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Physics of Low Dimensional Systems

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Oaxaca, Mexico, was the place chosen by a large international group of scientists to meet and discuss on the recent advances on th... Weiterlesen
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Oaxaca, Mexico, was the place chosen by a large international group of scientists to meet and discuss on the recent advances on the understanding of the physical prop- ties of low dimensional systems; one of the most active fields of research in condensed matter in the last years. The International Symposium on the Physics of Low Dim- sions took place in January 16-20, 2000. The group of scientists converging into the historical city of Oaxaca, in the state of the same name, had come from Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, several places in Mexico, Canada, U. S. A. , England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland. The presentations at the workshop provided sta- of-art reviews of many of the most important problems, currently under study. Equally important to all the participants in the workshop was the fact that we had come to honor a friend, Hans Christoph Siegmann, on his sixty-fifth birthday. This Festschrift recognizes the intellectual leadership of Professor Siegmann in the field and as a sincere homage to his qualities as an exceptional friend, college and mentor. Those who have had the privilege to work closely with Hans Christoph have been deeply impressed by his remarkable analytic mind as well as by his out of range kindness and generosity. Hans Christoph has contributed to the understanding of the difficult and very important problem of the magnetic properties of finite systems: surfaces, thin films, heterostructures.

Spin Polarized Electrons and Magnetism 2000; H.C. Siegmann. Magnetism and Superconductivity in Ultra-Small Particles; B. Mühlschlegel. Thermal Properties of Magnetic Clusters; J.L. Ricardo-Chávez, et al. X-Ray Studies on Co Clusters; G. Faraci, et al. Calculation of Spin Fluctuation Energies in FeN Clusters; J. Dorantes-Dávila, et al. Electronic Relaxation in Metallic Nanoparticles; M. Fierz. An Energetical Study of Transition Metal Nanoclusters within the Embedded Atom Method; L. García González, J.M. Montejano-Carrizales. Deformation Effects in the Magnetic Moments of Ni Clusters; J. Hernández-Torres, et al. Enhancing the Production of Endohedral Fullerenes: a Theoretical Proposal; J.L. Morán-López, et al. Orbital Magnetism in Low Dimensional Systems: Surfaces, Thin Films and Clusters; J. Dorantes-Dávila, et al. Electronic and Structural Properties of RhN clusters: a Molecular Dynamics Study; R. Guirado-López. Silicon Nanostructures Grown by Vapor Deposition on HOPG; P. Scheier, et al. NanoMet - From Lab to Market; M. Kasper. Characterisation of Nanoparticles by Aerosol Techniques; H. Burtscher, B. Schleicher. Carbon Formation in Combustion; K. Siegmann. Photoemission Applied to Volcanology: Another Idea of Hans Christoph; G. Faraci. From Nanoparticles to Health Effects; R. Wasserkort. Electroencephalograms in Epilepsy: Complexity Analysis and Seizure Prediction within the Framework of Lyapunov Theory; H.R. Moser, et al. Sulfur Nanowires Elaboration and Structural Characterization; E. Carvajal, et al. Nanodots and Nanowires of Silicon; K. Sattler. Electronic Properties of AFM-Defined Semiconductor Nanostructures: Quantum Wires and Single ElectronTransistors; S. Lüscher, et al. Properties of the Thue-Morse Chain; M. Noguez, R.A. Barrio. One-Dimensional Adsorbate Systems: Electronic, Dynamic, and Kinetic Features; W. Widdra, D. Menzel. Surface States on Clean and Adsorbate-Covered Metal Surfaces; J. Osterwalder, et al. `Pentepistemology' of Biological Structures and Quasicrystals; B. Bolliger, et al. Structural and Magnetic Properties of Co-Cu Film Systems; A.R. Bachmann, et al. The Role of Interfaces in Magnetic and Electron Transport Properties of Au/Fe/Cu/Fe/GaAs(001) and Fe/MgO/Fe-Whisker(001) Systems; T.L. Monchesky, et al. Heat-Induced Effective Exchange: A New Coupling Mechanism in Magnetic Multilayers; M. Hunziker, M. Landolt. Exchange Bias Theory: The Role of Interface Structure and of Domains in the Ferromagnet; M. Kiwi, et al. The Magnetic Order of Cr in Fe/Cr/Fe(001) Trilayers; D.T. Pierce, et al. Magnetic Domain Imaging of Thin Metallic Layers Using PEEM; G. Schönhense. Ultra-Thin Magnetic Films with Finite Lateral Size; F. Marty, et al. Spin-Dependent Transmission and Spin Precession of Electrons Passing Across Ferromagnets; W. Weber, et al. Theory of Tunneling Magnetoresistance; J. Mathon, A. Umerski. Spin Polarized Electron Transport and Emission from Strained Semiconductor Heterostructures; Yu.A. Mamaev, et al. Magnetism and Magnetic Anisotropy in Exchange BIAS Systems; A.J. Freeman, et al. The Role of Damping in Ultrafast Magnetization Reversal; C.H. Back. Magnetised Foil as a Spin Filter; P.S. Farago, K. Blum. Influence of an Atomic Grating on a Magnetic Fermi Surface; T. Greber, et al. Non-Equilibrium Physics in Solids: Hot-Electron Relaxation; K.H. Bennemann. Density Functional Theory of the Lattice Fermion Model; R. Lopez-Sandoval, G.M. Pasto


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