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Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

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This LNCS volume contains the papers presented at the 3rd International C- ferenceonAdvances in PatternRecognition(ICAPR2005)organ... Weiterlesen
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This LNCS volume contains the papers presented at the 3rd International C- ferenceonAdvances in PatternRecognition(ICAPR2005)organizedin August, 2005 in the beautiful city of Bath, UK. The conference was ?rst organized in November 1998 in Plymouth, UK and subsequently in March 2001 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The conference encouraged papers that made signi?cant th- reticalandapplication-basedcontributions inpatternrecognition. The emphasis was on an open exchange of ideas and shared learning. The papers submitted to ICAPR 2005 were thoroughly reviewed by up to three referees per paper and less than 40% of the submitted papers were accepted. The papers have been ?nally published as two volumes of LNCS and these are organized under the themes of Pattern Recognition and Data Mining (which included papers from the trackson PatternRecognition Methods, Knowledgeand Learning,and Data Mining), and Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (which included papers from the Applications track). From the conference technical programme point of view, the ?rst volume contains papers on pattern recognition, data mining, signal processing and OCR/document analysis. The second volume contains - pers from the Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Crime Prevention, Security and Surveillance, Biometrics, Image Processing and Medical Imaging. ICAPR 2005was run in parallel with the InternationalWorkshop on Pattern Recognition for Crime Prevention, Security and Surveillance that was organized onthe22ndofAugust,2005. Thisworkshopbroughttogethera number ofexc- lent papers that focussed on how pattern recognition techniques can be used to developsystemsthathelpwithcrimepreventionanddetection. Onthesameday, a number of tutorials were also organized.

International Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Crime Prevention, Security and Surveillance.- Image Enhancement Optimization for Hand-Luggage Screening at Airports.- Parameter Optimization for Image Segmentation Algorithms: A Systematic Approach.- Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using STFT Analysis.- Symmetric Hash Functions for Fingerprint Minutiae.- A Digital Rights Management Approach for Gray-Level Images.- Millimetre-Wave Personnel Scanners for Automated Weapon Detection.- A Thermal Hand Vein Pattern Verification System.- Illumination Tolerant Face Recognition Using Phase-Only Support Vector Machines in the Frequency Domain.- Regional and Online Learnable Fields.- Spatial Feature Based Recognition of Human Dynamics in Video Sequences.- Using Behavior Knowledge Space and Temporal Information for Detecting Intrusions in Computer Networks.- Biometrics.- View Independent Video-Based Face Recognition Using Posterior Probability in Kernel Fisher Discriminant Space.- Attention Based Facial Symmetry Detection.- An Efficient Iris Segmentation Method for Recognition.- Multi-scale Palmprint Recognition Using Registration Information and 2D Gabor Feature.- Effects of JPEG and JPEG2000 Compression on Face Recognition.- 3D Action Modeling and Reconstruction for 2D Human Body Tracking.- A Non-parametric Dimensionality Reduction Technique Using Gradient Descent of Misclassification Rate.- On the Automatic 2D Retinal Vessel Extraction.- Modeling Phase Spectra Using Gaussian Mixture Models for Human Face Identification.- Belief Theory Applied to Facial Expressions Classification.- Face Recognition Using Uncorrelated, Weighted Linear Discriminant Analysis.- Face Recognition Using Heteroscedastic Weighted Kernel Discriminant Analysis.- Class-Specific Discriminant Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Frontal Face Verification.- Partial Relevance in Interactive Facial Image Retrieval.- An Integration of Biometrics and Mobile Computing for Personal Identification.- Eyes Segmentation Applied to Gaze Direction and Vigilance Estimation.- Bilinear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition.- Adaptive Object Recognition Using Context-Aware Genetic Algorithm Under Dynamic Environment.- A Multi-scale and Multi-pose Face Detection System.- Conditionally Dependent Classifier Fusion Using AND Rule for Improved Biometric Verification.- Measurement of Face Recognizability for Visual Surveillance.- A Fingerprint Authentication Mobile Phone Based on Sweep Sensor.- A Robust and Efficient Algorithm for Eye Detection on Gray Intensity Face.- Silhouette Spatio-temporal Spectrum (SStS) for Gait-Based Human Recognition.- Adaptive Estimation of Human Posture Using a Component-Based Model.- Fusion of Locally Linear Embedding and Principal Component Analysis for Face Recognition (FLLEPCA).- Proposal of Novel Histogram Features for Face Detection.- Feature Selection Based on KPCA, SVM and GSFS for Face Recognition.- Eigen and Fisher-Fourier Spectra for Shift Invariant Pose-Tolerant Face Recognition.- Image Processing.- Q-Gram Statistics Descriptor in 3D Shape Classification.- A New Inpainting Method for Highlights Elimination by Colour Morphology.- Clustering of Objects in 3D Electron Tomography Reconstructions of Protein Solutions Based on Shape Measurements.- Improving Tracking by Handling Occlusions.- Image Reconstruction with Polar Zernike Moments.- Texture Exemplars for Defect Detection on Random Textures.- Semantic-Based Cross-Media Image Retrieval.- Texture Image Retrieval: A Feature-Based Correspondence Method in Fourier Spectrum.- Surface Reconstruction from Stereo Data Using Three-Dimensional Markov Random Field Model.- Unsupervised Markovian Segmentation on Graphics Hardware.- Texture Detection for Image Analysis.- Evaluation of the Quality of Ultrasound Image Compression by Fusion of Criteria with a Genetic Algorithm.- 3D Model Retrieval Based on Adaptive Views Clustering.- Colour Texture Segmentation Using Modelling Approach.- Human-Centered Object-Based Image Retrieval.- Multi-scale Midline Extraction Using Creaseness.- Automatic Indexing of News Videos Through Text Classification Techniques.- Weighted Adaptive Neighborhood Hypergraph Partitioning for Image Segmentation.- Parallel-Sequential Texture Analysis.- Region Growing with Automatic Seeding for Semantic Video Object Segmentation.- Object Coding for Real Time Image Processing Applications.- Designing a Fast Convolution Under the LIP Paradigm Applied to Edge Detection.- Local Feature Saliency for Texture Representation.- A Segmentation Algorithm for Rock Fracture Detection.- ELIS: An Efficient Leaf Image Retrieval System.- Mosaicing and Restoration from Blurred Image Sequence Taken with Moving Camera.- Finding People in Video Streams by Statistical Modeling.- Camera Motion Estimation by Image Feature Analysis.- Shape Retrieval by Principal Components Descriptor.- Automatic Monitoring of Forbidden Areas to Prevent Illegal Accesses.- Dynamic Time Warping of Cyclic Strings for Shape Matching.- Meeting the Application Requirements of Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems in Moving Object Detection.- Classification Using Scale and Rotation Tolerant Shape Signatures from Convex Hulls.- On the Filter Combination for Efficient Image Preprocessing Under Uneven Illumination.- Image Merging Based on Perceptual Information.- An Automated Video Annotation System.- Tracking by Cluster Analysis of Feature Points and Multiple Particle Filters.- Medical Imaging.- A Benchmark for Indoor/Outdoor Scene Classification.- Spinal Deformity Detection Employing Back Propagation on Neural Network.- Bone Segmentation in Metacarpophalangeal MR Data.- Lung Field Segmentation in Digital Postero-Anterior Chest Radiographs.- Relationship Between the Stroma Edge and Skin-Air Boundary for Generating a Dependency Approach to Skin-Line Estimation in Screening Mammograms.- Segmentation of Erythema from Skin Photographs for Assisted Diagnosis in Allergology.- Learning Histopathological Microscopy.- An Adaptive Rule Based Automatic Lung Nodule Detection System.- Experiments with SVM and Stratified Sampling with an Imbalanced Problem: Detection of Intestinal Contractions.- Multiple Particle Tracking for Live Cell Imaging with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Tagged Videos.


Titel: Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Untertitel: Third International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, ICAPR 2005, Bath, UK, August 22-25, 2005, Part II
EAN: 9783540288336
ISBN: 3540288333
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
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Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T44mm
Jahr: 2005
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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