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Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications

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First of all, we want to congratulate two new research communities from M- ico and Brazil that have recently joined the Iberoameri... Weiterlesen
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First of all, we want to congratulate two new research communities from M- ico and Brazil that have recently joined the Iberoamerican community and the International Association for Pattern Recognition. We believe that the series of congresses that started as the Taller Iberoamericano de Reconocimiento de Patrones (TIARP), and later became the Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition (CIARP), has contributed to these groupconsolidatione?orts. We hope that in the near future all the Iberoamerican countries will have their own groups and associations to promote our areas of interest; and that these congresses will serve as the forum for scienti?c research exchange, sharing of - pertise and new knowledge, and establishing contacts that improve cooperation between research groups in pattern recognition and related areas. CIARP 2004 (9th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition) was the ninthinaseriesofpioneeringcongressesonpatternrecognitionintheIberoam- ican community. As in the previous year, CIARP 2004 also included worldwide participation. It took place in Puebla, Mexico. The aim of the congress was to promote and disseminate ongoing research and mathematical methods for pattern recognition, image analysis, and applications in such diverse areas as computer vision, robotics, industry, health, entertainment, space exploration, telecommunications, data mining, document analysis,and natural languagep- cessing and recognition, to name a few.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Use of Context in Automatic Annotation of Sports Videos.- Content Based Retrieval of 3D Data.- Clifford Geometric Algebra: A Promising Framework for Computer Vision, Robotics and Learning.- Adaptive Color Model for Figure-Ground Segmentation in Dynamic Environments.- Real-Time Infrared Object Tracking Based on Mean Shift.- Optimal Positioning of Sensors in 2D.- Computer Vision Algorithms Versus Traditional Methods in Food Technology: The Desired Correlation.- Radiance Function Estimation for Object Classification.- Detecting and Ranking Saliency for Scene Description.- Decision Fusion for Object Detection and Tracking Using Mobile Cameras.- Selection of an Automated Morphological Gradient Threshold for Image Segmentation.- Localization of Caption Texts in Natural Scenes Using a Wavelet Transformation.- A Depth Measurement System with the Active Vision of the Striped Lighting and Rotating Mirror.- Fast Noncontinuous Path Phase-Unwrapping Algorithm Based on Gradients and Mask.- Color Active Contours for Tracking Roads in Natural Environments.- Generation of N-Parametric Appearance-Based Models Through Non-uniform Sampling.- Gaze Detection by Wide and Narrow View Stereo Camera.- A New Auto-associative Memory Based on Lattice Algebra.- Image Segmentation Using Morphological Watershed Applied to Cartography.- 3D Object Surface Reconstruction Using Growing Self-organised Networks.- Single Layer Morphological Perceptron Solution to the N-Bit Parity Problem.- Robust Self-organizing Maps.- Extended Associative Memories for Recalling Gray Level Patterns.- New Associative Memories to Recall Real-Valued Patterns.- Feature Maps for Non-supervised Classification of Low-Uniform Patterns of Handwritten Letters.- Learning Through the KRKa2 Chess Ending.- One-Class Support Vector Machines and Density Estimation: The Precise Relation.- Fuzzy Model Based Control Applied to Path Planning Visual Servoing.- A Color Constancy Algorithm for the Robust Description of Images Collected from a Mobile Robot.- Unconstrained 3D-Mesh Generation Applied to Map Building.- A Model of Desertification Process in a Semi-arid Environment Employing Multi-spectral Images.- A Gesture-Based Control for Handheld Devices Using Accelerometer.- A Method for Re-illuminating Faces from a Single Image.- Unsupervised Font Clustering Using Stochastic Versio of the EM Algorithm and Global Texture Analysis.- Structural Pattern Recognition for Industrial Machine Sounds Based on Frequency Spectrum Analysis.- An Extended Speech De-noising Method Using GGM-Based ICA Feature Extraction.- Spanning Tree Recovery via Random Walks in a Riemannian Manifold.- Discriminant Projections Embedding for Nearest Neighbor Classification.- Regularization Kernels and Softassign.- Pattern Recognition via Vasconcelos' Genetic Algorithm.- Statistical Pattern Recognition Problems and the Multiple Classes Random Neural Network Model.- New Bounds and Approximations for the Error of Linear Classifiers.- A Graphical Model for Human Activity Recognition.- A Fuzzy Relational Neural Network for Pattern Classification.- Speaker Verification Using Coded Speech.- A Radial Basis Function Network Oriented for Infant Cry Classification.- On the Use of Automatic Speech Recognition for Spoken Information Retrieval from Video Databases.- Acoustical Analysis of Emotional Speech in Standard Basque for Emotions Recognition.- Scaling Acoustic and Language Model Probabilities in a CSR System.- Parallel Algorithm for Extended Star Clustering.- Hidden Markov Models for Understanding in a Dialogue System.- Unsupervised Learning of Ontology-Linked Selectional Preferences.- Advanced Relevance Feedback Query Expansion Strategy for Information Retrieval in MEDLINE.- Detecting Inflection Patterns in Natural Language by Minimization of Morphological Model.- Study of Knowledge Evolution in Parallel Computing by Short Texts Analysis.- JERARTOP: A New Topic Detection System.- Fractal-Based Approach for Segmentation of Address Block in Postal Envelopes.- A Proposal for the Automatic Generation of Instances from Unstructured Text.- An Electronic Secure Voting System Based on Automatic Paper Ballot Reading.- A Fast Algorithm to Find All the Maximal Frequent Sequences in a Text.- Refined Method for the Fast and Exact Computation of Moment Invariants.- Skeletonization of Gray-Tone Images Based on Region Analysis.- JSEG Based Color Separation of Tongue Image in Traditional Chinese Medicine.- Estimation of High Resolution Images and Registration Parameters from Low Resolution Observations.- Automatic Lung Surface Registration Using Selective Distance Measure in Temporal CT Scans.- An Enhancement to the Constant Range Method for Nonuniformity Correction of Infrared Image Sequences.- Color Cartographic Pattern Recognition Using the Coarse to Fine Scale Method.- Cerebral Vessel Enhancement Using Rigid Registration in Three-Dimensional CT Angiography.- Skeleton-Based Algorithm for Increasing Spectral Resolution in Digital Elevation Model.- Landform Classification in Raster Geo-images.- Homotopic Labeling of Elements in a Tetrahedral Mesh for the Head Modeling.- Grey Level Image Components for Multi-scale Representation.- Performance Improvement in a Fingerprint Classification System Using Anisotropic Diffusion.- Image Thresholding via a Modified Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm.- Video Object Segmentation Using Multiple Features.- Thinning Algorithm to Generate k-Connected Skeletons.- Image Processing Using the Quaternion Wavelet Transform.- Improving Pattern Recognition Based Pharmacological Drug Selection Through ROC Analysis.- Adaboost to Classify Plaque Appearance in IVUS Images.- SVM Applied to the Generation of Biometric Speech Key.- Causal Networks for Modeling Health Technology Utilization in Intensive Care Units.- Medical Image Segmentation by Level Set Method Incorporating Region and Boundary Statistical Information.- Measurement of Parameters of the Optic Disk in Ophthalmoscopic Color Images of Human Retina.- Global Interpretation and Local Analysis to Measure Gears Eccentricity.- Two Floating Search Strategies to Compute the Support Sets System for ALVOT.- Feature Selection Using Typical ?: Testors, Working on Dynamical Data.- Supervised Pattern Recognition with Heterogeneous Features.


Titel: Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications
Untertitel: 9th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition, CIARP 2004, Puebla, Mexico, October 26-29, 2004. Proceedings
EAN: 9783540235279
ISBN: 3540235272
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 728
Gewicht: 1083g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T38mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004

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