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Proceedings of the Third International Kant Congress

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The Third International Kant Congress met at the University of Rochester from March 30 through April 4, 1970. Over two hundred stu... Weiterlesen
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The Third International Kant Congress met at the University of Rochester from March 30 through April 4, 1970. Over two hundred students of Kant's philosophy from Europe, Africa, and North and South America attended. The Congress was organized by a Committee consisting of Gottfried Martin of the University of Bonn and myself as co-chairmen, and the following members: Professors Ingeborg Heidemann (Bonn), Gerhard Funke (Mainz), Edmond Ortigues (Rennes), Stephan Korner (Bristol), W. H. Walsh (Edinburgh), George A. Schrader, Jr. (Yale), and John R. Silber (University of Texas). Generous financial support for the Congress was provided by Mr. Kilian J. Schmitt of Rochester. One hundred and eight papers were presented in six plenary and twenty two concurrent sessions. Chairmen of programs, in addition to members of the Committee, were: Professors John E. Atwell, Douglas P. Dryer, A. R. C. Duncan, Stanley G. French, Klaus Hartmann, Robert L. Hol mes, Peter Jones, George L. Kline, Peter Krausser, Robert G. Miller, John D. McFarland, Fritz-Joachim von Rintelen, Charles M. Sherover, Ernst Konrad Specht, Dietrich Schulz, Giorgio Tonelli, Robert Tredwell, Kurt Weinberg, James B. Wilbur, and Arnulf Zweig.


I Papers Presented at Plenary Sessions.- Die Kantliteratur 1965-1969.- Anhang / Kant-Bibliographie 1965-1969.- The 'Analogies' and After.- Good Conscience, False Consciousness, Judging Reason.- From Kant to Peirce: The Semiotical Transformation of Transcendental Logic.- The Naturalistic Fallacy in Kant.- Kant und das Problem einer wissenschaftlichen Philosophie.- Kant and Anglo-Saxon Criticism.- The Conception of Lawlikeness in Kant's Philosophy of Science.- Absolute Space and Absolute Motion in Kant's Critical Philosophy.- On Buchdahl's and Palter's Papers.- II Papers Presented at Concurrent Sessions.- Transcendental Affinity - Kant's Answer to Hume.- Concepts, Objects and the Analytic in Kant.- The Aim of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.- Action and Reason; Aristotle vs. Kant.- The Copernican Revolution in Hume and Kant.- La 'Position' structurale d'existence.- Non-Pure Synthetic A Priori Judgments in the Critique of Pure Reason.- Kants 'Ich-denke' und Nietzsches 'Wille zur Macht'.- Kant's Regulative Ideas and the 'Objectivity' of Reason.- Nietzsche's Use and Abuse of Kant's Philosophy.- Kant on Duties to, and Duties Regarding, Oneself or Others.- From Plato to Kant: The Problem of Truth.- B 132 Revisited.- Über das Moment der Allgemeingültigkeit des ästhetischen Urteils in Kants Kritik der Uteilskraft.- The Kingdom of Ends.- The Problem of Truth in the Critique of Pure Reason.- Kant's Theorie des Praktischen.- Maimon's Criticism of Reinhold's 'Satz des Bewusstseins'.- Kant's Attitude toward Human Perfection as a Moral Determinant.- Nietzsches Kantkritik und ihre Voraussetzungen.- Extensional and Intensional Interpretation of Synthetic Propositions A Priori.- Kant and Racism.- Kant's Theory of the Structure of Empirical Scientific Inquiry and Two Implied Postulates Regarding Things in Themselves.- Sprachphilosophische Erwägungen zur Funktion von Signum und Symbolum in Kants kritischer Philosophie.- The Problem of an Ultimate Determining Ground in Kant's Theory of the Will.- The Meaning of 'Space' in Kant.- Kant's 'Deduction' in the Grundlegung.- On Kant, Frege, Analyticity, and the Theory of Reference.- The Unknowability of Things in Themselves.- Die Probleme der Deduktion des kategorischen Imperativs. (Ein Vorbericht).- Kant's Theory of Criminal Punishment.- Imagination as the Productive Faculty for 'Creating Another Nature...'.- Bemerkungen zu Kants Theorie der Erfahrung.- Noumenal Causality.- Kant and Goethe.- The Restrictive and Proliferative Function of Kant's Regulative Ideas.- Are Transcendental Deductions Impossible?.- On the Development of Kant's Transcendental Theology.- The Ptolemaic Counter-Revolution.- Kant's Thesis about Being Anticipated by Suarez?.- Phenomena and Noumena: On the Use and Meaning of the Categories.- Kant's Conception of the Autonomous Dual Self.- Wie sind Synthetische Urteile a priori Möglich?.- Kantkritik und Kantrenaissance im Neupositivismus.- Die Struktur der transzendentalen Apperzeption.- Early Reactions to the Publication of Leibniz' Nouveaux Essais (1765).- On the Subjectivity of Objective Space.- Kant as Philosophical Anthropologist.- Elements of Practice in Kant's Reconstruction of Theory.- The Status of Kant's Theory of Matter.- On Kant and the Refutation of Subjectivism.- Kant and Hobbes Concerning the Foundations of Political Philosophy.- Kant on False Promises.- III Contributions from the Kant-Archiv, Bonn.- The 'Allgemeiner Kantindex'. (Abstract).- The Kant Index. An Experiment in Modern Lexicographical Methods. Its Development and Present State.- Applications of Information Theory to the Analysis and Interpretation of Kantian Texts.- The Automatic Construction of a Theme Index.- Considerations on the Production of an Intrinsic Lexicon.- Kant's Critique of Pure Reason and Trivial Literature. A Comparison of 'Open Texts'.- On the Examination of Forms of Statement and Argument in Kant's Language.- On Genitive Sequences in Kant and Their Automatic Recognition.- Results of the Work on Kant's Index of Persons.- Kant's Correspondence with Women. A Contribution to a Statistical Evaluation of Kant's Correspondence. (Abstract).- On the Development of the Term 'Intuition' in the Pre-Critical Writings of Kant, and Its Significance for Kant's Aesthetics, with Particular Reference to the 'Wortindex zu Kants Gesammelten Schriften'.- Comment on Heidegger's Interpretation of Kant. (Abstract).- IV Abstracts of Papers Read at Concurrent Sessions.- Index of Names and Subjects.


Titel: Proceedings of the Third International Kant Congress
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