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Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition

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This is the proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition, SSPR 2006 and the 6th ... Weiterlesen
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This is the proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition, SSPR 2006 and the 6th International Workshop on Statistical Techniques in Pattern Recognition, SPR 2006, held in Hong Kong, August 2006 alongside the Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2006. 38 revised full papers and 61 revised poster papers are included, together with 4 invited papers covering image analysis, character recognition, bayesian networks, graph-based methods and more.

Invited Talks.- Structured Output Prediction with Support Vector Machines.- On the Theory and Applications of Sequence Based Estimation of Independent Binomial Random Variables.- Symmetries from Uniform Space Covering in Stochastic Discrimination.- Structural Inference of Sensor-Based Measurements.- SSPR.- A Multiphase Level Set Evolution Scheme for Aerial Image Segmentation Using Multi-scale Image Geometric Analysis.- Experiments on Robust Image Registration Using a Markov-Gibbs Appearance Model.- Fully Automatic Segmentation of Coronary Vessel Structures in Poor Quality X-Ray Angiogram Images.- Smoothing Tensor-Valued Images Using Anisotropic Geodesic Diffusion.- Diffusion of Geometric Affinity for Surface Integration.- Comparative Study of People Detection in Surveillance Scenes.- A Class of Generalized Median Contour Problem with Exact Solution.- Structural and Syntactic Techniques for Recognition of Ethiopic Characters.- Context Driven Chinese String Segmentation and Recognition.- Support Vector Machines for Mathematical Symbol Recognition.- Bayesian Class-Matched Multinet Classifier.- Bayesian Network Structure Learning by Recursive Autonomy Identification.- Fast Suboptimal Algorithms for the Computation of Graph Edit Distance.- A Spectral Generative Model for Graph Structure.- Considerations Regarding the Minimum Spanning Tree Pyramid Segmentation Method.- A Random Walk Kernel Derived from Graph Edit Distance.- Edit Distance for Ordered Vector Sets: A Case of Study.- Shape Retrieval Using Normalized Fourier Descriptors Based Signatures and Cyclic Dynamic Time Warping.- Poster Papers.- Watermarking for 3D CAD Drawings Based on Three Components.- Hierarchical Video Summarization Based on Video Structure and Highlight.- Direct Curvature Scale Space in Corner Detection.- Aligning Concave and Convex Shapes.- Research on Iterative Closest Contour Point for Underwater Terrain-Aided Navigation.- Image-Based Absolute Positioning System for Mobile Robot Navigation.- An Evaluation of Three Popular Computer Vision Approaches for 3-D Face Synthesis.- Optical Flow Computation with Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations.- Transforming Strings to Vector Spaces Using Prototype Selection.- Shape Categorization Using String Kernels.- Trace Formula Analysis of Graphs.- A Robust Realtime Surveillance System.- Ubiquitous Intelligent Sensing System for a Smart Home.- Object Recognition Using Multiresolution Trees.- A Robust and Hierarchical Approach for Camera Motion Classification.- Time Series Analysis of Grey Forecasting Based on Wavelet Transform and Its Prediction Applications.- A Study of Touchless Fingerprint Recognition System.- Development of a Block-Based Real-Time People Counting System.- A Classification Approach for the Heart Sound Signals Using Hidden Markov Models.- Structure Analysis Based Parking Slot Marking Recognition for Semi-automatic Parking System.- A Fast and Exact Modulo-Distance Between Histograms.- Using Learned Conditional Distributions as Edit Distance.- An Efficient Distance Between Multi-dimensional Histograms for Comparing Images.- Finding Captions in PDF-Documents for Semantic Annotations of Images.- Effective Handwritten Hangul Recognition Method Based on the Hierarchical Stroke Model Matching.- Graph Embedding Using Commute Time.- Graph Based Multi-class Semi-supervised Learning Using Gaussian Process.- Point Pattern Matching Via Spectral Geometry.- Graph-Based Fast Image Segmentation.- Modeling of Remote Sensing Image Content Using Attributed Relational Graphs.- A Graph-Based Method for Detecting and Classifying Clusters in Mammographic Images.- SPR.- A Speedup Method for SVM Decision.- Generalization Error of Multinomial Classifier.- Combining Accuracy and Prior Sensitivity for Classifier Design Under Prior Uncertainty.- Using Co-training and Self-training in Semi-supervised Multiple Classifier Systems.- MRF Based Spatial Complexity for Hyperspectral Imagery Unmixing.- Effectiveness of Spectral Band Selection/Extraction Techniques for Spectral Data.- Edge Detection in Hyperspectral Imaging: Multivariate Statistical Approaches.- Semi-supervised PCA-Based Face Recognition Using Self-training.- Facial Shadow Removal.- A Sequential Monte Carlo Method for Bayesian Face Recognition.- Outlier Detection Using Ball Descriptions with Adjustable Metric.- HMM-Based Gait Recognition with Human Profiles.- Maxwell Normal Distribution in a Manifold and Mahalanobis Metric.- Augmented Embedding of Dissimilarity Data into (Pseudo-)Euclidean Spaces.- Feature Over-Selection.- Flexible-Hybrid Sequential Floating Search in Statistical Feature Selection.- EM Cluster Analysis for Categorical Data.- Two Entropy-Based Methods for Learning Unsupervised Gaussian Mixture Models.- Maximum Likelihood Estimates for Object Detection Using Multiple Detectors.- Confidence Based Gating of Multiple Face Authentication Experts.- Poster Papers.- Diversity Analysis for Ensembles of Word Sequence Recognisers.- Adaptive Classifier Selection Based on Two Level Hypothesis Tests for Incremental Learning.- Combining SVM and Graph Matching in a Bayesian Multiple Classifier System for Image Content Recognition.- Comparison of Classifier Fusion Methods for Classification in Pattern Recognition Tasks.- AUC-Based Linear Combination of Dichotomizers.- Confidence Score Based Unsupervised Incremental Adaptation for OOV Words Detection.- Polynomial Network Classifier with Discriminative Feature Extraction.- Semi-supervised Classification with Active Query Selection.- On the Use of Different Classification Rules in an Editing Task.- Mono-font Cursive Arabic Text Recognition Using Speech Recognition System.- From Indefinite to Positive Semi-Definite Matrices.- A Multi-stage Approach for Anchor Shot Detection.- An Improved Possibilistic C-Means Algorithm Based on Kernel Methods.- Identifiability and Estimation of Probabilities from Multiple Databases with Incomplete Data and Sampling Selection.- Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using a Hierarchical Clustering Selection Process.- Application of a Two-Level Self Organizing Map for Korean Online Game Market Segmentation.- Clustering Based on Compressed Data for Categorical and Mixed Attributes.- On Optimizing Kernel-Based Fisher Discriminant Analysis Using Prototype Reduction Schemes.- Sparse Covariance Estimates for High Dimensional Classification Using the Cholesky Decomposition.- Generic Blind Source Separation Using Second-Order Local Statistics.- Hyperspectral Data Selection from Mutual Information Between Image Bands.- Model Selection Using a Class of Kernels with an Invariant Metric.- Non-Euclidean or Non-metric Measures Can Be Informative.- Merging and Arbitration Strategy Applied Bayesian Classification for Eye Location.- Recognizing Face or Object from a Single Image: Linear vs. Kernel Methods on 2D Patterns.- A Coupled Statistical Model for Face Shape Recovery.- Analysis and Selection of Features for the Fingerprint Vitality Detection.- Recognizing Facial Expressions with PCA and ICA onto Dimension of the Emotion.- An Audio Copyright Protection Schemes Based on SMM in Cepstrum Domain.- Combining Features to Improve Oil Spill Classification in SAR Images.


Titel: Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition
Untertitel: Joint IAPR International Workshops, SSPR 2006 and SPR 2006, Hong Kong, China, August 17-19, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540372363
ISBN: 978-3-540-37236-3
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 939
Gewicht: 1431g
Größe: H50mm x B237mm x T156mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006

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