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Plasma for Bio-Decontamination, Medicine and Food Security

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Non-thermal (cold) plasmas at atmospheric pressure have recently found many breakthrough applications in biology, medicine, and fo... Weiterlesen
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Non-thermal (cold) plasmas at atmospheric pressure have recently found many breakthrough applications in biology, medicine, and food security. Plasmas can efficiently kill bacteria, yeasts, moulds, spores, biofilms and other hazardous microorganisms, including potential bio-terrorism agents. They can be employed for bio-decontamination and sterilization of surfaces, medical instruments, water, air, food, even of living tissues without causing their damage. Direct or indirect plasma interaction with living cells of microorganisms or even humans enables novel bio-medical applications, e.g. treatment of skin diseases and ulcers. Plasma-enhanced blood coagulation coupled with its antiseptic properties proved success in wound healing and opens new possibilities in surgery, emergency medicine and military applications. Plasma treatment allows cell manipulations, their removal and targeted transfer into the injured area, which can accelerate wound healing. Plasma induced apoptosis (programmed cell death) of tumor cells brings forth a great potential for cancer treatment. Besides, plasma enables painless treatment of dental caries, root canal disinfection, and other dentistry applications.
This book is a selection of reviewed manuscripts issuing from the NATO Advanced Research Workshop Plasma for bio-decontamination, medicine and food security held in Jasná, Slovakia, on 15-18 March 2011. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge and research activities focused at the plasma applications in areas such as bio-decontamination, water chemistry, effects on cells; biofilm inactivation, UV sterilization, and medicine, especially tissue treatment and wound healing, as well as dentistry and food security.

Plasma for food processing and security

Plasma medicine - novel therapier for wound healing, skin diseases and cancer

Cold plasma in Bio medicine

Plasma Bio-Decontamination Water Chemistry and Effects on Cells. Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas for Decontamination of Complex Medical Devices; K.-D.Weltmann et al.- Characterization of Damage to Bacteria and Bio-Macromolecules caused by (V) UV Radiation and Particles Generated by a Microscale Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet; J.-W. Lackmann et al.- Bio-Decontamination of Water and Surfaces by DC Discharges in Atmospheric Air; Z. Machala et al.- Biological Decontamination Using Pulsed Filamentary Microplasma Jet; R. Pothiraja et al.- The Fungal Spores Survival Under the Low-Temperature Plasma; H. Souková et al.- Plasma-Liquid Interactions: Chemistry and Antimicrobial Effects; T. von Woedtke et al.- Damages of Biological Components in Bacteria and Bacteriophages Exposed to Atmospheric Non-Thermal Plasma; A. Mizuno.- Investigations of Bacterial Inactivation and DNA Fragmentation Induced by Flowing Humid Argo Post-Discharge; E. Odic et al.- DNA Oxidation by Reactive Oxygen Species Produced by Atmospheric Pressure Microplasmas; J.S. Sousa et al.- Optical Emission Spectroscopic Evaluation of different Microwave Plasma Discharges and Its Potential Application for Sterilization Processes; J.L. Hueso et al.- Plasma Biofilm Inactivation and Dentistry Applications. Battling Bacterial Biofilms with Gas Discharge Plasma; A. Zelaya et al.- Inactivation of Microorganisms in Model Biofilms by an Atmospheric Pressure Pulsed Non-Thermal Plasma; Yu. Akishev et al.-Low Temperature Atmospheric Argon Plasma: Diagnostics and Medical Applications; S. Ermolaeva et al.- A Sub-Microsecond Pulsed Plasma jet for Endodontic Biofilm Disinfection; C. Jiang et al.- Medical Plasma in Dentistry a future Therapy for Peri-Implantitis; I. Koban et al.- Inactivation of Candida Strains in Planktonic and Biofilm Forms Using a Direct Current, Atmospheric-Pressure Cold Plasma Micro-Jet; W.-D. Zhu et al.- Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma Treatment for Deactivation of Oral Bacteria and Improvement of Dental Composite Restoration; Q.S. Yu et al.- Plasma-Based UV Sterilization. Features of the Sterilization by VUV/UV Irradiation of Low-Pressure Discharge Plasma; V.V. Tsiolko et al.- Applications of Excilamps in Microbiological and Medical Investigations; V.F. Tarasenko et al.- Xenon Iodide Exciplex Lamp as an Efficient Source for the UV Surface cleaning and Water Decontamination; M. Guivan et al.- Plasma Tissue Treatment and Wound Healing. Antisepsis of the Skin by Treatment with Tissue-Tolerable Plasma (TTP): Risk Assessment and Perspectives; J. Lademann et al.- Cold Microsecond Spark Discharge Plasma Production of Active Species and their Delivery into Tissue; D. Dobruynin et al.- Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Jet for Skin Disinfection; Y. Creyghton et al.- Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Clinical Purposes Promising Results in Patients and Future Applications; G. Isbary.- Tissue Tolerable Plasma and Polihexanide: Are Synergistic Effects Possible to Promote Healing of Chronic Wounds? In Vivo and in Vitro Results; C.P. Bender et al.-Helium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma jet: Diagnostics and Applications for Burned Wounds Hearling; I. Topala and A. Nastuta.- Non-Equilibrium Air Plasma for Wound Bleeding Control; S.P. Kuo et al.- Plasma and Electric Fields in Medicine. Subcellular Biological Effects of Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields; J.F. Kolb and M. Stacey.- First Achievements and Opportunities for Cancer Treatment Using Non Thermal Plasma; E. Robert et al.- Nitric Oxide Plasma Sources for Bio-Decontamination and Plasma Therapy; V.N. Vasilets and A.B. Shekhter.- Generation of Focused Shock Waves in Water for Biomedical Applications; P. Luke et al.- DBD Plasma Assisted Silver Functionalization of Surgical Meshes; J. Ráhel et al.- Prospects for Treating Foods with Cold Atmospheric Gas Plasmas; G. Shama and M.G. Kong.- Decontamination of Bacillus Subtilis Spores in a Sealed Package Using a Non-Thermal Plasma System; K.M. Keener et al.- Impact of Atmospheric Plasma Generated by a DBD Device on Quality-Related Attributes of Abate Fetel Pear Fruit; A. Bernardinelli et al.- Fungicidal Effects of Plasma and Radio-Wave Pre-Treatments on Seeds of Grain Crops and Legumes; I. Filatova et al.- Subject Index.


Titel: Plasma for Bio-Decontamination, Medicine and Food Security
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Jahr: 2012
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Auflage: 2012

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