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Microprocessor-Based Control Systems

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Recent advances in LSI technology and the consequent availability of inexpensive but powerful microprocessors have already affecte... Weiterlesen
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Recent advances in LSI technology and the consequent availability of inexpensive but powerful microprocessors have already affected the process control industry in a significant manner. Microprocessors are being increasingly utilized for improving the performance of control systems and making them more sophisticated as well as reliable. Many concepts of adaptive and learning control theory which were considered impractical only 20 years ago are now being implemented. With these developments there has been a steady growth in hardware and software tools to support the microprocessor in its complex tasks. With the current trend of using several microprocessors for performing the complex tasks in a modern control system, a great deal of emphasis is being given to the topic of the transfer and sharing of information between them. Thus the subject of local area networking in the industrial environment has become assumed great importance. The object of this book is to present both hardware and software concepts that are important in the development of microprocessor-based control systems. An attempt has been made to obtain a balance between theory and practice, with emphasis on practical applications. It should be useful for both practicing engineers and students who are interested in learning the practical details of the implementation of microprocessor-based control systems. As some of the related material has been published in the earlier volumes of this series, duplication has been avoided as far as possible.

1 Microprocessors in Control Systems Outline of the Book.- Outline of the book.- References.- 2 Some Aspects of Microprocessor-Based Control and Identification.- Implementation of simple classical control techniques.- Motion control system.- On-line parameter identification in continuous dynamical systems.- References.- 3 Self-Tuning and Adaptive Control.- General plant and predictor models.- Predictive control.- Parameter estimation.- Self-tuning.- Implementation and use.- PID self-tuners.- Conclusions.- References.- 4 Adaptive Control of Synchronous Machine Excitation.- Adaptive control.- Adaptive controllers for power systems.- Microcomputer implementation of adaptive controller.- Experimental results.- Adaptive controller with variable forgetting factor and self-searching pole-shift.- Concluding remarks.- References.- 5 Microprocessor-Based System Identification by Signal Compression Method.- Principle of the signal compression method.- Example of the measuring procedure.- Applications.- References.- 6 Digital System Controllers for Exact Model Signal Tracking.- System models.- Step-invariant controller design.- Step-invariant design example.- Deadbeat controllers for step-varying systems.- Conclusion.- References.- 7 Microprocessor-Based Control of DC Motors.- System description.- Selection of the desired closed-loop pole positions.- Application.- Programming.- Conclusion.- References.- 8 Microprocessor-Based AC Motor Control.- Adjustable speed AC motor drives.- Signal processing using a microprocessor and peripheral ICs.- AC motor drives with microprocessors.- Conclusion.- References.- 9 Microprocessor-Based Nonlinear Controller for the Roll Motion of a Model Aircraft.- Roll motion equation.- Proposed nonlinear control scheme.- Microprocessor implementation of the controller.- Roll motion simulation results.- Conclusions.- Appendix A.- Appendix B.- References.- 10 A Microprocessor-Based Control System for a Glass Furnace.- Process description.- Modelling.- Control of the melting furnace.- Computer control systems in the glass industry.- A microcomputer system for a glass furnace.- Conclusions.- References.- 11 Multi-processor robot control system using Microprogramming.- Control of robotic system.- Multilevel structure of robot control system.- Architecture of multiprocessor robot control system.- Microprogrammable architecture of executive level of robot control system.- The algorithms of the microprogramme control of the robot control system executive level.- Conclusion.- References.- 12 Computer Control System for the Training Simulator.- Design of model following servo system.- Dynamics of simulator.- Experiment.- Conclusion.- References.- Appendix A.- 13 Microcontrol-Based Direct Numerical Control.- Principles of numerical control.- DNC system design and implementation.- Conclusions.- References.- 14 Microprocessor-Based Repetitive Control.- Principle of repetitive control.- Configuration and properties of modified repetitive control system.- Design principle and implementation of repetitive control system.- Application.- Conclusion.- References.- 15 Real-Time Programming Languages for Process Control.- Pascal.- Concurrent Pascal.- Modula-2.- Ada.- FORTH.- Conclusion.- References.- 16 Industrial Lan using Distributed Microprocessors.- Microprocessor hardware.- Kernel executive.- Conclusions and recommendations.- References.- 17 Microcomputer-Embedded Distributed Control of a Switching and Communication System.- The evolution of switching and communication systems.- Distributed control of a switching and communication system.- Control and implementation of the distributed communication system.- The dynamic aspect of the system.- Software structure of the distributed communication system.- Conclusion and future directions.- References.- 18 Microprocessor-based data reduction and Compression systems.- Data reduction via piecewise linear approximation algorithms.- Data compression via orthogonal transforms: The fast Walsh transform case.- Conclusions.- References.


Titel: Microprocessor-Based Control Systems
EAN: 9789401085946
ISBN: 9401085943
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Netherlands
Anzahl Seiten: 428
Gewicht: 800g
Größe: H254mm x B178mm x T22mm
Jahr: 2011
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986

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