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Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

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Part of a two-volume set, this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition an... Weiterlesen
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Part of a two-volume set, this book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, IbPRIA 2007, held in Girona, Spain in June 2007.

It covers pattern recognition, human language technology, special architectures and industrial applications, motion analysis, image analysis, biomedical applications, shape and texture analysis, 3D, and image coding and processing.

Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Using PD-MEEMLIN.- Shadow Resistant Road Segmentation from a Mobile Monocular System.- Mosaicking Cluttered Ground Planes Based on Stereo Vision.- Fast Central Catadioptric Line Extraction.- Similarity-Based Object Retrieval Using Appearance and Geometric Feature Combination.- Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition for Natural Interaction.- A Simple But Effective Approach to Speaker Tracking in Broadcast News.- Region-Based Pose Tracking.- Testing Geodesic Active Contours.- Rate Control Algorithm for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding.- 3-D Motion Estimation for Positioning from 2-D Acoustic Video Imagery.- Progressive Compression of Geometry Information with Smooth Intermediate Meshes.- Rejection Strategies Involving Classifier Combination for Handwriting Recognition.- Summarizing Image/Surface Registration for 6DOF Robot/Camera Pose Estimation.- Robust Complex Salient Regions.- Improving Piecewise-Linear Registration Through Mesh Optimization.- Registration-Based Segmentation Using the Information Bottleneck Method.- Dominant Points Detection Using Phase Congruence.- Exploiting Information Theory for Filtering the Kadir Scale-Saliency Detector.- False Positive Reduction in Breast Mass Detection Using Two-Dimensional PCA.- A Fast and Robust Iris Segmentation Method.- Detection of Lung Nodule Candidates in Chest Radiographs.- A Snake for Retinal Vessel Segmentation.- Risk Classification of Mammograms Using Anatomical Linear Structure and Density Information.- A New Method for Robust and Efficient Occupancy Grid-Map Matching.- Vote-Based Classifier Selection for Biomedical NER Using Genetic Algorithms.- Boundary Shape Recognition Using Accumulated Length and Angle Information.- Extracting Average Shapes from Occluded Non-rigid Motion.- Automatic Topological Active Net Division in a Genetic-Greedy Hybrid Approach.- Using Graphics Hardware for Enhancing Edge and Circle Detection.- Optimally Discriminant Moments for Speckle Detection in Real B-Scan Images.- Influence of Resampling and Weighting on Diversity and Accuracy of Classifier Ensembles.- A Hierarchical Approach for Multi-task Logistic Regression.- Modelling of Magnetic Resonance Spectra Using Mixtures for Binned and Truncated Data.- Atmospheric Turbulence Effects Removal on Infrared Sequences Degraded by Local Isoplanatism.- Inference of Stochastic Finite-State Transducers Using N-Gram Mixtures.- Word Spotting in Archive Documents Using Shape Contexts.- Fuzzy Rule Based Edge-Sensitive Line Average Algorithm in Interlaced HDTV Sequences.- A Tabular Pruning Rule in Tree-Based Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms.- A General Framework to Deal with the Scaling Problem in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation.- Recognizing Individual Typing Patterns.- Residual Filter for Improving Coding Performance of Noisy Video Sequences.- Cyclic Viterbi Score for Linear Hidden Markov Models.- Non Parametric Classification of Human Interaction.- A Density-Based Data Reduction Algorithm for Robust Estimators.- Robust Estimation of Reflectance Functions from Polarization.- Estimation of Multiple Objects at Unknown Locations with Active Contours.- Analytic Reconstruction of Transparent and Opaque Surfaces from Texture Images.- Sedimentological Analysis of Sands.- Catadioptric Camera Calibration by Polarization Imaging.- Stochastic Local Search for Omnidirectional Catadioptric Stereovision Design.- Dimensionless Monocular SLAM.- Improved Camera Calibration Method Based on a Two-Dimensional Template.- Relative Pose Estimation of Surgical Tools in Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery.- Efficiently Downdating, Composing and Splitting Singular Value Decompositions Preserving the Mean Information.- On-Line Classification of Human Activities.- Data-Driven Jacobian Adaptation in a Multi-model Structure for Noisy Speech Recognition.- Development of a Computer Vision System for the Automatic Quality Grading of Mandarin Segments.- Mathematical Morphology in the HSI Colour Space.- Improving Background Subtraction Based on a Casuistry of Colour-Motion Segmentation Problems.- Random Forest for Gene Expression Based Cancer Classification: Overlooked Issues.- Bounding the Size of the Median Graph.- When Overlapping Unexpectedly Alters the Class Imbalance Effects.- A Kernel Matching Pursuit Approach to Man-Made Objects Detection in Aerial Images.- Anisotropic Continuous-Scale Morphology.- Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Assessment of Atherosclerotic Plaques.- Measuring the Applicability of Self-organization Maps in a Case-Based Reasoning System.- Algebraic-Distance Minimization of Lines and Ellipses for Traffic Sign Shape Localization.- Modeling Aceto-White Temporal Patterns to Segment Colposcopic Images.- Speech/Music Classification Based on Distributed Evolutionary Fuzzy Logic for Intelligent Audio Coding.- Breast Skin-Line Segmentation Using Contour Growing.- New Measure for Shape Elongation.- Evaluation of Spectral-Based Methods for Median Graph Computation.- Feasible Application of Shape-Based Classification.- 3D Shape Recovery with Registration Assisted Stereo Matching.- Blind Estimation of Motion Blur Parameters for Image Deconvolution.- Dependent Component Analysis: A Hyperspectral Unmixing Algorithm.- Synchronization of Video Sequences from Free-Moving Cameras.- Tracking the Left Ventricle in Ultrasound Images Based on Total Variation Denoising.- Bayesian Oil Spill Segmentation of SAR Images Via Graph Cuts.- Unidimensional Multiscale Local Features for Object Detection Under Rotation and Mild Occlusions.


Titel: Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Untertitel: Third Iberian Conference, IbPRIA 2007, Girona, Spain, June 6-8, 2007, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540728481
ISBN: 3540728481
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 688
Gewicht: 1025g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T36mm
Jahr: 2007
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2007

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