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New Smart Materials via Metal Mediated Macromolecular Engineering

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on New Smart Materials via Metal Mediated Macromolecular Engineering: From Comple... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on New Smart Materials via Metal Mediated Macromolecular Engineering: From Complex to Nano Structures
Antalya, Turkey
1-12 September 2008

Control over macromolecular architecture and resulting material properties has been a central goal of polymer chemistry. There has been much interest in developing new synthetic routes to prepare smart materials with novel compositions and topologies for various applications. The considerable progress in the metal mediated macromolecular engineering over the past decade has had a major impact on the development of well-defined macromolecular architectures and the synthesis of smart materials. Particularly, remarkable strong developments have been observed for the synthesis of smart materials via four metal mediated macromolecular engineering techniques; Anionic, ROMP, ATRP and Click Chemistry. These materials have found uses in advanced microelectronics, technical and biomedical applications as well as in chemical sensors applications.
This book is comprised of 27 chapters written by leading scientists from NATO and Partner Countries who have greatly contributed in the area of Anionic, ROMP, ATRP and Click Chemistry. It highlights the fundamental aspects and recent developments of these four powerful techniques and evaluate their potential in the syntheses of smart materials from complex structures (grafts, brushes, dendrimers, etc.) to nanostructures (self-assembly, nano-size, etc) for a wide range of applications.
The book reports on the synthesis of a wide range of well-defined complex polymeric systems such as thermoresponsive smart polymers, star copolymers, biocompatible polymers, amphipilic smart nano structured, conducting polymers, self assembled polymers, and hyperbranced polymers.

Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Contributors.- Part 1. Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP).- From Mechanism and Kinetics to Precise ATRP Synthesis; L. Mueller et al.- Polyelectrolyte Stars and Cylindrical Brushes made by ATRP: New Building Blocks in Nanotechnology; M. Ballauff, H.E. Müller.- Synthesis of smart materials by atom transfer Radical polymerization of oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate; J.-F. Lutz.- New polymers with optoelectronic properties by combination of ATRP, ROP and coupling processes; D.G. Colak et al.- Part 2. Click chemistry.- Synthesis of functionalised aliphatic polyesters by 'click' copper-catalysed alkyne-azide Cycloaddition; P. Lecomte et al.- Exploration of 'click' chemistry for Microelectronic applications; O.M. Musa, I.M. Sridhar.- From novel block-like copolymers to reactive nanoparticles: ATRP and 'click' chemistry as Synthetic tools; W. v.d. Camp et al.- Polymer- and colloid-functionalization using A combination of ATRP and click chemistry; Z. Zarafshani, J.F. Lutz; Click chemistry and step-growth polymerization: The ideal combination for the rejuvenation of industrial polymers; D. Fournier et al.- Part 3. Anionic polymerization.- New amphiphilic nanostructures based on block terpolymers by anionic polymerization; F. Schacher et al.- Epoxide activated anionic polymerization: Application to the synthesis of (co)polyethers with controlled structure and tuned properties; A. Labbe et al.- Design of smart comb macromolecules by Combination of living anionic and cationic polymerizations; F. Ariura et al.- Smart materials from living polypeptides; H. Iatrou, N. Hadjichristidis.- Part 4. Ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP).- ROMP: the method of choice for precise Macromolecular engineering and synthesis of Smart materials; E. Khosravi et al.- Synthesis of fluorine-18 functionalised Nanoparticles for use as in vivo molecular Imaging agents; J.B. Matson, R.H. Grubbs.- Polymeric monoliths:novel materials for separation science, heterogeneous catalysis and regenerative medicine; M.R. Buchmeiser.- Synthesis of biodegradable materials and chemical sensors via ROMP; E. Khosravi et al.- Ruthenium catalysts bearing o-chelating carboxylate ligand: potential chemo-switchable ROMP catalysts; R. Gawin, K. Grela.- Design and application of latent olefin metathesis catalysts featuring s-chelating alkylidene ligands; A. Szadkowska, K. Grela.- Novel cyclopolymerization derived conjugated polyenes: smart materials for electronics and sensors; M.R. Buchmeiser.- New membrane materials via catalytic polymerization of bis(trimethylsilyl) substituted norbornene type monomers; M.V. Bermeshev et al.- Part 5. Other polymerization methods.- Light induced processes for the synthesis of polymers with complex structures; Y.Y. Durmaz et al.- Recent advances in the functionalization of aliphatic polyesters by ring-opening polymerization; P. Lecomte, C. Jerome.- Thermally degradable maleimides for reworkable adhesives; O.M. Musa et al.- Polyurethanes with metal chelate fragments in the backbone and with coordination metal compounds nanostructured systems; Y. Savelyev.- Nanostrustured self-assembling systems based on functional poly(urethane/siloxane)s; Y. Savelyev.- Cu-containing polymer nanocomposites on the basis of some (co)polymers obtained using novel non-metallocene type ti-containing catalysts Cu-containing polymer nanocomposite; E. Kalbaliyeva et al.- Subject Index.-


Titel: New Smart Materials via Metal Mediated Macromolecular Engineering
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