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Metastable Systems under Pressure

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Metastable Systems under Pressure: Platform for New Technologies and Environ... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Metastable Systems under Pressure: Platform for New Technologies and Environmental Applications
Odessa, Ukraine
4-8 October 2008

recently discovered advantages of amorphous forms of medicines/pharmaceutical products which focused a significant part of industry-related efforts on the GFA (Glass Forming Ability) and the glass temperature (T) versus pressure g dependences. 1 b ? 0 ? ? o ? P ? Pg P ? Pg 0 ? ? ? ? T (P ) = F (P )D (P ) =T 1 + exp ? g g ? 0 ? ? ? ? c + Pg ? ? ? ? 400 1 b 0 o ? ? ? ? P ? P P ? P g g 0 ? ? ? ? T (P ) = F (P )D (P ) =T 1 + exp ? g g 0 ? ? ? ? c ? + P max g ? ? ? ? T ~7 GPa g max P ~ 304 K Liquid g 300 1 HS glass 0 200 -1 mSG ?=0. 044 Liquid -2 100 -3 glass ?=0. 12 -1. 2 -0. 9 -0. 6 -0. 3 0. 0 log T 10 scaled -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 P (GPa) g 19 Figure 1. T he pressure evolution of the glass temperature in gl Th ye s cerol ol . id curve shows the parameterization of experimental data via the novel, modifie d Glat Sizm elon type equation, given in the Figure.


The fundamental insight and the technological & environmental relevance of metastable systems have given a strong impetus from the last decade development of extreme pressures experimental techniques, from the GPa region to the challenging negative pressures domain. The ultimate verification of theoretical models and reliable equations for portraying basic properties for such systems seems to be possible only when including temperature and pressure paths. This volume presents a set of papers related to novel findings on the glass transition phenomenon, phase transitions in liquid crystals, critical mixtures, bioliquids, geophysical system which can reveal surprising "secret" features only when using extreme pressures. This can be illustrated by the link between colloidal and molecular glassformers, the universal onset of the non-trivial dynamics in glasses, demistification of the secondary relaxation or novel findings associated with liquid - liquid near critical transitions in critical mixture, liquid crystals and in one component liquid, including water Particularly noteworthy is the emerging possibility of applications in geophysical and environment- relevant system as well as in technological application from material engineering, pharmacy industry, to biotechnology. TOC:From the contents Preface: Metastable Systems Under Pressure - The Platform For Novel Fundamental, Technological And Environmental Applications In The 2l Century.- I: Supercooled, Glassy System.- II: Liquid Crystals.- III: Near-critical Mixtures.- IV: Water and Liquid- Liquid Transitions.- V: Other Metastable Systems.

Preface: Metastable Systems Under Pressure - The Platform For Novel Fundamental, Technological And Environmental Applications In The 2l Century; S. J. Rzoska et al.- I: Supercooled, Glassy System. The Nature Of Glass: Somethings Are Clear; K. L. Ngai et al.- The Link Between The Pressure Evolution Of the Glass Temperature In Colloidal And Molecular Glass Formers; S. J. Rzoska et al.- Evidences of A Common Scaling Under Cooling And Compression For Slow And Fast Relaxations: Relevance Of Local Modes For The Glass Transition; S. Capaccioli et al.- Reorientational relaxation time at the onset of intermolecular cooperativity; C. M Roland, R. Casalini.- Neutron Diffraction As A Tool To Explore The Free Energy Landscape In Orientationally Disordered Phases; M. Rovira-Esteva et al.- A Procedure To Quantify The Short Range Order Of Disordered Phase; L. C. Pardo et al.- Consistency of the Vogel- Fulcher-Tammann (VFT) Equations For The Temperature-, Pressure-, Volume- And Density- Related Evolutions Of Dynamic Properties In Supercooled and Superpressed Glass Forming Liquids; A. Drozd-Rzoska and S. J. Rzoska.- II: Liquid Crystals. Stability And Metastability In Nematic Glasses: A Computational Study; M. Ambrozic et al.- Phase Ordering In Mixtures Of Liquid Crystals And Nanoparticles; B. Roic et al.- Glassy Dynamics And Anomalous Decoupling Of The Dc Conductivity And The Structural Relaxation Time In The Isotropic Phase Of A Rod-Like Liquid Crystalline Compound; A. Drozd-Rzoska and S. J. Rzoska.- III: Near-critical Mixtures. An Optical Brillouin Study Of A Re-Entrant Binary Liquid; F. J. Bermejo and L. Letamendia.-New Proposals For Supercritical Fluids Applications; S. J. Rzoska, A. Drozd-Rzoska.- 2d And 3d Quantum Rotors In A Crystal Field: Critical Points, Metastability, And Reentrance; Y. A. Freiman, B. Hetényi .- IV: Water and Liquid- Liquid Transitons. Water And Fluid-Fluid Transition; K. Stokely et al.- Critical Lines In Binary Mixtures OfComponents With Multiple Critical Point; S. Artemenko et al.- About The Shape Of The Melting Line As A Possible Precursor Of A Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition; A.R. Imre, S. J. Rzoska.- Disorder Parameter, Asymmetry And Quasibinodal Ofwater At Negative Pressures; V. B. Rogankov.- Experimental Investigations Of Superheated And Supercooled Water; V. G. Baidakov.-Estimation Of The Explosive Boiling Limit Of Metastable Liquids; A.R. Imre, G. T. Kraska.- Lifetime Of Superheated Water In A Micrometric Synthetic Fluid Inclusion; M El Mekki et al.- Explosive Properties Of Superheated Aqueous Solutions In Volcanic And Hydrothermal Systems; R. Thiéry et al.- Vapour Nucleation In Metastable Water and Solutions By Synthetic Fluid Inclusion Method; K. Shmulovic, L. Mercury.- Method Of Controlled Pulse Heating: Applications For Complex Fluids And Polymers; P.V.Skripov.- V: Other Metastable Systems. Collective Self-Diffusion In Simple Liquids Under Pressure; N. P. Malomuzh et al.- Thermal Conductivity Of Metastable States Of Simple Alcohols; A.I. Krivchikov et al.- Transformation of the strongly hydrogen bonded system into van der Waals one reflected in molecular dynamics; K Kaminski et al.- Effects Of Pressure On Stability Of Biomolecules In Solutions Studied By Neutron Scattering; M.-C. Beiissent-Funel et al.- Generalized Gibbs' Thermodynamics And Nucleation - Growth Phenomena; J. W.P. Schmelzer .- Self-Assembling Of The Metastable Globular Defects In Superheated Fluorite-Like Crystals; L. N Yakub, E. S. Yakub.- Study Of Metastable States Of The Precipitates In Reactor Steels Under Neutron Irradiation; A.Gokhman, F. Bergner.- Dynamics of systems for monitoring of environment; W. Nawrocki.-


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