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Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling and High Performance Computing

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This volume explores the connections between mathematical modeling, computational methods, and high performance computing, and how... Weiterlesen
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This volume explores the connections between mathematical modeling, computational methods, and high performance computing, and how recent developments in these areas can help to solve complex problems in the natural sciences and engineering. The content of the book is based on talks and papers presented at the conference Modern Mathematical Methods and High Performance Computing in Science & Technology (M3HPCST), held at Inderprastha Engineering College in Ghaziabad, India in January 2020. A wide range of both theoretical and applied topics are covered in detail, including the conceptualization of infinity, efficient domain decomposition, high capacity wireless communication, infectious disease modeling, and more. These chapters are organized around the following areas:

  • Partial and ordinary differential equations
  • Optimization and optimal control
  • High performance and scientific computing
  • Stochastic models and statistics

Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling and High Performance Computing will be of interest to researchers in both mathematics and engineering, as well as to practitioners who face complex models and extensive computations.

Explores connections and emerging trends in mathematical modeling, computational methods, and high performance computing

Examines complex problems in the natural sciences and engineering, and how recent developments in high performance computing may help solve them

Collects talks presented at the conference Modern Mathematical Methods and High Performance Computing in Science & Technology (M3HPCST), held in January 2020

Section A: Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations
1. Non Uniform Rational B-Splines and Lagrange approximations for time-harmonic acoustic scattering:accuracy and absorbing boundary conditions S.M. Dsouza,T. Khajah, X. Antoine, S.P.A. Bordas, S. Natarajan.
2. Some Significant Results on the Union Graph Derived from Topological Space R. A. Muneshwar And K. L. Bondar.
3. Existence and Uniqueness Results of Second Order Summation-Dierence Equations in Cone Metric Space G. C. Done, K. L. Bondar And P. U. Chopade.
4. Influence of radiant heat and non uniform heat source on MHD Casson fluid flow of thin Liquid Film beyond a Stretching Sheet Jagadish V Tawade, Mahadev Biradar, And Shaila S. Benal.
5. Mhd boundary layer fow of Casson fluid with gyrotactic microorganisms over porous linear stretching sheet and heat transfer analysis with viscous dissipation G C Sankad And Ishwar Maharudrappa.
6. Design Of Coupled FIR filters for solving the nuclear reactor point kinetics equations with feedback M Mohideen Abdul Razak.
7. Convergence of Substructuring Domain Decomposition Methods for Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Bankim C. Mandal.
8. Dynamical Behaviour of Dengue: An SIR epidemic model Sudipa Chauhan, Sumit Kaur Bhatia and Simrat Chaudhary.
9. Deformable Derivative of Fibonacci Polynomials Krishna Kumar Sharma.
Section B: Optimization And Optimal Control
10. Simulation and Analysis of 5G Wireless mm-Wave Modulation Technique for High Capacity Communication System M.Vinothkumar And Dr. Vinod Kumar.
11. Controllability of fractional stochastic delayed system with nonlocal conditions Surendra Kumar.
12. On Noncritical Solutions of Complementarity Systems Andreas Fischer And Mario Jelitte
13. Testing the performance of some new hybrid metaheuristic algorithms for high dimension optimization problems Souvik Ganguli.
14. Consumer Decisions in the Age of the Internet: Filtering Information when Searching for Valuable Goods David M Ramsey.
15. Optimality Conditions for Vector Equilibrium Problems Ali Farajzadeh, Sahar Ranjbar.
16.Strong Pseudoconvexity And Strong Quasiconvexity Of Non-differentiable Functions Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Avanish Shahi And S K Mishra.
17 Optimality and Duality of pseudolinear multiobjective mathematical programs with vanishing constraints J K Maurya, A Shahi and S K Mishra.
18. The Solvability and Optimality for Semilinear Stochastic Equation with Unbounded Delay Shobha Yadav And Surendra Kumar.- Section C: High Performance and Scientific Computing.
19. The Role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for High Performance Computing Michael M Resch.
20. Slip Effect On An Unsteady Ferromagnetic Fluid Flow Towards Stagnation Point Over A Stretching Sheet Preeti Kaushik, Dr. Upendra Mishra And Dr. Vinai Kumar Singh.
21. Parallelization of Local Diagonal Extrema Pattern using a Graphical Processing Unit And its Optimization Ashwath Rao B And Gopalakrishna Kini N.
22. On the recommendations for reducing cpu time of multi-grid preconditioned gauss-seidel method Abdul Hannan Faruqi, M Hamid Siddique, Abdus Samad And Syed Fahad Anwer.
23. Fragment Production and its dynamics using spatial correlations and Monte-Carlo based Analysis Code Rohit Kumar And Ishita Puri.-
24. Effect of Halo Structure in Nuclear Reactions using Monte-Carlo Simulations Sucheta, Rohit Kumar, And Rajeev K. Puri.- Section D: Stochastic Models and Statistics.
25. Performance Analysis of a Two-Dimensional State Multiserver Markovian Queueing Model with Reneging Customer Neelam Singla And Sonia Kalra.
26. Performance modelling of a Discrete-time Retrial Queue with Preferred and Impatient customers, Bernoulli Vacation and Second optional service Geetika Malik And Shweta Upadhyaya.
27. On the Product and Ratio of Pareto and Maxwell Random Variables Noura Obeid And Seifedine Kadry.
28. Performance Analysis of a Discrete-time Retrial Queue with Bernoulli Feedback, Starting Failure and Single Vacation Policy Shweta Upadhyaya.
29. Monofractal and Multifractal Analysis of Indian Agricultural Commodity Prices Neha Sam, Vidhi Vashishth And Yukti.
30. Empirical Orthogonal Function Analysis of Sub Divisional Rainfall over India K C Tripathi And M L Sharma.-
31. Forecast of Flow Characteristics in Time Dependent Artery having Mild Stenosis A.K. Singh And S.P. Pandey.-
32. Applicability of measure of noncompactness for the boundary value problems in Lp spaces Tanweer Jalal, Ishfaq Ahmad Malik.
33. Differential equations involving theta functions and h-functions Vidya H .C. And Ashwath Rao B


Titel: Recent Trends in Mathematical Modeling and High Performance Computing
Untertitel: M3HPCST-2020, Ghaziabad, India, January 9-11, 2020
EAN: 9783030682804
ISBN: 978-3-030-68280-4
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Mathematik
Anzahl Seiten: 441
Gewicht: 852g
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2021
Auflage: 1st ed. 2021

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