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Therapeutic Antibodies

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Revenues from the top five therapeutic antibodies account for most of the recent pharmaceutical sales. In this text, top industria... Weiterlesen
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Revenues from the top five therapeutic antibodies account for most of the recent pharmaceutical sales. In this text, top industrial and academic experts offer an extensive set of protocols for the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies.

Over 2000 years ago in China, antibodies elicited by early forms of vaccination likely played a major role in the protection of the population from infectious agents. Vac- nation has been further developed in Europe and described by Edward Jenner in the late-eighteenth century, then successfully implemented worldwide. The idea to use theactiveingredientinthebloodofvaccinated(orimmunized)animalsorhumansfor the treatment of diseases came a century later. It was made possible by a series of discoveries,suchastherealizationthattheserumfromanimalsimmunizedwithtoxins, for example, diphtheria toxin or viruses, is an effective therapeutic against the disease causedbythesameagentinhumans. Inthe1880s,vonBehringdevelopedanantitoxin (anti-body) that did not kill the bacteria but neutralized the bacterial toxin. The first Nobel Prize in Medicine (1901) was given to him for the discovery of the serum therapy. Acenturylater,22monoclonalantibodies(mAbs)areapprovedbytheUnited States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for clinical use, and hundreds are in clinicaltrialsforthetreatmentofvariousdiseasesincludingcancers,immunedisorders, and infections. The revenues from the top-five therapeutic antibodies reached $11. 7 billion in 2006, and major pharmaceutical companies raced to acquire antibody biotech companies with a recent example of MedImmune, Inc. , which was acquired for $15. 6 billion by AstraZeneca in 2007. This explosion of research and development in the field of therapeutic antibodies prompted the publication of the MiMB volume Therapeutic Antibodies: Methods and Protocols. The book's major goal is to present a set of protocols useful for researchers discoveringanddevelopingtherapeuticantibodies. Currentadvancesandfuturetrends in the antibody therapeutics are analyzed in the lead-in review article.

Outlines the current state and future trends for therapeutic antibodies

Provides complete guidelines to discover and develop therapeutic antibodies, from antigen production to animal studies

Presents a modular approach with each part of the book tracing a stage of antibody discovery and preclinical development

Details the most recent protocols in antibody discovery and engineering, currently used by leading academic laboratories and biotechnology companies

Describes alternate approaches for antibody discovery and characterization


With revenues from the top five therapeutic antibodies accounting for a majority of the recent pharmaceutical sales, the research and development in the field has exploded over the past several years and is expected to grow with new emerging monoclonal antibodies like Numax, Lucentis, Actemra, and others. In Therapeutic Antibodies: Methods and Protocols, leading experts from academic laboratories and biotechnology companies present an extensive set of protocols for the discovery and development of therapeutic antibodies, featuring sections devoted to recombinant antigens, antibody libraries, antibody discovery, antibody engineering, and antibody preclinical development. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology™ series format, the chapters contain brief introductions to their respective subjects, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and notes highlighting tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Therapeutic Antibodies: Methods and Protocols serves as a key resource for researchers and antibody engineers investigating and participating in this rapidly growing therapeutic market segment.

1 Therapeutic Antibodies: Current State and Future Trends Is a Paradigm Change Coming Soon? Dimiter S. Dimitrov and James D. Marks PART I. Recombinant Antigens 2 Preparation of Recombinant Viral Glycoproteins for Novel and Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Yee-Peng Chan, Lianying Yan, Yan-Ru Feng, and Christopher C. Broder PART II. Antibody Libraries 3 Design of a Human Synthetic Combinatorial Library of Single-chain Antibodies Limor Nahary and Itai Benhar 4 Construction of a Human Antibody Domain (VH) Library Weizao Chen, Zhongyu Zhu, Xiaodong Xiao, and Dimiter S. Dimitrov 5 Generation and Selection of Rabbit Antibody Libraries by Phage Display Christoph Rader 6 Construction of a Large Naïve Human Phage-Displayed Fab Library through One-Step Cloning Zhongyu Zhu and Dimiter S. Dimitrov PART III. Antibody Discovery 7 Identification of Target and Function Specific Antibodies for Effective Drug Delivery Yu Zhou and James D. Marks 8 Screening of Specific Internalization Fab Fragment from Human Naïve Phage Library by Combinational Bio-Panning Xin Wang and Brain B. Cao 9 Competitive Antigen Panning for Selection of HIV-1 Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for gp41 Mei-Yun Zhang and Dimiter S. Dimitrov 10 Selection of Non-Aggregating VH Binders from Synthetic VH Phage Display Libraries Mehdi Arbabi-Ghahroudi, Roger MacKenzie, and Jamshid Tanha 11 Isolation of Full-Length IgG Antibodies from Combinatorial Libraries Expressed in Escherichia Coli Yariv Mazor, Thomas Van Blarcom, Brent L. Iverson, and George Georgiou 12 Multiplexed Flow Cytometry: High-Throughput Screening of Single-ChainAntibodies Joanne Ayriss, Rosa Valero, Andrew R. M. Bradbury, and Peter Pavlik 13 Human Antibody Repertoires Per-Johan Meijer, Lars S. Nielsen, Johan Lantto, and Allan Jensen 14 Rapid Screening Platform for Stabilization of scFvs in E. coli Brian R. Miller, Scott M. Glaser, and Stephen J. Demarest PART IV. Antibody Engineering 15 In Vitro Antibody Affinity Maturation Targeting Germline Hotspots Mitchell Ho and Ira Pastan 16 Affinity Maturation by Phage Display Holger Thie, Bernd Voedisch, Stefan Dübel, Michael Hust, and Thomas Schirrmann 17 Production of Chimeric Heavy Chain Antibodies Jianbing Zhang, Roger MacKenzie, and Yves Durocher 18 Mammalian Cell Display for Antibody Engineering Mitchell Ho and Ira Pastan 19 Improving Antibody Binding Affinity and Specificity for Therapeutic Development Jenny Bostrom, Chingwei V. Lee, Lauric Haber, and Germaine Fuh 20 Construction and Production of an IgG-like Tetravalent Bispecific Antibody for Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy Dan Lu and Zhenping Zhu 21 Deimmunisation of Monoclonal Antibodies Frank J. Carr, Tim D. Jones, Laura J. Crompton, and Matthew P. Baker 22 Anti-CD22 Onconase: Preparation and Characterization Dianne L. Newton, Luke H. Stockwin, and Susanna M. Rybak 23 Antibody-Cytotoxic Agent Conjugates: Preparation and Characterization Rajeeva Singh and Hans K. Erickson PART V. Antibody Preclinical Development 24 High-Level Production of a Humanized ImmunoRNase Fusion Protein from Stably Transfected Myeloma Cells Jürgen Krauss, Evelyn Exner, Athanasios Mavratzas, Siegfried Seeber, and Michaela A.E. Arndt 25 Antibody Fragment Expression and Purification Dimana Dimitrova, Vidita Choudhry, and Christopher


Titel: Therapeutic Antibodies
Untertitel: Methods and Protocols
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