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Physics and Applications of Non-Crystalline Semiconductors in Optoelectronics

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Kishinau, Moldova, October 1996The Workshop on Physics and Application... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Kishinau, Moldova, October 1996

The Workshop on Physics and Application of Non-crystalline Semiconductors in Optoelectronics was held from 15 to 17 October 1996 in Chisinau. republic of Moldova and was devoted to the problems of non-crystalline semiconducting materials. The reports covered two mjlin topics: theoretical basis of physics of non -crystalline materials and experimental results. In the framework of these major topics there were treated many subjects. concerning the physics of non-crystalline semiconductors and their specific application: -optical properties of non-crystalline semiconductors; -doping of glassy semiconductors and photoinduced effects in chalcogenide glasses and their application for practical purposes; -methods for investigation of the structure in non-crystalline semiconductors -new glassy materials for IR trasmittance and optoelectronics. Reports and communications were presented on various aspects of the theory. new physical principles. studies of the atomic structure. search and development of optoelectronics devices. Special attention was paid to the actual subject of photoinduced transformations and its applications. Experimental investigations covered a rather wide spectrum of materials and physical phenomena. As a novel item it is worth to mention the study of nonlinear optical effects in amorphous semiconducting films. The third order optical non linearities. fast photoinduced optical absorption and refraction. acusto-optic effects recently discovered in non-crystalline semiconductors could potentially be utilised for optical signal processing. The important problems of photoinduced structural transformations and related phenomena. which are very attractive and actual both from the scientific and practical points of view. received much attention in discussions at the conference.


The reports published here cover two main topics: the theoretical basis of the physics of non- crystalline materials, and experimental results. Subjects treated include: optical properties of non-crystalline semiconductors; doping of glassy semiconductors and photoinduced effects in chalcogenide glasses and practical applications; methods for investigating the structure of non-crystalline semiconductors; new glassy materials for IR transmittance and optoelectronics; photoinduced transformations and applications. br/ A novel item is the study of nonlinear optical effects in amorphous semiconducting films. The third-order optical nonlinearities, fast photoinduced optical absorption and refraction, acousto-optical effects recently discovered in non-crystalline semiconductors have potential uses in optical signal processing. br/ Considerable attention is paid to the technical applications of the photoinduced phenomena in optoelectronics, optical and photoelectrical information storage media, high resolution lithography, optical diffraction elements, optoelectronic parts and circuits.

Measurement of Third-Order Nonlinearities in Amorphous Materials; M. Bertolotti, et al. Photoinduced Phenomena in Chalcogenide Glass Semiconductors; A.M. Andriesh. Electronic Micro-Fabrication of Chalcogenide Glass; K. Tanaka. Metal Photodissolution in Amorphous Semiconductors of the As-S System; G. Dale, et al. Amorphous Superlattices of Chalcogenides; E. Vateva. Density of Localized States in the Gap of Non-Crystalline Semiconductors; G.J. Adriaenssens, A. Eliat. Photostructural Phase Transitions in Amorphous Chalcogenides: Basic Principles and Applications in Holography and Optical Information Processing; C.H. Dietrich. Thermally and Photoinduced Phenomena in Amorphous Chalcogenides; P. Nagels. Photoinduced Effects in Amorphous Chalcogenides; M. Frumar, et al. CW and Pulsed Investigation of Photoinduced Darkening in As2S3 Amorphous Thin Films; M. Bertolotti, et al. Optical Glasses for Infrared Transmittance - Synthesis and Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses; B. Voigt, D. Linke. New Chalcohalide Glasses as Promising Materials for Optoelectronics; L.A. Baidakov. Contributions to Self-Diffraction and Optical Phase Conjugation in Semiconductors; V.I. Vlad, A. Petris. Doping of Chalcogenide Glasses of Semiconductors; S. Vikhrov. Medium Range Order in Chalcogenide Glasses; M. Popescu. Simple Theory of Soft Potentials and Negative-U Centers in Chalcogenides; K.D. Tsendin. Optical Absorbability in Ternary Ge-As-S Glasses and Some Possibility of its Applications; I.V. Fekeshgazi, et al. Photoinduced Effects in Chalcogenide Glasses and Their Application for Optical Recording; A. Kikineshi, A. Mishak. Coordination Defects Formation Model for Reversible Photostructural Transformations in Amorphous As2S(Se)3; O.I. Shpotyuk. Amorphography of Chaos and Order in Isotropic and Anisotropic Glasses; S.A. Dembovsky. Photoinduced Structural Changes in Amorphous Chalcogenides Studied by Raman Spectroscopy; C. Raptis, et al. Infrared Reflectance Investigation of the Structure of xSb2S3(1-x)As2S3 Glasses; J.A. Kapoutsis, et al. Structure of Potassium Germanate Glasses by Vibrational Spectroscopy; Y.D. Yiannopoulos, et al. A Review of Amorphous Chalcogenides as Materials for Infrared Bulk Acousto-Optic Devices; A.B. Seddon, M.J. Laine. The Possibilities to Use the Intrinsic Defect's Optical Properties for Optoelectronics in Fused Silica; A.R. Silins. Amorphous Silicon Photodetectors for Oxidised Porous Silicon Based Optical Interconnections; G. Masini, et al. Photoluminescence in Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon; M. Koós, I. Pócsik. Optical Elements for Sensing and Communication &endash; A Review; T. Necsoiu, C.E.A. Grigorescu. New Materials for Solar Energy Conversion; A.V. Simashkevich, P.V. Gaugash. Experimental Investigation of Subsurface Structure and Surface Symmetry of Disordered Semiconductors; A.P. Fedtchouk, et al. Multiquantum Processes in Solids. New Aspects; V.A. Kovarsky. Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons in the Presence of Laser Radiation; S.A. Moskalenko, et al. Thermal, Plasma and Photoinduced Microstructural Changes on a-SiC:H Films; M. Dinescu, et al. Some Electrophysical Properties of C60 Thin Films; A. Andriesh, et al. Deposition of CuInSe2 Thin Films by Pulsed Electron Beam Ablation; A.M. Andriesh, et al. Optical Properties of Ge-As-Se Glasses and Films on Their Basis; V. Bazakutsa, et al. Optical Registration Media with Near Insensibility for Xerography; A. Buzdu


Titel: Physics and Applications of Non-Crystalline Semiconductors in Optoelectronics
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