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Protein Blotting and Detection

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The development of the Western blot has revolutionized biomedical research and medical diagnostics. This book offers numerous prot... Weiterlesen
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The development of the Western blot has revolutionized biomedical research and medical diagnostics. This book offers numerous protein transfer and detection techniques based on the Western blot and includes step-by-step methods and tips on troubleshooting.

Over the past thirty years, the development of the Western blot has revolutionized the fields of biomedical research and medical diagnostics. In "Protein Blotting and Detection: Methods and Protocols", expert researchers present numerous techniques based on the Western blot, providing detailed, readily reproducible methods, tips, and alternatives directly and easily transferable to the laboratory setting. Chapters offer a large number of variations on the theme of protein transfer to solid support followed by detection, presenting both adaptations of traditional techniques as well as completely original methods of protein blotting. Composed in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, each chapter contains a brief introduction, a list of necessary materials, step-by-step methods, and a Notes section which shares tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Innovative and highly practical, Protein Blotting and Detection: Methods and Protocols is an essential, hands-on guide for all investigators who hope to bring these cutting-edge procedures home to their laboratories.

Includes 52 different protein transfer and detection techniques

Gives a brief overview of 35 additional protein transfer and detection methodologies

Provides a history of protein transfer development and an overview of membrane proteomics

Outlines inexpensive protein blotting and detection protocols useful for large college courses

Allows Investigators to rapidly implement a technique that is new to them and to their laboratories

Protein Blotting and Detection: Methods and Protocols Editors Biji T. Kurien, PhD and R. Hal Scofield, MD Table of Contents Preface- R. Hal Scofield and Biji T. Kurien Contributors 1. Origins of protein blotting- Dr. Harry Towbin 2. Western Blotting: Remembrance of Things Past-W. Neal Burnette 3. Introduction to protein blotting- Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield BLOTTING BY DIFFUSION 4. Simultaneous Immunoblotting Analysis with Activity Gel Electrophoresis and 2-D Gel Electrophoresis- Der-Yen Lee and Geen-Dong Chang 5. Diffusion blotting for rapid production of multiple identical imprints from sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis on a solid support- Ingrid Olsen and Harald G. Wiker 6. Tryptic peptide purification using polyvinylidene difluoride membrane for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry -Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield 7. Affinity immunoblotting for analysis of antibody clonotype distribution in a lupus patient developing anti-Ro 60 over time-Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield 8. Non-electrophoretic bi-directional transfer of a single SDS-PAGE gel with multiple antigens to obtain twelve immunoblots - Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield 9. Slice blotting-Graeme Lowe 10. Localizing Proteins by Tissue Printing - Rafael Pont-Lezica 11. Dot-Immunobinding Assay (Dot-Iba) - Sumi Surendran, Annamma Mathai and Vishnampet Venkataraman Radhakrishnan 12. Capillary Blotting of Glycosaminoglycans on Nitrocellulose Membranes after Agarose-gel Electrophoresis Separation- Nicola Volpi and Francesca Maccari MODIFICATIONS OF ELECTROBLOTTING 13. Quantitative computerized western blotting- Dalit Talmi-Frank, Charles L. Jaffe and Gad Baneth 14. Cationic electrophoresis and eastern blotting - Engelbert Buxbaum 15. A miniaturized blotting system for simultaneous detecting of different autoantibodies - Ulrich Canzler, Holger Bartsch, Kai Großmann, WernerLehmann, Karsten Conrad, Biji T. Kurien, Yaser Dorri, R. Hal Scofield, Michael P. Bachmann 16. Transfer and multiplex immunoblotting of a paraffin embedded tissue- Joon-Yong Chung and Stephen M. Hewitt 17. Multistrip Western Blotting to increase quantitative data output- Anatoly Kiyatkin and Edita Aksamitiene 18. The Western blotting/Edman sequencing technique using polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membrane: Setsuko Komatsu 19. Blotting from PhastGel to membranes by ultrasound- Joseph Kost 20. Ultra-rapid electrophoretic transfer of high and low molecular weight proteins using heat- Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield 21. Strip immunoblotting of multiple antigenic peptides to nitrocellulose membrane- Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield 22. Affinity purification of autoantibodies from an antigen strip excised from a nitrocellulose protein blot - Biji T. Kurien and R. Hal Scofield 23. Double-blotting: A Solution to the Problem of Non-specific Binding of Secondary Antibodies in Immunoblotting Procedures - Françoise Lasne 24. Efficient electroblotting of very large proteins using a vertical agarose electrophoresis system- Marion L. Greaser and Chad M.


Titel: Protein Blotting and Detection
Untertitel: Methods and Protocols
EAN: 9781617379437
ISBN: 1617379433
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Humana Press
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Größe: H280mm x B210mm x T32mm
Jahr: 2011
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2009

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