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Pattern Recognition

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We are proud to present the proceedings of DAGM 2003, and we want to express our appreciation to the many people whose e?orts made... Weiterlesen
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We are proud to present the proceedings of DAGM 2003, and we want to express our appreciation to the many people whose e?orts made this conference such a success. We received about 140 papers from around the world, but we could only acceptabouthalfofthesesubmissionsfororalandposterpresentationssoasnot to overload the agenda. Each paper was assigned three reviewers who followed a careful anonymous selection procedure. The quality of the research paper and its suitability for presentation were the main criteria in this very di?cult selection process.Our32reviewershadatoughjobevaluatingthesepapersand,ofcourse, the job was even tougher whenever contributions were rejected. We thank the reviewers for their time and e?ort. The program committee awarded prizes for the best papers, and we want to sincerely thank the donors. The following three invited papers were among the highlights: Anil K. Jain (Michigan State University, USA): Who s Who? Challenges in Biometric Authentication Michael Unser (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland): Splines and Wavelets: New Perspectives and Opportunities for Pattern Recognition Bernd Jahne (Heidelberg University, Germany): Image Sequence Analysis in Environmental and Life Sciences We are also very grateful and proud that several well-known experts enhanced our conference by o?ering tutorial sessions to our participants: Christian Perwass, Gerald Sommer (Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany): (Cli?ord) Algebra Introduction and Applications Hans-HeinrichBothe (TechnicalUniversityofDenmark,Oersted-DTU):- aptive Paradigms for Pattern Recognition Peter Kau?, Oliver Schreer (Frauenhofer Institut fur Nachrichtentechnik, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, Berlin, Germany): Concepts, Systems and Al- rithms for Immersive Video Communication Michael Felsberg (Link oping University, Sweden): Systematic Approaches to

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Immersive Video Communication - Michael Felsberg (Link oping University, Sweden): Systematic Approaches to

Image Analysis I.- Coherence-Enhancing Shock Filters.- Spherical Decision Surfaces Using Conformal Modelling.- Median Filtering of Tensor-Valued Images.- Edge and Junction Detection with an Improved Structure Tensor.- Invited Paper.- Who's Who? Challenges in Biometric Authentication.- Image Analysis II.- Optimal Scale Selection for Circular Edge Extraction.- Localization of Piled Boxes by Means of the Hough Transform.- Image Analysis III.- Training and Recognition of Complex Scenes Using a Holistic Statistical Model.- Combining White-Patch Retinex and the Gray World Assumption to Achieve Color Constancy for Multiple Illuminants.- Postersession I.- Method of Creating of Functional Invariants under One-Parameter Geometric Image Transformations.- Gaze Detection System by Wide and Auto Pan/Tilt Narrow View Camera.- Distribution Distance Measures Applied to 3-D Object Recognition A Case Study.- Classification with Controlled Robustness in High-Resolution SAR Data.- 3D Reconstruction of Human Skeleton from Single Images or Monocular Video Sequences.- Shape Preservation during Digitization: Tight Bounds Based on the Morphing Distance.- Evaluation of Uniform and Non-uniform Optical Flow Techniques Using Finite Element Methods.- Colour Image Analysis in 3D-Polar Coordinates.- Pixel Classification by Divergence-Based Integration of Multiple Texture Methods and Its Application to Fabric Defect Detection.- A Probabilistic Definition of Intrinsic Dimensionality for Images.- Learning Human-Like Opponent Behavior for Interactive Computer Games.- Rotationally Invariant Wavelet Shrinkage.- Hierarchical Method for Stereophotogrammetric Multi-object-position Measurement.- On Robust Regression in Photogrammetric Point Clouds.- A Visual Quality Inspection System Based on a Hierarchical 3D Pose Estimation Algorithm.- Using an Active Shape Structural Model for Biometric Sketch Recognition.- Domain Decomposition for Parallel Variational Optical Flow Computation.- Fuzzy Modeling Based Recognition of Multi-font Numerals.- System Concept for Image Sequence Classification in Laser Welding.- 3D Parametric Intensity Models for the Localization of Different Types of 3D Anatomical Point Landmarks in Tomographic Images.- Comparing Clustering Methods for Database Categorization in Image Retrieval.- Locally Optimized RANSAC.- Invited Paper.- Splines and Wavelets: New Perspectives for Pattern Recognition.- Calibration and 3-D Shape.- Robust Camera Calibration from Images and Rotation Data.- FFT-Based Disparity Estimation for Stereo Image Coding.- Projective Reconstruction of Surfaces of Revolution.- Illumination Insensitive Template Matching with Hyperplanes.- Robust Orientation, Calibration, and Disparity Estimation of Image Triplets.- Recognition.- Fast Feature Selection in an HMM-Based Multiple Classifier System for Handwriting Recognition.- Empirical Analysis of Detection Cascades of Boosted Classifiers for Rapid Object Detection.- Local Representations for Multi-object Recognition.- Motion.- A Generative Model Based Approach to Motion Segmentation.- A New View at Differential and Tensor-Based Motion Estimation Schemes.- Real-Time Texture-Based 3-D Tracking.- Postersession II.- Hierarchy of Partitions with Dual Graph Contraction.- One-Class Classification with Subgaussians.- A Hybrid Distance Map Based and Morphologic Thinning Algorithm.- A Computational Model of Early Auditory-Visual Integration.- On the Relevance of Global Knowledge for Correlation-Based Seismic Image Interpretation.- Automatic Pixel Selection for Optimizing Facial Expression Recognition Using Eigenfaces.- Robust Image Sequence Mosaicing.- Gibbs Probability Distributions for Stereo Reconstruction.- Partial Optimal Labeling Search for a NP-Hard Subclass of (max,+) Problems.- Extraction of Orientation from Floor Structure for Odometry Correction in Mobile Robotics.- On Consistent Discrimination between Directed and Diffuse Outdoor Illumination.- Genetic Algorithm-Based Video Segmentation with Adaptive Population Size.- Component Fusion for Face Detection in the Presence of Heteroscedastic Noise.- Block Matching Integrating Intensity, Hue, and Range.- Geometric Segmentation and Object Recognition in Unordered and Incomplete Point Cloud.- Real-Time Inspection System for Printed Circuit Boards.- Real-Time System for Counting the Number of Passing People Using a Single Camera.- Multiple Classifier Systems for the Recognition of Orthoptera Songs.- A Region Based Seed Detection for Root Detection in Minirhizotron Images.- Image Retrieval Using Local Compact DCT-Based Representation.- Variance Component Estimation in Performance Characteristics Applied to Feature Extraction Procedures.- A New Distance Measure for Probabilistic Shape Modeling.- Generating Rotation-Invariant Texture Features by Randomization of Operator Orientation.- Biomedical Applications.- Estimation of Skill Levels in Sports Based on Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Correspondences.- Determining Position and Fine Shape Detail in Radiological Anatomy.- Solutions for Model-Based Analysis of Human Gait.- Robust HandEye Calibration of an Endoscopic Surgery Robot Using Dual Quaternions.- Pose Estimation.- Real-Time Recognition of 3D-Pointing Gestures for Human-Machine-Interaction.- Pose Estimation of Cylindrical Fragments for Semi-automatic Bone Fracture Reduction.- Pose Estimation of Free-Form Surface Models.- Applications.- IR Pedestrian Detection for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.- Color-Based Object Tracking in Multi-camera Environments.- Improving Children's Speech Recognition by HMM Interpolation with an Adults' Speech Recognizer.- Invited Paper.- Image Sequence Analysis in Environmental and Live Sciences.


Titel: Pattern Recognition
Untertitel: 25th DAGM Symposium, Magdeburg, Germany, September 10-12, 2003, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540408611
ISBN: 3540408614
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 644
Gewicht: 961g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T34mm
Jahr: 2003
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2003

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