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Proceedings of The IX International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics

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This volume contains the proceedings of the IX International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics (HYP 2006). T... Weiterlesen
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This volume contains the proceedings of the IX International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics (HYP 2006). This conference series is devoted to the progress of our knowledge about strangeness flavor in hadron and nuclear physics. Besides the traditional topics such as hadron structure, hypernuclear spectroscopy and weak decay of hypernuclei, a particular focus of this conference was on the properties of strange mesons and their binding in nuclear systems.

The Mainz Microtron MAMI.- Exchange reactions with Dick Dalitz.- The hypernuclear physics heritage of Dick Dalitz (19252006).- Spectroscopy of Hypernuclei.- ?-ray spectroscopy study of ? 11 B and ? 12 C.- Observation of the 7 MeV excited spin-flip and non-spin-flip partners in ? 16 O by ?-ray spectroscopy.- Next generation hypernuclear ?-ray spectrometer: Hyperball-J.- Hypernuclear spectroscopy in JLab's Hall A.- ? 9 Li and ? 16 N high resolution spectroscopy by electron scattering at Jefferson Lab in Hall A.- High resolution hypernuclear spectroscopy at Jefferson Lab, Hall A: The experimental challenge.- Recent results of the JLab Hall C hypernuclear experiment E01-011.- RF picosecond timing technique and new possibilities for hypernuclear studies.- Future hypernuclear experiments at JLab.- A study of ? 7 Li production with FINUDA.- FINUDA: A hypernuclear factory.- One step beyond: Hypernuclear ?-ray spectroscopy with FINUDA.- Strangeness nuclear physics at J-PARC.- Probing hypernuclei at anda and at MAMI-C.- Gamma decay studies of hypernuclei Theoretical situation.- Weak Decays.- Study of the proton weak decay of ? 12 Cg.s. with FINUDA.- Decay asymmetry in non-mesonic weak decay of light ?-hypernuclei.- The quenching of nucleon yields in the nonmesonic weak decay of ?-hypernuclei and the three-body weak decay process.- Weak decay of hypernuclei Theoretical status.- S=?2 Nuclear Systems.- First observation of the ?N decay of the S = ?2 system.- A reanalysis of the reported observation of the ?? 4 H hypernucleus.- H-dibaryon search by KEK-E522.- Study of double hypernuclei with a general scan.- Structures of S = ?2 hypernuclei predicted by the ESC04 model.- Light ?? hypernuclei.- ? bound states and ?? hypernuclei.- Plan for the measurement of ??-atomic X rays at J-PARC.- Production of Hypernuclei.- What can we learn from hypernucleus ? 6 H?.- A fully relativistic description of hypernuclear production in proton- and pion-nucleus collisions.- Analysis of (? ±, K+) and (K?, K+) hypernuclear production spectra in distorted-wave impulse approximation.- The weak production of hypernuclei.- Relativistic hypernuclei at Dubna.- The HypHI project at GSI and FAIR.- Strange and heavy flavoured hypernuclei in chiral soliton models.- Strange Mesons in Nuclear Systems.- Precision spectroscopy of kaonic helium-4 X-rays.- The SIDDHARTA experiment at DA?NE and future perspectives.- Search for a kaonic nuclear state via 4He(K?, N) reaction at rest.- Experimental search of strange tribaryons in the 4He(K stop ? , n) reaction.- Looking for the production of deeply bound kaon states in He annihilation at rest.- Studies of K?-nuclear states with FINUDA.- The A(K stop ? , ?d)A? reaction, a tool to observe [ NNN] clusters.- Toward strange multi-baryonic clusters, measurement of ?(1385) in Al + Al collisions at 1.9A GeV.- The AMADEUS project.- N scattering lengths from the experiments on kaonic hydrogen and kaonic deuterium.- About meson-baryon scattering with strangeness ?1.- Chiral SU(3) dynamics, N interactions and the quest for antikaon-nuclear clusters.- Study of light kaonic nuclei with a chiral SU(3)-based N interaction.- Dynamical calculations for nuclei with antikaons.- Strange dibaryon and NN-??N coupled channel equation.- Further considerations concerning claims for deeply bound kaon atoms.- Search for a K?pp quasi-bound state.- A theoretical view on bound antikaon-nuclear states.- Baryon-Baryon Interaction.- Recent soft-core baryon-baryon interactions.- Hyperon-nucleon interactions in effective field theory.- Scalar ?N and ?? interactions within a chiral unitary approach.- Meson exchange hyperon-nucleon interaction based on correlated ??/K exchange.- Baryon-baryon interactions from the lattice.- Quark-model baryon-baryon interactions and their applications to few-body systems.- Correlations in hypernuclear matter.- Hypernuclei and nuclear matter in a chiral SU(3) RMF model.- Long-range chiral dynamics of ?-hyperon in nuclear media.- Hypernuclear density functional theory.- Elementary Strangeness Production.- Structure of strange baryons.- Electromagnetic properties of nucleons and hyperons in a Lorentz covariant quark model.- Polarization of hyperons in elementary photoproduction.- Multipole approach for photo- and electroproduction of kaons.- Electromagnetic KY production from the proton in a Regge-plus-resonance approach.- New results for the production of ? and ?0 hyperons in antineutrino scattering from protons.- Kaon-pair production in hadron-induced reactions.- Search for ?+ via K+p ? ? +X reaction with high-resolution spectrometer system.- Pentaquark searches.- Strangeness in Heavy-Ion Reaction and in Hadronic Matter.- In-medium properties of D-mesons at FAIR.- Kaon production in nucleus-nucleus collisions.- Rotating neutron stars.- Hypernuclear physics and compact stars.- Kaon condensation in neutron star using relativistic mean field models.- Summary.- The status of strange particle physics.


Titel: Proceedings of The IX International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics
Untertitel: October 10-14, 2006, Mainz, Germany
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