosecond time scale.- Shaping Entangled Photon Pairs.- Ultrafast X-ray and Electron Science.- Ultrafast Structural Dynamics of Polar Solids Studied by Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction.- Atomic Motion in Laser Excited Bismuth Studied with Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction.- Femtosecond X-ray Diffraction Study of the Ultrafast Coupling between Magnetization and Structure in the Ferromagnet SrRuO.- Electron-Phonon Energy Transfer in Bismuth Observed by Ultrafast Electron Diffraction.- Atomic View of the Photoinduced Collapse of Gold and Bismuth.- Four-dimensional Visualization of Transitional Structures in Phase Transformations by Electron Diffraction.- Ultrashort soft x-ray pulses from a femtosecond slicing source for time-resolved laser pump- x-ray probe experiments.- Femtosecond X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of a Photoinduced Spin-Crossover Process.- Probing Reaction Dynamics of Transition-Metal Complexes via Time-Resolved Soft X-ray Spectroscopy.- Sub-20-fs Optical Pump-X-ray Probe Spectroscopy beyond the Si K Edge.- Capturing Transient Solute Structures in Solution by Pulsed X-ray Diffraction.- Structural kinetics in protein-coated gold nanoparticles probed by time-resolved x-ray scattering.- X-ray induced transient optical reflectivity for fs-X-ray/optical cross-correlation at Free-Electron Lasers.- Autocorrelation Experiments with Soft X-ray FEL Pulses.- Ultrafast coherent X-ray diffractive imaging with the FLASH Free-Electron Laser.- Lensless Microscopy and Holography with 60 nm Resolution using Tabletop Coherent Soft X-Rays.- Nanoscale Heat Transport Probed with Ultrafast Soft X-Rays.- Relativistic attosecond electron pulses from cascaded acceleration using ultra-intense radially polarized laser beams.- Attosecond Free Electron Pulses for Diffraction and Microscopy.- Electronically Driven Structural Dynamics of Si Resolved by Femtosecond Electron Diffraction.- Picosecond electron deflectometry of optical-field ionized plasmas.- Correlated Electron Systems, Magnetization and Spin Dynamics.- Clocking the Collapse of a Mott Gap.- Coherent Orbital Waves in Manganites.- Ultrafast terahertz response driven by photoinduced insulator to metal transition in layered organic salt.- Photo-induced macroscopic oscillation between insulator and metal in layered organic Mott insulator.- THz Slow Motion of an Ultrafast Insulator-Metal Transition in VO: Coherent Structural Dynamics and Electronic Correlations.- Nonthermal Melting of Orbital Order in LaSrMnO by Coherent Excitation of a Mn-O Stretching Mode.- Ultrafast Gigantic Photo-Response in Charge-Ordered Organic Salt (EDO-TTF)PF on 10-fs time scales.- Teasing a Quasiparticle: Ultrafast Nonlinear Response of the Fröhlich Polaron in GaAs.- Time-resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Photoinduced Insulator-Metal Transition in a Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganite.- X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy on the fs Time Scale: Ultrafast Electron and Spin Dynamics in Nickel.- Ultrafast Photoinduced Ferromagnetic Order in a Magnetic Semiconductor Heterostructure.- Non-equilibrium spin-dynamics of Gd(0001) studied by time-resolved SHG and magnetic linear dichroism in 4f core-level photoemission.- Ultrafast Spin Control by Charge-separated States in Colloidal ZnO Quantum Dots.- Ultrafast electronic and spin dynamics in thin iron films: electron-magnon and electron-phonon interactions.- Laser Induced Alignment of Water Spin Isomers.- Memory Effects in Photo-induced Femtosecond Magnetization Rotation in a Ferromagnetic Semiconductor.- Physics - Condensed Phase and Low Dimensional Systems.- Transient Dielectric Function of Fs-Laser Excited Bismuth.- Coherent and Phonons of Antimony.- Mode selective Excitation of Coherent Phonons in Bismuth by Femotosecond Pulse Pair.- Ultrafast Dynamics of Electron-Hole Plasma Coupled to Optical Phonons in a ZnO Thin Film.- Large-amplitude coherent phonons in semimetals.- Laser-Induced Undoing of a Peierls Distortion.- Ultrafast dynamics of coherent optical phonons in -quartz.- Influence of Lattice Heating Time on Strain Wave Dynamics in InSb.- Soft X-Ray Thomson Scattering in Warm Dense Matter at FLASH.- Magnon-Enhanced Phonon Damping at Gd(0001) and Tb(0001) surfaces.- Ultrafast Coherent Interactions in Quantum Wells Studied by Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Spectroscopy.- Two-quantum Two-dimensional Fourier Transform Electronic Spectroscopy of Biexcitons in GaAs Quantum Wells.- Three-Pulse Echo Peak Shift Spectroscopy of Disordered Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Dense Atomic Vapors.- Coherently controlled ballistic charge currents in unbiased bulk silicon and single-walled carbon nanotubes.- Ultrafast dynamics of coherent phonons in the aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes.- Evidence for electron correlation in (6,5) carbon nanotubes from pump-probe spectroscopy with broadband pulses.- Ultrafast Relaxation of Excited Dirac Fermions in Epitaxial Graphene.- Radiationless Transitions and Angular Momentum Transfer in Semiconductor Nanocrystals.- Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanowires.- Time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in graphite.- Exciton Dephasing in Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes.- On the Absence of Carrier Multiplication in InAs Core/Shell/Shell Nanocrystals.- Temporal dynamics of polaritons in a stronglycoupled organic-semiconductor microcavity.- Three-Dimensional Electronic Four Wave-Mixing Spectroscopy in GaAs Quantum Wells.- Ultrafast carrier dynamics in spherical CdSe core/elongated CdS shell nanocrystals.- Time-Resolved Optical Studies of InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Wells in High Magnetic Fields.- Femtosecond Formation of Ultrastrong Light-Matter Interaction.- Ultrafast Bleaching and Gain in a Single Semiconductor Quantum Dot.- Probing coherent optical phonons by Extreme Ultraviolet radiation based on high-order harmonic generation.- Chemistry - Condensed Phase.- Real-Time Monitoring of Structural Evolution in -Stilbene Photoisomerization Time-Domain Raman Spectroscopy.- Origin of Negative and Dispersive Features in Resonance Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy.- Reactive Dynamics in Nanoscale Water droplets Confined in Inverse Micelles.- Symmetry Dependent Solvation of Donor-Substituted Triarylboranes.- Substitution- and Temperature-Effects on Hemithioindigo Photoisomerization The Relevance of Energy Barriers.- Vibrational Coherence Decay in Metal Carbonyls: Solvent Dependence of Coherence Lifetimes Studied with MDIR.- Generation of Narrowband Ultrashort Pulses Tunable in the mid-IR and the Application to Vibrational Energy Transfer in a Modified Amino Acid.- Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics of J- and H- Aggregates of Porphyrin Catechol in Aqueous Solution.- Chirp Effect on Vibrational Wave Packets in Large Molecules: a Multimode Perspective.- Determining Vibrational Huang-Rhys Factors by Photon Echo Spectroscopy.- Observation of High-Frequency Coherent Vibrational Motion with Strongly Chirped Probe Pulses.- Coherent Transfer of Molecular Vibrations in the Electronic Excited States.- Ultrafast Isomerization Dynamics of Biomimetic Photoswitches.- Broadband femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion and photon echo experiments in the UV.- Intramolecular Vibrational Energy Redistribution Measured by Femtosecond Pump-Probe Experiments in a Hollow Waveguide.- Femtosecond Fluorescence Spectroscopy of N,N-Dimethyladenine: New Explanation of the Dual Fluorescence Dynamics from Decay and Rise Time Measurements at Threshold.- Assignment of the Excited-State Infrared-Spectra in the Course of the Ring Opening Reaction of a Photochromic Dihydroazulene.- Time-resolved coincidence imaging of ultrafast molecular dynamics.- Ultrafast time and frequency domain vibrational dynamics of the CaF/HO interface.- Non-Condon vibronic coupling of coherent molecular vibration in MEH-PPV induced by a visible few-cycle pulse laser.- Specific Channel of Energy Dissipation in Carotenoids: Coherent Spectroscopic Study.- Coherent phonons in cyanine dye monomers and J-aggregates.- Ultrafast Dynamics in Na-doped water Clusters.- Electronic Excitations in Pentacene Films: Singlet versus Triplet Dynamics.- Photoreaction from a light generated non-equilibrium state.- Excited-State Nuclear Wavepacket Motion of an Ultrafast Inorganic Molecular Switch.- Femtosecond Electronic Dynamics via a Conical Funnel.- A new technique to measure time-resolved circular dichroism: ultrafast conformational dynamics of 1,1'-bi-2-naphthol.- Picosecond Time-Resolved Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy.- Chemistry - Advanced Spectroscopy, Molecular Control, Hydrogen Bonding, Liquids and Interfaces.- Automated 2D infrared and electronic spectroscopies using pulse shaping.- Relaxation-Assisted Dual-Frequency Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy: Measuring Distances and Bond Connectivity.- Triggered-exchange Two-dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of Metal Carbonyl Photodissociation Dynamics.- Observation of Quantum Coherence in Light-Harvesting Complex II by Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy.- Vibrational Beating in Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectra.- Double-Quantum Coherence Spectroscopy of Chromophore Aggregates.- Chain Length Dependence of Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectral Pattern Characteristic to 3-Helix Peptides.- Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy of Glycine-L-Alanine-Methylamide.- How do vibrations change their composition upon electronic excitation? EXSY-T2D-IR measurements challenge DFT calculations..- Propagation and beam geometry effects on 2D Fourier transform spectra of multi-level systems.- Difference 2D-IR spectroscopy on the chromophore in bacteriorhodopsin.- Coherent Control of Retinal Isomerization in Bacteriorhodopsin in the High Intensity Regime.- Quantum Control of the Photoinduced Wolff Rearrangement of Diazonaphthoquinone in the Condensed Phase Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy.- Coherent control of matter waves passing through a conical intersection in -carotene.- Mode selective single-beam coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering.- Early Time Vibrationally Hot Ground-State Dynamics in -Carotene Investigated with Pump-Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing (Pump-DFWM).- Surface Femtochemistry: Investigation and Optimization of Bond-Forming Chemical Reactions.- Coherent Control of the Exciton Dynamics in the FMO Protein.- Coherent Control of Population Transfer in an Ionic Multilevel System using Phase- and Amplitude-Shaped Femtosecond Pulses.- Coherent control of the efficiency of an artificial light-harvesting complex.- Strong Field Coherent Control Using 2D Spatio-Temporal Mapping.- Control of Excited-State Population and Vibrational Coherence with Shaped-Resonant and Near-Resonant Excitation.- Pump-push-probe transient spectroscopy of isolated conjugated oligomers.- Vibrational Energy Relaxation in Liquid-to- Supercritical Ammonia Studied by Femtosecond Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy.- Probing Intermolecular Couplings in Simulations of the Two-Dimensional Infrared Photon Echo Spectrum of Liquid Water.- Heterogeneous Dynamics of Coupled Vibrations.- Immobilized water in hydrophobic hydration.- Collective Breakdown of H-Bonding in Ice.- The Dynamics of Aqueous Hydroxide Ion Transport Probed via Ultrafast Vibrational Echo Experiments.- Glasslike Behaviour in Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions.- Mid-IR-Induced Nuclear Wavepacket Motion of a Hydrogen Bonding System: Effects of Mechanical and Electrical Anharmonic Couplings.- Ultrafast Photodecomposition of Dibenzoyl Peroxide studied by Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy.- Electron detachment of OH (aq).- Pathways of Vibrational Relaxation after N-H Stretching Excitation in Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonds.- GHz Longitudinal and Transverse Acoustic Waves and Structural Relaxation Dynamics in Liquid Glycerol.- Frequency dependence of the molecular reorientation of liquid water.- Ultrafast Temperature Jumps in Liquid Water Studied by Infrared-Pump and X-ray Absorption-Probe Spectroscopy.- Influence of the Environment on Reaction Dynamics: Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer in the Gas Phase and in Solution.- Ultrafast 2D-IR spectroscopy of a molecular monolayer.- Frozen Dynamics and Insulation of Water at the Lipid Interface.- Ultrafast vibrational dynamics of interfacial water.- Ultrafast Dynamics at Liquid Interfaces Investigated with Femtosecond Time-Resolved Multiplex Electronic Sum-Frequency Generation (TR-ESFG) Spectroscopy.- Femtosecond spectral phase shaping for CARS spectroscopy and imaging.- Biological Systems, Molecular Light Harvesting and Charge-Transfer Complexes.- Energy transfer along a poly(Pro) - peptide.- Energy transport in peptide helices around the glass transition.- Ultrafast Vibrational Dynamics of Adenine-Thymine Base Pairs in Hydrated DNA.- Ultrafast Vibrational Dynamics in the AppA Blue Light Sensing Protein.- Direct observation of ligand transfer and bond formation in cytochrome oxidase using mid-infrared chirped-pulse upconversion.- Tryptophan Residues as Natural Ultrafast Voltmeters in Retinal Proteins.- Interrogating Fiber Formation Kinetics with Automated 2D-IR Spectroscopy.- Coherent Control of Chirality-Induced 2D Electronic Spectroscopy Signals.- Two-Photon Two-Color Generation of Zeaxanthin Radical Cation in CP29 Light Harvesting Complex.- Rebinding of Proximal Histidine in the Cytochrome ' from Acts as a Molecular Trap for Nitric Oxide.- Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of the Low-Light Adapted Light Harvesting Complex 4.- Three-Pulse Photon Echo Spectroscopy as a Probe of Flexibility and Conformational Heterogeneity in Protein Folding.- Ultrafast Rebinding of CO to Carboxymethyl Cytochrome c Probed by Femtosecond Vibrational Spectroscopy.- Real-time observation of the bond length modulation of carbon double bond during the photoisomerization of bacteriorhodopsin.- Electron Transfer in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers: Optimization in Model and Nature.- Coherently Controlled Release of Drugs in Ophthalmology.- Light Harvesting, Energy Transfer and Photoprotection in the Fucoxanthin-Chlorophyll Proteins of.- Primary Reaction Dynamics of Green Absorbing Proteorhodopsin WT and D97N Mutant Observed by fs Infrared and Visible Spectroscopy.- Photodynamics of a Collagen Model Peptide.- Ultrafast Charge Migration Following Ionization in Oligopeptides.- Probing Photodynamics of Retinal Protonated Schiff-Base with 7 fs Impulsive Vibrational Spectroscopy.- The 2DIR Spectroscopy on C-D Modes of Leucined Side Chain.- A Time-resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy Study on Adenine/Thymine Based Nucleic Acid Systems.- Mapping Parallel Pathways of Energy Flow in LHCII with Broadband 2D Electronic Spectroscopy.- Dissecting Exciton Dynamics Pathways in Electronic Multidimensional Spectroscopy by Pulse Polarizations.- Photoselection Polarization Experiments Reveal Ultrafast Electron Hopping Between Distinct Aromatic Residues in the Flavoprotein DNA Photolyase.- Quantum Coherence Accelerating Photosynthetic Energy Transfer.- Ultrafast dynamics of light-harvesting function of -carotene in carbon nanotube.- Direct Femtosecond Observation of Tight and Loose Ion Pairs upon Photoinduced Bimolecular Electron Transfer.- Ultrafast Dynamics of Dansylated POPAM Dendrimers and Energy Transfer in their Dye Complexes.- Electron Transfer in a Donor/Acceptor System Coupled to the Surface of Metal Oxide Nanoporous Films: Direct vs. Surface Confined Electron Transfer.- Aqueous Proton Transfer Pathways in Bimolecular Acid-Base Neutralization.- The solvated electron dynamics in aqueous bromide studied by three-pulse-spectroscopy.- Naphthalene Bisimides: on the Way to Ultrafast Opto-electronic Devices.- Ultrafast Charge Photogeneration in MEH-PPV Charge-Transfer Complexes.- Photomodulation of Interfacial Electron Transfer by Optical Switches.- Two-color two-dimensional Fourier transform spectroscopy of energy transfer.- Electron Injection Dynamics of Perylene Derivatives into ZnO and TiO Particle Films.- THz Science and Technology, Nano-Optics and Plasmonics.- Dynamic Metamaterials at Terahertz Frequencies.- Effect of Spin-Polarized Electrons on THz Emission from Photoexcited GaAs(111).- Nonlinear Lattice Response Observed Through Terahertz SPM.- Ultrafast Electron Cascades Driven by Intense Femtosecond THz Pulses.- Rabi Oscillations in a Shallow Donor System Driven by Intense THz Radiation.- Nonlinear optical effects in germanium in the THz range: THz-pump - THz-probe measurement of carrier dynamics.- Terahertz Nonlinear Response and Coherent Population Control of Dark Excitons in CuO.- Impact Ionization in InSb studied by THz-Pump-THz-probe spectroscopy.- Single Shot Linear Detection of THz Electromagnetic Fields on the Fs to Ps Scale.- Intense THz Pulses and 11-fs Electro-optic Sampling with a Multi-Branch Er:fiber/Ti:sapphire Hybrid Amplifier.- Frequency selective surface sensor for terahertz bio-sensing applications.- Single cycle THz pulses in 1D and 2D photonic crystal structures.- Terahertz wave from coherent LO phonon in a GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum well under an electric field.- Improved Fast Scanning TeraHz Pulse System.- Ultrafast photoemission electron microscopy: imaging light with electrons on femto-nano scale.- Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Quantum Well States of Pb/Si(111) Investigated by Two-Photon Photoemission.- Direct Visualization of Electron Emission during Femtosecond Laser Ablation.- Attosecond Nanoplasmonic Field Microscope.- Coherent Control of Surface Plasmon Propagation Directions.- Ultrafast Laser-Induced Electron Emission from Field Emission Tips.- Simultaneous Spatial and Temporal Control of Nanooptical Fields.- Nano-Confined Light and Electron Sources Driven by Few-Cycle Optical Pulses.- Nonlinear Optical Response of Metal Nanoantennas.- Near-Field Imaging of Single-Cycle THz Pulses Transmitted Through Sub-Wavelength Metallic Slit Structures.- Nanoscale Optical Microscopy in the Vectorial Focusing Regime.- Ultrafast Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy.- Measurement of Dispersion Properties of Silver Nanowires Used as Plasmon Waveguides.- Novel Pulsed Sources: oscillators, amplifiers, nonlinear mixing.- Pulse energies exceeding 20 J directly from a femtosecond Yb:YAG oscillator.- Fundamentally Mode-locked 3 GHz Femtosecond Erbium Fiber Laser.- Ultrabroadband Er:fiber Systems and Applications.- Compact high Power Ytterbium based fs-Oscillator-Amplifier System.- Fiber laser pumped high average power singlecycle THz pulse source.- Millijoule Pulse Energy High Repetition Rate Femtosecond Fiber CPA System: Results, Micromachining Application and Scaling Potential.- Femtosecond thin disk lasers with >10 J pulse energy for high field physics at multi-megahertz repetition rates.- Ultra-high intensity-High Contrast 300-TW laser at 0.1 Hz repetition rate.- Highly Efficient, Low-Cost Diode-Pumped Femtosecond Cr:LiCAF Lasers.- Environmentally stable 200-fs Yb-doped fiber laser with dispersion compensation by photonic crystal fiber.- Noncollinear Optical Parametric Amplification Pumped by the Third Harmonics of a Ti:sapphire Laser.- Sub-10 fs Pulse Generation in Vacuum Ultraviolet Using Chirped Four Wave Mixing in Hollow Fibers.- Generation of High Energy Pulses from a Fiber-based Femtosecond Oscillator.- Femtosecond passively mode-locked fiber lasers using saturable Bragg reflectors.- Noncollinear optical parametric amplification of cw light, continua and vacuum fluctuations.- Modeling of Octave-Spanning Sub-Two-Cycle Titanium:Sapphire Lasers: Simulation and Experiment.- Ultra-Broadband Infrared Pulses from a Potassium-Titanyl Phosphate Optical Parametric Amplifier for VIS-IR-SFG Spectroscopy.- Chirped-pulse Raman amplification for two-color high-intensity laser experiments.- Generation of Broadband mid-infrared Pulses from an Optical Parametric Amplifier.- Optimized 2-micron Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplifier for High Harmonic Generation.- Generation of sub-20-fs, two-color deep-ultraviolet pulses by four-wave mixing through filamentation in gases.- Efficient ultrafast four-wave optical parametric amplification in condensed bulk media.- Cascaded four-wave mixing technique for highpower few-cycle pulse generation.- 2 MHz repetition rate - 15 fs fiber amplifier pumped optical parametric amplifier.- Octave-wide tunable NOPA pulses at up to 2 MHz repetition rate.- Asymptotic pulse shapes and pulse self-compression in femtosecond filaments.- Efficient and Highly Coherent Extreme-Ultraviolet High-Harmonic Source.- Single-stage Pulse Compression and High-Energy Supercontinuum generation from a Chirped-pulse oscillator.- An All-Optical Synchrotron Light Source.- Compression of an Ultraviolet Pulse by Molecular Phase Modulation and Self-Phase Modulation.- Temporal Optimization of Ultrabroadband Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification.- Third Harmonic X-waves Generation by Filamentation of Infrared Femtosecond Laser Pulses in Air.- Generation and control of coherent conical pulses in seeded optical parametric amplification.- Generation of Ultrashort Optical Pulses Using Multiple Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Signals in a Crystal and Observation of the Raman Phase.- Generation of High-power Visible and UV/VUV Supercontinua and Self-compressed Single-cycle Pulses in Metal-dielectric Hollow Waveguides.- Frequency Combs and Waveform Synthesis.- CEO-Phase Stabilized Few-Cycle Field Synthesizer.- High-power, mHz linewidth Yb:fiber optical frequency comb for high harmonic generation.- High Harmonic Frequency Combs for High Resolution Spectroscopy.- Ultrafast double pulse parametric amplification for precision Ramsey metrology.- Towards Versatile Coherent Pulse Synthesis using a Femtosecond Laser and Synchronously Pumped Optical Parametric Oscillator.- Frequency comb spectroscopy on calcium ions in a linear Paul trap.- Generation of octave-spanning Raman comb stabilized to an optical frequency standard.- Tunable, octave-spannning supercontinuum driven by X-Waves formation in condensed Kerr media..- Toward Ultrafast Optical Waveform Synthesis with a Stabilized Ti:Sapphire Frequency Comb.- Multimillijoule Optically Synchronized and Carrier-Envelope-Phase-Stable Chirped Parametric Amplification at 1.5 m.- 5-fs multi-mJ CEP-locked parametric chirpedpulse amplifier at 1 kHz.- Sub-two-cycle pulses at 1.6 m from an optical parametric amplifier.- Carrier envelope offset control of broad Raman sidebands by locking two pump laser frequencies to a single optical cavity.- Cancellation of the coherent accumulation in rubidium atoms excited by a train of femtosecond pulses.- Optics, Optoelectronics, Measurement, Diagnostics and Instrumentation.- Sub-10-fs XUV Tunable Pulses at the Output of a Time-Delay-Compensated Monochromator.- First Step Towards a Femtosecond VUV Microscope: Zone Plate Optics as Monochromator for High-Order Harmonics..- Measurement of Electron Pulse Duration by Attosecond Streaking.- Nanoscale Spatial Effects of Pulse Shaping.- Designer Femtosecond Pulse Shaping Using Grating-Engineered Quasi-Phasematching in Lithium Niobate.- Direct Measurement of Spectral Phase for Ultrashort Laser Pulses Based on Intrapulse Interference.- Two Dimension Spatial Light Modulator with an Over-Two-Octave Bandwidth for High-Powered Monocycle Optical Pulses.- Vector Pulse Shaper Assisted Short Pulse Characterization.- Femtosecond Spectral Interferometry with Attosecond Accuracy by Correction for Spectrometer Resolution Asymmetry.- Spatial phase control and applications of high-order harmonics.- A New Generalized Projections Algorithm Geared Towards Sub-100 Attosecond Pulse Characterization.- Characterization of Mid-Infrared Pulses by Time-Encoded Arrangement.- Intensity and phase measurements of the spatiotemporal electric field of focusing ultrashort pulses.- Polarization, ionization and spatial gates in single attosecond pulse generation.- All dispersive mirrors compressor for femtosecond lasers.- Optical Mapping of Attosecond Ionization Dynamics by Few-Cycle Light Pulses.- Polarization, Phase and Amplitude Control and Characterization of Ultrafast Laser Pulses.- Silicon-Chip-Based Single-Shot Ultrafast Optical Oscilloscope.- Time-resolved off-axis digital holography for characterization of ultrafast phenomena in water.- 3 GHz RF Streak Camera for Diagnosis of sub-100 fs, 100 keV Electron Bunches.- Simulations of Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating for measuring very complex pulses.- Electron density gradient measurement for laser wakefield accelerator.- 10-femtosecond Precision, Long-term Stable Timing Distribution Over Multiple Fiber Links.- Two-dimensional pulse shapers capable of more than phase & amplitude modulation.- Adaptive Phase Shaping in a Fiber Chirped Pulse Amplification System.- Two-dimensional Fourier transform electronic spectroscopy with a pulse-shaper.- Probing Anomalous Spectral Diffusion and Exciton Fluctuations by Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy.- Noninterferometric Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Spectroscopy.- Applications of Ultrashort Pulses.- Filament-induced electric events in thunderstorms.- Optimizing laser-induced refractive index changes in thermal glasses.- Femtosecond laser fabrication for the integration of optical sensors in microfluidic lab-on-chip devices.- Tailored Femtosecond Pulses for Nanoscale Laser Processing of Dielectrics.- Electric Field Detection of Near-Infrared Light Using Photoconductive Sampling.- Fluorescence-Detected Two-Dimensional Electronic Coherence Spectroscopy by Acousto-Optic Phase Modulation.- Single-pulse standoff nonlinear Raman spectroscopy using shaped femtosecond pulses.- Multiphoton Microscopy by Multiexcitonic Ladder Climbing in Colloidal Quantum Dots.- Real-time wave-packet engineering using a sensitive wave-packet spectrometer and a pulse-shaper.- Grating Enhanced Ponderomotive Scattering for Characterization of Femtosecond Electron Pulses.- CARS Microspectrometer with a Suppressed Nonresonant Background.- Resonant and Nonresonant Stimulated Parametric Fluorescence Microscopy.- Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy as an instrument for nanostructured materials investigation..- Selective excitation in nonlinear microscopy by using an ultra-broadband pulse.- Interferometrically Detected Femtosecond CARS in a Single Beam of Shaped Femtosecond Pulses.- Advantages of Two-photon Microscopy with Ultrashort Pulses.- Development of laser-based imaging systems for medical diagnostics.- Frequency shifts at the fiber-optical event horizon.


Titel: Ultrafast Phenomena XVI
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