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Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

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We were very pleased to once again extend to the delegates and, we are pleased to th say, our friends the warmest of welcomes to t... Weiterlesen
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We were very pleased to once again extend to the delegates and, we are pleased to th say, our friends the warmest of welcomes to the 8 International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems at Wellington - stitute of Technology in Wellington, New Zealand. The KES conferences attract a wide range of interest. The broad focus of the c- ference series is the theory and applications of computational intelligence and em- gent technologies. Once purely a research field, intelligent systems have advanced to the point where their abilities have been incorporated into many conventional appli- tion areas. The quest to encapsulate human knowledge and capabilities in domains such as reasoning, problem solving, sensory analysis, and other complex areas has been avidly pursued. This is because it has been demonstrated that these abilities have definite practical applications. The techniques long ago reached the point where they are being exploited to provide commercial advantages for companies and real beneficial effects on profits. KES 2004 provided a valuable mechanism for delegates to obtain a profound view of the latest intelligent systems research into a range of - gorithms, tools and techniques. KES 2004 also gave delegates the chance to come into contact with those applying intelligent systems in diverse commercial areas. The combination of theory and practice represents a uniquely valuable opportunity for - preciating the full spectrum of intelligent-systems activity and the state of the art.

Keynote Lecturers.- Web Intelligence, World Knowledge and Fuzzy Logic The Concept of Web IQ (WIQ).- Industrial Applications of Evolvable Hardware.- Equilibrium Modelling of Oligonucleotide Hybridization, Error, and Efficiency for DNA-Based Computational Systems.- Chance Discovery with Emergence of Future Scenarios.- Brain-Inspired SOR Network and Its Application to Trailer Track Back-up Control.- Dual Stream Artificial Neural Networks.- Session Papers.- Improving the Quality of Semantic Retrieval in DNA-Based Memories with Learning.- Conceptual and Contextual DNA-Based Memory.- Semantic Model for Artificial Intelligence Based on Molecular Computing.- The Fidelity of the Tag-Antitag System III. Robustness in the Excess Limit: The Stringent Temperature.- Robust PID Controller Tuning Using Multiobjective Optimization Based on Clonal Selection of Immune Algorithm.- Intelligent Tuning of PID Controller with Robust Disturbance Rejection Function Using Immune Algorithm.- The Block Hidden Markov Model for Biological Sequence Analysis.- Innovations in Intelligent Agents and Applications.- An Intelligent Aircraft Landing Support System.- Teaming Humans and Agents in a Simulated World.- Contextual-Knowledge Management in Peer to Peer Computing.- Collaborating Agents in Distributed Networks and Emergence of Collective Knowledge.- Intelligent Decision Making in Information Retrieval.- Innovations in Intelligent Agents, Web and Their Applications.- Novel Intelligent Agent-Based System for Study of Trade.- Testing of Multi-agent-based System in Ubiquitous Computing Environment.- Helping Users Customize Their Pedagogical Agents: Issues, Approaches and Examples.- Intelligent Web Site: Understanding the Visitor Behavior.- Mining Transformed Data Sets.- Personalized Multilingual Web Content Mining.- Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval for Identifying and Rating Adult Images.- Using Domain Knowledge to Learn from Heterogeneous Distributed Databases.- A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Parallel Association Rule Mining.- FIT: A Fast Algorithm for Discovering Frequent Itemsets in Large Databases.- Frequency-Incorporated Interdependency Rules Mining in Spatiotemporal Databases.- Theoretical Considerations of Multiple Particle Filters for Simultaneous Localisation and Map-Building.- Continuous Walking Over Various Terrains A Walking Control Algorithm for a 12-DOF Locomotion Interface.- Vision Controlled Humanoid Robot Tool-Kit.- Modular Mechatronic Robotic Plug-and-Play Controller.- The Correspondence Problem in Topological Metric Mapping Using Absolute Metric Maps to Close Cycles.- Developing a Virtual Student Model to Test the Tutor and Optimiser Agents in an ITS.- Considering Different Learning Styles when Transferring Problem Solving Strategies from Expert to End Users.- ULMM: A Uniform Logic Modeling Method in Intelligent Tutoring Systems.- Mining Positive and Negative Fuzzy Association Rules.- An Adaptation Framework for Web Based Learning System.- Ontologies for Creating Learning Object Content.- PASS: An Expert System with Certainty Factors for Predicting Student Success.- Student Modeling in Design Pattern ITS.- Supporting Self-Explanation in an Open-Ended Domain.- Evaluation of the IRORI: A Cyber-Space that Catalyzes Face-to-Face Informal Communication.- Information Sharing System Based on Location in Consideration of Privacy for Knowledge Creation.- A Method of Extracting Topic Threads Towards Facilitating Knowledge Creation in Chat Conversations.- Support System for a Person with Intellectual Handicap from the Viewpoint of Universal Design of Knowledge.- Intelligent Conversational Channel for Learning Social Knowledge Among Communities.- An Algorithm for Avoiding Paradoxical Arguments Among the Multi-agent in the Discourse Communicator.- Gallery: In Support of Human Memory.- Evaluation of the Communication Atmosphere.- A Method for Estimating Whether a User is in Smooth Communication with an Interactive Agent in Human-Agent Interaction.- A Meaning Acquisition Model Which Induces and Utilizes Human's Adaptation.- Video Content Manipulation by Means of Content Annotation and Nonsymbolic Gestural Interfaces.- Structural Analysis of Instruction Utterances Using Linguistic and Visual Information.- Video Contents Acquisition and Editing for Conversation Scene.- Video-Based Interactive Media for Gently Giving Instructions.- Real-Time Human Proxy: An Avatar-Based Interaction System.- Reliability and Convergence on Kohonen Maps: An Empirical Study.- A New Trial for Improving the Traditional Technical Analysis in the Stock Markets.- Prediction of Business Failure by Total Margin Support Vector Machines.- Tick-Wise Predictions of Foreign Exchange Rates.- A Rule-Based System for eCommerce Applications.- Analyzing Dynamics of a Supply Chain Using Logic-Based Genetic Programming.- From Gaming Simulation to Case Method Empirical Study on Business Game Development and Evaluation.- A Study of Constructing Automatic Updating System for Government Web Pages.- Efficient Program Verification Using Binary Trees and Program Slicing.- An Efficient Learning System for Knowledge of Asset Management.- Extracting Purchase Patterns in Convenience Store E-Commerce Market Using Customer Cube Analysis.- A Study of Knowledge Extraction from Free Text Data in Customer Satisfaction Survey.- Network Information Mining for Content Delivery Route Control in P2P Network.- A Method of Customer Intention Management for a My-Page System.- New Hierarchy Technique Using Co-Occurrence Word Information.- A New Method of Detecting Time Expressions for E-mail Messages.- A New Classification Method of Determining the Speaker's Intention for Sentences in Conversation.- A Fast Dynamic Method Using Memory Management.- A Method of Extracting and Evaluating Popularity and Unpopularity for Natural Language Expressions.- Evaluating a Case-Based Reasoner for Clinical Decision Support.- Early Detection of Breast Cancer Using Mathematical Morphology.- Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Using Hybrid Multilayered Perceptron (HMLP) Network.- Mammographic Image and Breast Ultrasound Based Expert System for Breast Diseases.- A Study on Nonparametric Classifiers for a CAD System of Diffuse Lung Opacities in Thin-Section Computed Tomography Images.- Recognition of Grouping Areas in Trademarks Considering Proximity and Shape Similarity.- Multidimensional Visualization and Navigation in Search Results.- A Hybrid Learning Approach for TV Program Personalization.- An Adaptive-Learning Distributed File System.- Review of Coding Techniques Applied to Remote Sensing.- Efficient and Effective Tropical Cyclone Eye Fix Using Genetic Algorithms.- Spectral Unmixing Through Gaussian Synapse ANNs in Hyperspectral Images.- A Hyperspectral Based Multisensor System for Marine Oil Spill Detection, Analysis and Tracking.- Some Experiments on Ensembles of Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification.- A Modular Approach to Real-Time Sensorial Fusion Systems.- Feature Extraction by Linear Spectral Unmixing.- Decision Support System on the Grid.- Representing Knowledge in Controlled Natural Language: A Case Study.- Supporting Smart Applications in Multihop Ad-hoc Networks.- A Heuristic for Efficient Broadcasting in the Metropolitan Ad hoc Network.- ADS as Information Management Service in an M-Learning Environment.- Noise Reduction in Audio Employing Spectral Unpredictability Measure and Neural Net.- Forming and Ranking Musical Rhythm Hypotheses.- A Comparison of Two Approaches to Data Mining from Imbalanced Data.- Measuring Acceptance of Intelligent System Models.- Rough Set Based Image Texture Recognition Algorithm.- Sets of Communicating Sequential Processes.A Topological Rough Set Framework.- Robust System Identification Using Neural Networks.- A Consideration on the Learning Behaviors of the HSLA Under the Nonstationary Multiteacher Environment and Their Application to Simulation and Gaming.- Genetic Lips Extraction Method with Flexible Search Domain Control.- Medical Diagnosis System Using the Intelligent Fuzzy Systems.- Music Compression System Using the GA.- Effects of Chaotic Exploration on Reinforcement Maze Learning.- Face Search by Neural Network Based Skin Color Threshold Method.- Face Edge Detection System by Using the GAs.- A Feature Extraction of EEG with Individual Characteristics.- Proposal of Neural Recognition with Gaussian Function and Discussion for Rejection Capabilities to Unknown Currencies.- Development of DSP Unit for Online Tuning and Application to Neural Pattern Recognition System.- Face Identification Based on Ellipse Parameter Independent of Varying Facial Pose and Lighting Condition.- Object Extraction System by Using the Evolutionaly Computations.- Wrist EMG Pattern Recognition System by Neural Networks and Multiple Principal Component Analysis.- Age Classification from Face Images Focusing on Edge Information.- Why Do Machine Learning Based Techniques Fail to Accelerate the Evolution of Neural Networks? Is the Long Bitlength or the Nature of Neural Net Chromosomes to Blame?.- An Optimizer Agent that Empowers an ITS System to on-the-fly Modify its Teaching Strategies.- A Constraint-Based Optimization Mechanism for Patient Satisfaction.- Optimizing Beam Pattern of Adaptively Linear Array Antenna by Phase Perturbations Using Genetic Algorithms.- The Optimal Airline Overbooking Strategy Under Uncertainties.- Determination of Packet Priority by Genetic Algorithm in the Packet Switching Networks.- A New Encoding for the Degree Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem.- Towards Cortex Sized Artificial Nervous Systems.- A Memory Model Based on Dynamical Behavior of the Hippocampus.- Analysis of Limit-Cycles on Neural Networks with Asymmetrical Cyclic Connections Using Approximately Activation Functions.- Inverse Function Delayed Model for Optimization Problems.- Switched-Capacitor Large-Scale Chaotic Neuro-Computer Prototype and Chaotic Search Dynamics.- A Convolutional Neural Network VLSI Architecture Using Thresholding and Weight Decomposition.- Pulse Codings of a Spiking Neuron Having Quantized State.- Design of Single Electron Circuitry for a Stochastic Logic Neural Network.- An Improved Time Series Prediction Scheme Using Fuzzy Logic Inference.- Fuzzy Classification of Secretory Signals in Proteins Encoded by the Plasmodium falciparum Genome.- Web Users' Classification Using Fuzzy Neural Network.- Enhancing Generalization Capability of SVM Classifiers with Feature Weight Adjustment.- GREN-Networks in WDI-Based Analysis of State Economies.- Learning Pseudo Metric for Multimedia Data Classification and Retrieval.- Projection Learning Based Kernel Machine Design Using Series of Monotone Increasing Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces.- Combination of Weak Evidences by D-S Theory for Person Recognition.- Time-Frequency Decomposition in Gesture Recognition System Using Accelerometer.- A Method of Belief Base Revision for Extended Logic Programs Based on State Transition Diagrams.- Monotonic and Nonmonotonic Reasoning in Zoom Reasoning Systems.- An Exoskeleton for Human Shoulder Rotation Motion Assist.- Networked Intelligent Robots by Ontological Neural Networks.- Some Emergences of Mobiligence in the Pursuit Game.- Use of Successful Policies to Relearn for Induced States of Failure in Reinforcement Learning.- A Perceptual System for a Vision-Based Mobile Robot Under Office Automation Floors.- Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Genetic Algorithm with Cellular Structures on Function Optimization Problems.- On-Line Update of Situation Assessment Based on Asynchronous Data Streams.- Mobility Management for Personal Agents in the All-mobile Network.- A Multi-agent Perspective on Data Integration Architectural Design.- Identification of Structural Characteristics in Product Spectra.- Policies, Rules and Their Engines: What do They Mean for SLAs?.- Forecasting on Complex Datasets with Association Rules.- Using a Multi-agent Architecture to Manage Knowledge in the Software Maintenance Process.- Evolution Strategies Based Particle Filters for Nonlinear State Estimation.- Coordination in Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Systems.- Measurement of Shaft Vibration Using Ultrasonic Sensor in Sump Pump Systems.- Behavior Learning of Autonomous Agents in Continuous State Using Function Approximation.- Some Experiences with Change Detection in Dynamical Systems.- The KAMET II Approach for Knowledge-Based System Construction.- A Recursive Component Boundary Algorithm to Reduce Recovery Time for Microreboots.- Electric Power System Anomaly Detection Using Neural Networks.- Capturing and Applying Lessons Learned During Engineering Equipment Installation.- Moving Towards a New Era of Intelligent Protection Through Digital Relaying in Power Systems.- Capacitor Switching Control Using a Decision Table for a 115-kV Power Transmission System in Thailand.


Titel: Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems
Untertitel: 8th International Conference, KES 2004, Wellington, New Zealand, September 20-25, 2004. Proceedings
EAN: 9783540233183
ISBN: 3540233180
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Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Anzahl Seiten: 1404
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Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004

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