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The Craftsman Series

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This 1931 book is comprised of extracts from An Account of the Bell Rock Lighthouse (1824) by Robert Stevenson (1772-1850).Inhalt... Weiterlesen
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This 1931 book is comprised of extracts from An Account of the Bell Rock Lighthouse (1824) by Robert Stevenson (1772-1850).


Editor's preface; Introduction; Glossary; Part I. The Bell Rock: 1. Situation and character of the Bell Rock. Proposal for a lighthouse to be erected. The floating-light prepared and moored; Part II. Operations of 1807: 2. The Smeaton built and launched. A preliminary trip to the rock. Selection of artificers. The working party sails to the rock; 3. Preparations for the beacon. The smith at work on the rock; 4. The artificiers transfer to the floating-light. The first week-end afloat; 5. The foundation-pit begun. Trial stones landed on the rock; 6. The Smeaton goes adrift. Thirty-two men marooned on the rock. A timely rescue; 7. Rough weather. Riding out the gale on the floating-light. A terrifying experience; 8. Work resumed at the rock. The derrick erected; 9. The principal beams of the beacon are set up. Rough weather delays the work; 10. The forge moved to the beacon. Another gale. Work finished at the rock for the season. Preparations ashore for next year's work; Part III. Operations of 1808: 11. Preparations for landing the stones at the rock. The masons at work ashore. The rock visited. All well after the winter; 12. The season's work begun at the rock. The mortar gallery erected. Busy times at the rock; 13. Appearance of the works. The foundation-stone landed and laid. The foundation-course completed; 14. The second and third courses laid. A seaman is drowned. The laying of the fourth course finishes the work of the season; 15. The third season's building begun. The beacon-house prepared. Eleven men left to the beacon during heavy weather. Their rescue; 16. Bad weather continues for five days. First trip of the Patriot. The mortar-makers. The rope ladder fixed; 17. An accident to the crane. Michael Wishart injured. The building stands above high-water for the first time. The artificers lodge in the beacon-house; 18. Embargo upon shipping. The thirteenth course completed in haste. Special facilities given to Bell Rock shipping. Rough times at the beacon. Laying of twenty-fourth course completes the solid part of the building. Work ended for the season; Part IV. Operations of 1810: 19. The wooden bridge erected. The masons sail for the rock. Condition of the beacon-house after the winter; 20. The balance-crane landed and erected. Rough water delays the work. Prayers read on the lighthouse for the first time. The door lintel landed and laid; 21. Progress ashore. Store-room floor completed. First letter dated from the lighthouse. Heavy seas break on the building. Wet weather; 22. Discontent among the seamen. Two men dismissed the service. Heavy weather damages the beacon. The writer's cabin. Last cargo of stones loaded at Arbroath; 23. The last principal stone loaded at Leith. Completion of the masonry. Condition of the artificers. They leave the rock; 24. The tender goes adrift in a gale. Condition of party left at the rock. More damage to the beacon. A fatal accident; 25. The light-room completed and glazed. A difficult landing. Final inspection of lighthouse and beacon. Light-keepers left at the rock. Apparatus of the light fitted up; Part V. Events of 1811 to 1823: 26. The light exhibited for the first time. Appearance of the lighthouse in a gale. The daily signal. Lightning conductor fixed. The lighthouse painted. Use of carrier pigeons; Index.


Titel: The Craftsman Series
Untertitel: The Bell Rock Lighthouse
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