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Lipid Rafts

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In the past several years significant attention has been given to the analysis of the properties and functions of lateral microdom... Weiterlesen
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In the past several years significant attention has been given to the analysis of the properties and functions of lateral microdomains (rafts) in biological membranes. As described in the overview chapter of this book, as well as in the introductions to many of the other chapters, there are many fundamental un- swered questions concerning the composition, structure, dynamics, and even the very existence of these membrane rafts. Therefore, a variety of sophisticated techniques have been used to study intact cell membranes, as well as model s- tems composed of specific lipids and proteins thought to be in rafts. The analyses of biological membranes have provided detailed data on intact microdomains, and the complementary studies of model systems have given critical insights on the roles of specific lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions in raft formation and function. The chapters in this book provide detailed information on modern methods that are currently being employed to study lipid rafts.

In-depth examination of sophisticated techniques used to study intact cell membranes

Proven, detailed biochemical, biophysical, and computational methods and protocols

There are many fundamental unanswered questions concerning the composition, structure, and dynamics of lateral microdomains (rafts) in biological membranes. Thus, sophisticated techniques have been used to study intact cell membranes as well as model systems composed of specific lipids and proteins thought to be in rafts. Using proven biochemical, biophysical, and computational methods, this book provides the most up-to-date information on the subject, information that promises to continue unraveling the many mysteries of the properties and formation of lipid rafts. All this makes this work an essential reference for molecular biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, and biophysical chemists.

TABLE OF CONTENTS 'Lipid Rafts' Volume for Methods in Molecular Biology Chapters: 1. 'Overview of Membrane Rafts' by Thomas J. McIntosh, Duke University Medical Center. 2. 'Analysis of Raft Affinity of Membrane Proteins by Detergent Insolubility' by Deborah A. Brown, SUNY Stony Brook 3. 'Non-detergent Isolation of Rafts' by Mehul Shah and Pravin Sehgal, New York Medical College. 4. 'Detecting Ordered Domain Formation (Lipid Rafts) in Model Membranes Using Tempo' by Omar Bakht and Erwin London, SUNY Stony Brook 5. 'Using Monomolecular Films to Characterize Lipid Lateral Interactions' by Rhoderick E. Brown and Howard L. Brockman, University of Minnesota 6. 'Electro-formation and Fluorescence Microscopy of Giant Vesicles with Coexisting Liquid Phases' by Sarah Veatch, University of British Columbia. 7. 'Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy' by Kirsten Bacia and Petra Schwille, Dresden University. 8. 'Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscopy and Spatial Analysis of Dehydroergosterol Distribution on Plasma Membrane of Living Cells' by Avery McIntosh, Barbara Atshaves, Adalberto M. Gallegos, Ann B. Kier, Friedhelm Schroeder, Hai Xu, Weimin Zhang, Suojin Wang, and Jyh-Charn Liu, Texas A&M University. 9. 'NMR Detection of Lipid Domains' by Klaus Gawrisch, NIAAA, NIH 10. 'Lateral Diffusion Coefficients of Raft Lipids from Pulsed Field Gradient NMR' by Greger Oradd and Goran Lindblom, Umea University. 11. 'Saturation-Recovery EPR Discrimination by Oxygen Transport Method for Characterizing Membrane Domains' by Witold K. Subczynski, Justyna Widomska, Anna Wisniewska, and Akihiro Kusumi, Medical College Wisconsin. 12. 'Plasmon-Waveguide Resonance Spectroscopy Studies of Lateral Segregation in Solid-Supported Proteolipid Bilayers' by Zdzislaw Salamon, Savitha Devanathan, and Gordon Tollin, University of Arizona. 13. 'Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching Studies ofLipid Rafts' by Anne Kenworthy, Vanderbilt 14. 'Single Molecule Tracking' by Marija Vrljic, Stefanie Y. Nishimura, and W. E. Moerner, Stanford University 15. 'X-ray Diffraction to Determine the Thickness of Raft and Non-raft Bilayers' by Thomas J. McIntosh, Duke University Medical Center. 16. 'Small-Angle Neutron Scattering to Detect Rafts and Lipid Domains' by Jeremy Pencer, Thaila T. Mills, Norbert Kucerka, Mu-Ping Nieh, and John Katsaras, Canadian National Research Council 17. 'Exploring Membrane Domains Using Native Membrane Sheets and Transmission Electron Microscopy' by Bridget S. Wilson, Janet R. Pfeiffer, Mary Ann Raymond-Stintz, Diane Lidke, Nicholas Andrews, Jun Zhang, Wenxia Yin, Stanly Steinberg, and Janet M. Oliver, University of New Mexico. 18. 'Atomic Force Microscopy of Lipid Domains in Supported Model Membranes' by Alan Burns, Sandia National Laboratories. 19. 'Atomistic and Coarse-grained Computer Simulations of Raft-like Lipid Mixtures' by Sagar A. Pandit and Larry Scott, Illinois Institute of Technology 20. 'A Microscopic Model Calculation of the Phase Diagram of Ternary Mixtures of Cholesterol and Saturated and Unsaturated Phospholipids' by R. Elliot, I. Szleifer, and M. Schick, UC Santa Barbara, Purdue University, and University of Washington.


Titel: Lipid Rafts
EAN: 9781617377440
ISBN: 978-1-61737-744-0
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Biologie
Anzahl Seiten: 326
Größe: H229mm x B229mm x T152mm
Jahr: 2010
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: Softcover reprint of hardcover

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