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LATIN 2008: Theoretical Informatics

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This proceedings volume examines a range of topics in theoretical computer science, including automata theory, data compression, l... Weiterlesen
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This proceedings volume examines a range of topics in theoretical computer science, including automata theory, data compression, logic, machine learning, mathematical programming, parallel and distributed computing, quantum computing and random structures.

The Latin American Theoretical INformatics Symposium (LATIN) is becoming a traditional and high-quality conference on the Theory of Computing. Previous conferenceshavebeenorganizedtwiceinBrazil:S aoPaulo(1992)andCampinas (1998); twice in Chile: Valpara ?so (1995) and Valdivia (2006); once in Uruguay: Punta del Este (2000); once in Mexico: Cancun (2002); and once in Argentina: Buenos Aires (2004). This volume contains the proceedings of the 8th Latin American Theore- cal INformatics Symposium (LATIN 2008), which was held in Buzio s, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 7 11, 2008. Atotalof242paperswerereviewedbytheprogramcommittee.Amongthem, 66 were selected for presentation at the conference. The selection was based on the papers originality, quality and relevance to Theoretical Computer Science. This volume also contains the extended abstract associated with the invited talk of Wojciech Szpankowski. We also had 4 invited talks by Cl audio Leonardo Lucchesi, Eva Tardos, Moni Naor and Robert Tarjan. We wouldlike to thank allmembers ofthe PCfortheir thoroughwork,which resultedinagoodselectionofpapers;themembersoftheSteeringCommitteefor their insightfuladviceandforsharingtheir experiencewithus;andthe members of our community who served as referees. Inaddition,wethankalloursponsors,Microsoft,UOL,IFIP,HP,Yahoo!, FAPERJ, CNPq and CAPES, and Springer for their continuous support.

Profile of Tries.- Random 2-XORSAT at the Satisfiability Threshold.- On Dissemination Thresholds in Regular and Irregular Graph Classes.- How to Complete a Doubling Metric.- Sorting and Selection with Random Costs.- Guided Search and a Faster Deterministic Algorithm for 3-SAT.- Comparing and Aggregating Partially Resolved Trees.- Computing the Growth of the Number of Overlap-Free Words with Spectra of Matrices.- On Stateless Multihead Automata: Hierarchies and the Emptiness Problem.- Myhill-Nerode Theorem for Recognizable Tree Series Revisited.- The View Selection Problem for Regular Path Queries.- Optimal Higher Order Delaunay Triangulations of Polygons.- Coloring Geometric Range Spaces.- Local Algorithms for Dominating and Connected Dominating Sets of Unit Disk Graphs with Location Aware Nodes.- Spanners of Complete k-Partite Geometric Graphs.- Minimum Cost Homomorphisms to Reflexive Digraphs.- On the Complexity of Reconstructing H-free Graphs from Their Star Systems.- Optimization and Recognition for K 5-minor Free Graphs in Linear Time.- Bandwidth of Bipartite Permutation Graphs in Polynomial Time.- The Online Transportation Problem: On the Exponential Boost of One Extra Server.- Average Rate Speed Scaling.- Geometric Aspects of Online Packet Buffering: An Optimal Randomized Algorithm for Two Buffers.- Maximizing the Minimum Load for Selfish Agents.- Approximate Polynomial gcd: Small Degree and Small Height Perturbations.- Pseudorandom Graphs from Elliptic Curves.- Speeding-Up Lattice Reduction with Random Projections (Extended Abstract).- Sparse Approximate Solutions to Semidefinite Programs.- On the Facets of Mixed Integer Programs with Two Integer Variables and Two Constraints.- A Polyhedral Investigation of the LCS Problem and a Repetition-Free Variant.- Competitive Cost Sharing with Economies of Scale.- Emergency Connectivity in Ad-Hoc Networks with Selfish Nodes.- Fully-Compressed Suffix Trees.- Improved Dynamic Rank-Select Entropy-Bound Structures.- An Improved Algorithm Finding Nearest Neighbor Using Kd-trees.- List Update with Locality of Reference.- Approximating Steiner Networks with Node Weights.- Approximating Minimum-Power Degree and Connectivity Problems.- Energy Efficient Monitoring in Sensor Networks.- Approximation Algorithms for k-Hurdle Problems.- Approximating Crossing Minimization in Radial Layouts.- New Upper Bound on Vertex Folkman Numbers.- Ptolemaic Graphs and Interval Graphs Are Leaf Powers.- A Representation Theorem for Union-Difference Families and Application.- Algorithms to Locate Errors Using Covering Arrays.- On Injective Colourings of Chordal Graphs.- Spanning Trees with Many Leaves in Graphs without Diamonds and Blossoms.- On 2-Subcolourings of Chordal Graphs.- Collective Additive Tree Spanners of Homogeneously Orderable Graphs.- The Generalized Median Stable Matchings: Finding Them Is Not That Easy.- Stateless Near Optimal Flow Control with Poly-logarithmic Convergence.- The Least-Unpopularity-Factor and Least-Unpopularity-Margin Criteria for Matching Problems with One-Sided Preferences.- Randomized Rendez-Vous with Limited Memory.- Origami Embedding of Piecewise-Linear Two-Manifolds.- Simplifying 3D Polygonal Chains Under the Discrete Fréchet Distance.- Weighted Rectilinear Approximation of Points in the Plane.- Paths with no Small Angles.- Simpler Constant-Seed Condensers.- Parallel Repetition of the Odd Cycle Game.- I/O-Efficient Point Location in a Set of Rectangles.- Finding Heavy Hitters over the Sliding Window of a Weighted Data Stream.- Fixed-Parameter Algorithms for Cluster Vertex Deletion.- Paths and Trails in Edge-Colored Graphs.- Efficient Approximation Algorithms for Shortest Cycles in Undirected Graphs.- Domination in Geometric Intersection Graphs.- An Efficient Quantum Algorithm for the Hidden Subgroup Problem in Nil-2 Groups.- Quantum Property Testing of Group Solvability.- Solving NP-Complete Problems with Quantum Search.


Titel: LATIN 2008: Theoretical Informatics
Untertitel: 8th Latin American Symposium, Búzios, Brazil, April 7-11, 2008, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540787723
ISBN: 3540787720
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 816
Gewicht: 1212g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T43mm
Jahr: 2008
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2008

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