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Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation

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The book comprises the proceedings of the 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists co-organized by the Institute of Geology ... Weiterlesen
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The book comprises the proceedings of the 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists co-organized by the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry and the Institute of Mineralogy (Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) and Ural Federal University and held in Ekaterinburg, Russia, on February 5-8, 2018. The book is devoted to the relevant issues of crystal chemistry and mineral typomorphism; the structure and physico-chemical and technological properties of minerals; the computational modeling of mineral structure and properties. Much attention is drawn to the latest advances and applications of physical methods of investigation of mineral structure and composition, in particular, X-Ray diffraction, spectroscopic (optical, vibrational, ESR, Moessbauer, etc.) and microscopic (SEM, TEM, AFM, etc.) studies, as well as the methods of chemical and isotopic analysis. This book presents the current research trends of space and planetary mineralogy (meteorites, regolites, tektites).
The book is intended explicitly for the specialists in the earth and planetary sciences.




Akramov D.F., Baburina I.D., Selezneva N.V., Baranov N.V.

The effect of anion substitution on the structure, phase transformations and properties of Co7X8 type compounds


Aksenov S.M., Chukanov N.V., Göttlikher J., Rusakov V.S., Rascvetaeva R.K.

The features of chemical composition and cation ordering in ferricoronadite Pb[Mn4 +6 (Fe3+, Mn3+)2]O16 according to X-ray, XANES and Mössbauer spectroscopy data


Ankushev M.N., Artemiev D.A., Blinov I.A.

Zonal olivines of the Early Bronze Age metallurgical slags in the Southern Urals according to LA-ICP-MS mapping data


Baglaeva Yu.A., Selezneva N.V., Sherokalova E.M., Volegov A.S., Shishkin D.A., Baranov N.V.

Highly-coercive state in iron-containing (Fe, M)1-zX chalcogenides with NiAs type structure


Begunova A.S., Kamalov R.V., Yakovlev G.A., Grokhovsky V.I.

The influence of the Seymchan meteorite structure on the synthesis of carbon nanotubes


Belik V.I., Shvanskaya L.V., Yakubovich O.V.

New Cu- and Ni-containing representatives of A2M3(H2O)2(B4P6O24(OH)2 (A = Cs, Rb) family of alkaline borophosphates: synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties


Berzin S.V.

About the finding of refractory forsterite rich objects in Severny Kolchim (H3) meteorite


Berzin S.V., Dugushkina K.A.

Microxenolite in Gao-Guenie (H5) meteorite


Biryukov Y.P., Shablinsky A.P., Bubnova R.S., Pekov I.V., Filatov S.K.

The investigation of iron borate of mixed valency halsit by thermal X-ray diffraction


Borodina U.O., Goryainov S.V.

The study of shortite by Raman spectroscopy at pressures up to 8 GPa


Viktorova K.A., Aksenov S.M., Rascvetaeva R.K., Chukanov N.V.

The peculiarities of Zr and Ti isomorphism in high-titanium eudialyte from Kovdor massif


Voitekhovsky Yu.L.

The system of mineralogy: what was the idea of Nature?


Voitekhovsky Yu.L.

The entropy of 4- ... 9-atomic polyhedral clusters: relationship with point symmetry groups


Votyakov S.L.

Spectroscopy and physics in the investigation of mineral substance: the new development trends of materials science methods


Glukhov M.S., Sungatullin R.KH., Galiullin B.M.

The comparison of metallic microspheres of cosmic and technogenic dust


Golovchenko K.K., Golovanova O.A.

The peculiarities of the amino acid desorption process from the surface of the solid adsorbate


Gontsova S.S., Maksimova E.M., Petrova E.V., Danilenko I.A., Naukhatsky I.A., Yakovlev G.A.

Sulphide minerals in Chelyabinsk, Northwest Africa 869 and Gao-Guenie ordinary chondrites


Goryainov S.V., Borodina U.O.

The behaviour of lomontite zeolite at high pressures


Danilenko I.A., Petrova E.V., Yakovlev G.A., Baglayeva E.M., Seleznev A.A.

Are there particles of meteoritic nature in the muddy residual in Ekaterinburg?


Denisova Yu.V., Vikhot A.N.

The zircon thermometry of the Yarotsky granitic massif (Near-Polar Urals)


Dzhumayn N.R., Nastavkin A.V.

The investigation of pyrite from brown coals by scanning electron microscopy (Mugun Coal Section, Irkutsk basin)


Dmitrieva N.V., Bubnova R.S., Filatov S.K., Shablinsky A.P., Ugolkov V.L.

The thermal behaviour of synthetic analogues of ivsite Na3H(SO4)2 and matteucite NaHSO4H2O


Dorokhova L.A., Ilyenok S.S.

Fluorite formation in the Populus balsamifera L. leaf stomata located in the emission area of Novokuznetsk aluminium factory


Dugushkina K.A., Berzin SV

New carbonaceous chondrite from the Northwest Africa


Eremin N.N.

Atomic sizes in crystals: misconceptions and reality


Zaitseva M.V., Votyakov S.L., Shmelev V.R.

The first results of REE determination in rock-forming clinopyroxenes using NexION 300S mass spectrometer and NWR 213 laser ablation system


Zamyatin D.A., Votyakov S.L., Shchapova Yu.V.

The algorithm for the combined research of zircon with micron space resolution as a basis for petrochronological investigations


Ignatiev G.V., Shushkov D.A.

Ceramics based on the fly-ash of Vorkuta heat and power plants


Ilgasheva E.O., Seleznev A.A., Yarmoshenko I.V., Shagalov E.S., Leonova L.V.

The mineral composition and technogenic formations of the surface muddy residual in Ekaterinburg


Kabanova A.V., Kiselnikova L.P., Zang Ts., Panfilov P.E.

Destruction micro-mechanism of the hierarchially organised biocomposite (human tooth dentine)


Kalachev V.A., Panfilov G.P., Yakupov R.R., Zaitsev D.V., Panfilov P.E.

The peculiarities of the rock fracturing under the stretching loads


Karpova S.V., Kiseleva D.V., Ryanskaya A.D., Galakhova O.L., Shagalov E.S.

The phase composition of underlying bedrocks in the area of the Bronze Age fortified settlements (Southern Urals)


Kiryukhina G.V., Yakubovich O.V., Shvanskaya L.V.

RbMn4[PO4]3: crystal structure refinement and comparative crystal chemistry


Kiseleva D.V., Shagalov E.S., Zaitseva M.V., Pankrushina E.A., Sustavov S.G., Spivak N.

Physical and chemical characteristics of pathogenic calcifications of tooth pulp


Kislov E.V., Abukhasva A.S., Selezneva N.V., Baranov N.V.

The influence of iron replacement by palladium on phase composition and superconducting properties of Fe1.02Se0.5Te0.5


Kopysov A.S., Petrova E.V., Smirnov V.A., Kokorin A.F.

The analysis of microstructure formation of the Tsarev L5 meteorite melting crust under the thermal impact


Korobatova N.M., Shtenberg M.V., Ivanova T.N., Koroleva O.N.

Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of Na2O-SiO2-GeO2 glasses


Kuzmina N.A., Eremin N.N., Marchenko E.I.

Computer modelling of interstitial defects in three structural types of Nb5Si3 niobium silicide


Kutyrev A.V.

Platinum metal association of the river Matysken (Koryakia): key features and connection with the bedrock source


Larionov M.Yu., Kruglikov N.A., Pastukhovich A.Yu., Kolunin R.N.

Searching for meteorites in the Atacama Desert (Chile) by the UrFU meteoritic expedition


Leonidov I.I.

Calcium catapleite: from first findings to effective luminophores


Limanov E.V., Butvina V.G., Safonov O.G.

The experimental research of Pyrope + Enstatite = Phlogopite reaction in the presence of H2O-KCl fluid at 5 GPa applied to the problem of modal mantle metasomatism


Lobov K.V., Nikolenko E.I., Fedorova E.N.

The evaluation of water content in garnets from the lithospheric mantle rocks of Aldansky Shield by IR-Fourier spectroscopy


Lyutoev V.P., Makeev A.B., Lysyuk A.Yu.

Nuclear gamma resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance and IR-absorption spectroscopy methods in mineralogical-technological investigations of titanium ores


Maksimov G.S., Naukhatsky I.A., Timokhina E.I., Maksimova E.M.

The investigation of mineral composition of a stalactite from the Emine-Bair-Hosar cave (Crimea)


Maksimova A.A., Chukin A.V., Petrova E.V., Oshtrakh M.I.

The distribution of Fe2 + ions between M1 and M2 positions in silicate phases of stone and iron-stone meteorites: estimation by X-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy


Marchenko E.I., Ismailova L.S., Eremin N.N., Bobrov A.V.

Cation ordering in a solid solution of skiagite-Fe-majorite according to computer modelling data


Mashina E.V., Filippov V.N.

Microminerals and inclusions in cholelites


Mikhaylenko D.S., Shchepetova O.V., Rezvukhin D.I.

TEM investigation of the graphite-diamond interface in the gneisses of the Kokchetav massif (Northern Kazakhstan)


Mikailova M.R., Mustafayeva R.E.

The properties of macrocyclic complexes of ruthenium


Mikheeva A.V., Zamyatin D.A., Votyakov S.L.

About the stability of characteristic X-ray fluorescence at high values of excitation parameters used in the electron-probe microanalysis of REE traces in zircon


Muromtsev N.A., Eremin N.N., Ulanova A.S., Marchenko E.I.

Crystallochemical analysis of the diffusion paths of actinoids in light rare earth monazite structures


Nagornaya E.O.

Stilbite identification by synchronous thermal analysis


Nikiforov I.V., Deineko D.V., Petrova D.A.

Luminescent properties of new Ca8MgSm1-xEux(PO4)7 phosphates with vitlokite structure


Palchik N.A., Moroz T.N., Miroshnichenko L.V., Artamonov V.P., Trukhanov V.V.

Crystallochemistry of carbonates and clay minerals of bottom sediments as the condition indicator of their formation medium


Pankrushina E.A., Votyakov S.L., Ankusheva N.N., Zamyatin D.A., Shchapova Yu.V., Palenova E.E.

Quartz fluid inclusion composition according to the data of Raman spectroscopy: methodological aspects (on the example of Krasnoe ore manifestation, Bodaybo district, Eastern Siberia)


Perovskiy I.A.

The effect of hydrothermal synthesis temperature on structural and textural characteristics of sitinakite


Potapov S.S., Chervyatsova O.Ya., Parshina N.V., Vasilyev S.K.

Mineral salts from thermal waters of Kyndyg deposit (Republic of Abkhazia, Western Caucasus)


Rezvukhin D.I., Nikolenko E.I., Zaitseva M.V., Schepetova O.V., Mikhaylenko D.S., Korsakov A.V.

The mineralogy and rare-elemental composition of peridotite garnets with solid-phase inclusions of oxides from lamprophyres of Chompolin field, Yakutia


Ryzhkov V.M., Igumentseva M.A., Shtenberg M.V.

The technology for quality assessment of quartz raw materials


Savko K.A., Zaitseva M.V., Votyakov S.L., Tsybulyaev S.V.

Hf isotopic composition of zircons from granodiorites of Talov intrusion as the evidence for juvenile Paleoproterozoic crust of Vorontsovsky Terrain, Eastern Sarmathy


Savosteenko G.A., Taskaev S.V., Gorkavy N.N., Dudorov A.E.

The morphological features of carbon microparticles of Chelyabinsk meteorite dust


Salata E.N., Naukhatsky I.A., Maksimova E.M.

X-ray diffraction study of solid solutions with spinel structure


Sapegina A.V., Shvanskaya L.V.

Crystal structure of new caesium pentaborate, CsB5O7(OH)2·0.5H2O, with topology of larderellite


Selezneva N.V., Gubkin A.F., Volegov A.S., Kazantsev V.A., Baranov N.V.

The alteration of atomic and magnetic structures and phase composition with substitutions in pyrrotine type compounds


Soktoev B.R.

Mineral composition of anthropogenic carbonates according to the data of X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy


Soroka E.I., Azovskova O.B., Rovnushkin M.Yu., Pritchin M.E., Smoleva I.V., Lyutoev V.P., Soloshenko N.G., Streletskaya M.V., Zaitseva M.V.

Isotopic composition of carbonates from the ore-hosting rocks of Vorontsovskoe gold deposit (Northern Urals)


Suhanova K.G., Alekseev V.I.

About two zircon generations from the tin-bearing metasomatites of the Verkhneurmiisky ore node (Amur river region)


Tolkacheva A.S., Leonidov I.I.

The synthesis and properties of Ca12-3xDy2xAl14O33 ± d mayenite solid solution


Topnikova A.P., Belokoneva E.L., Dimitrova O.V., Volkov A.S.

KNa2Tm[Si8O19]·4H2O a new member of the rhodesite-delhaelite family: topological-symmetric analysis and the crystal structure prediction


Toporova N.M., Shadrin D.O., Sherokalova E.M., Selezneva N.V., Baranov N.V.

Crystal structure and magnetic properties of Fe7-yVyX8 synthetic minerals


Ulanova A.S., Marchenko E.I., Eremin N.N.

The development of the library of interatomic potentials for structural modelling of monazites and xenotimes of the variable composition


Filatov S.K.

The nature of specific points at the temperature dependency of crystal lattice parameters


Fokina A.K., Kiseleva D.V., Cherednichenko N.V.

The development of the method for determining the major (Ca, P) and trace (Na, Mg, Al, Si, K, Fe) elements by ICP-AES in the biogenic apatite samples


Khairtdinova L.R.

The genesis of high-aluminiferous gneisses of the Tatar arch crystalline basement according to the graphite isotopic composition


Khanin D.A., Chubarov V.M.

On the characterisation of disintegration of the NaCl-KCl solid solution from Arsenatnaya fumarole (Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka)


Hisina N.R.

Local shock melting of meteorites


Khubanov V.B., Tsygankov A.A.

Duration and stages of formation of the West Transbaikalian granitoid province based on U-Pb data of isotopic LA-ICP-MS zirconometry


Tselemovich V.A., Korzinova A.S.

Microscopic peculiarities of background space dust from peats


Chervyatsova O.Ya., Potapov S.S., Parshina N.V., Dbar R.S.

Alunite and gibbsite new findings of mineral markers of the sulfuric acid speleogenesis stage in the Novoafonskaya cave (Republic of Abkhazia, Western Caucasus)


Chizhov P.S.

The automation of quantitative XRD phase analysis of samples with complex phase composition


Shablinsky A.P., Vergasova L.P., Filatov S.K.

Crystal structure refinement of K3Na4(SiF6)3(BF4) knasibfite from Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka


Shagalov E.S., Streletskaya M.V., Mikhailova O.E., Sustavov S.G., Pribavkin S.V.

Cu isotopes in grey copper ores of Berezovsky ore field


Sharygin V.V.

CuCrS2 phase in Uakit (IIAB) iron meteorite, Buryatia: preliminary data


Sharygin V.V., Yakovlev G.A., Ripp G.S., Karmanov N.S., Izbrodin I.A.

Vanadium nitride in Uakit (IIAB) iron meteorite, Buryatia: chemical composition and structural data


Shmakova A.M.

The mineral composition of titanium-bearing sandstones of Syninskaya suite of the Middle Triassic (Pre-Urals foreland basin)


Shtenberg M.V., Popov V.A., Lebedeva S.M., Zainullina R.T., Rassomakhin M.A.

Vibrational spectroscopy of kenyaite and magadiite from the Southern Urals


Shchapova Yu.V., Votyakov S.L., Zamyatin D.A., Weinstein I.A., Chaykin D.V.

Optical spectroscopy of zircon: the temperature effects of Raman scattering and luminescence; the effect of structural disorder


Shchapova Yu.V., Zamyatin D.A., Votyakov S.L., Pushkarev E.V.

Raman spectroscopy of natural chromspinels: the influence of compositional and structural variations


Shchapova Yu.V., Zamyatin D.A., Votyakov S.L., Cholakh S.O., Zhidkov I.S.

Electronic structure analysis of zircon oxygen sublattice using XPS: methodological aspects


Shchepetova O.V., Mikhaylenko D.S., Rezvukhin D.I., Zamyatin D.A., Korsakov A.V.

The investigation of zircon and rutile in kyanite-containing rocks of super-high pressures (Kokchetav massif)


Yakovlev I.V., Malkovets V.G., Gibsher A.A.

The mineralogy of olivines and garnets from peridotite xenolites of Komsomolskaya-Magnitnaya kimberlite pipe (Verkhemunskoye field, Siberian craton)


Titel: Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation
Untertitel: 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists, Ekaterinburg, Russia, February 5-8, 2018
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ISBN: 978-3-030-00924-3
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