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The Power of Curiosity

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Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins have drawn on their extensive experience as executive coaches to help all of us learn ... Weiterlesen
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Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins have drawn on their extensive experience as executive coaches to help all of us learn to pause, take a breath and, instead of thoughtlessly reacting, assuming, judging or blaming, begin to get curious. In "The Power of Curiosity", they offer thoughtful guidance and practical tools that get to the heart of the matter: clarity, understanding and real human connection. -- Brigid Schulte, New York Times Best Selling Author of "Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play when No One has the Time", Washington Post staff writer

Conflict resolution is essential to innovation, it is how you get to the bleeding edge of what is possible. How leaders navigate their way through conflict, lead their teams and ask the questions needed to out perform, out design and out create in their field can make or break them. "The Power of Curiosity" is the leadership handbook for the 21st century giving you a simple step by step method to have real conversations that navigate conflict with innovative outcomes. -- Daymond John, Fashion Mogul and Investor on ABC's' Shark Tank

The Power of Curiosity" nails it! It is exactly how every successful person I know lives or strives to live their life. A must read for anyone who wants to start applying practical tools, align with their values and achieve successful, innovative outcomes. -- Joey Gibbons, The Gibbons Hospitality Group

I own two businesses and have always felt like an ineffective boss. I knew my product was successful, but I had trouble delegating and motivating my staff. After reading "The Power of Curiosity", my relationships with my staff have completely changed. I no longer dread having to have meetings with my employees, instead I am excited to hear their thoughts and learn from them. My business has only become stronger, and my work environment is more creative and dynamic. My team is now passionate about their work--and the only thing I modified was approaching each situation with curiosity. Using the tools "The Power of Curiosity" has taught me, not only helps me be a better boss, it helps me be a better person. My husband, family and friends all feel more heard, seen and understood. By using the tools in this book, you open yourself up to learning more about your co-workers, your loved ones and yourself. A true gift. -- Sue Bell, Founder of Giggles and Grass Stains Creative Learning Center

Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Siggins's work on being present when we listen to others, and choosing how to listen, has had a profound impact on my conflict resolution work as a mediator and negotiation trainer. "The Power of Curiosity" is a must read for learning how to apply these skills to our difficult conversations, and indeed all our conversations--to listen better, truly understand and connect with others, and move forward in our relationships--whether negotiating a large business contract, acting as a leaders in our organizations, or enriching our personal relationships. -- Colleen Cattell, ENS International Negotiation Consultant

How can we fully engage in conversations with people we disagree withwhile remaining calm and producing win-win outcomes? The key is curiosity, something we all naturally have as kids but that tends to get buried beneath our adult responsibilities and multitasking lifestyles.

Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner Siggins are a mother/daughter executive coaching team and co-founders of the Institute of Curiosity. A longtime occupational therapist, Kathy has been a leadership development facilitator, trainer, and coach for the past ten years, while Kirsten has coached leaders in business world and in the entertainment industry (including AOL and Universal Studios). In 2014, they created the Institute of Curiosity to help individuals learn and practice a lifestyle of curiosity to build better personal and professional relationships. Kathy lives in the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver with her husband, and Kirsten lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

As leaders or parents (or both), navigating difficult conversations is part of our job description. How do we keep calm and achieve a productive outcome, all while keeping our relationships intact?

The secret is curiosity. It is the innovation-driving, emotion-calming skill that comes so naturally to us as kids, but gets buried so easily beneath our busy, multitasking lifestyles. The good news is that we just have to relearn what we already know!

In The Power of Curiosity, mother-daughter executive coaching team Kathy Taberner and Kirsten Taberner-Siggins introduce the Curiosity Skills and a full, step-by-step process to use anytime, even when potentially challenging conversations arise. In 'The Power of Curiosity' you'll learn:

How to be fully present in every conversation, even when distractions abound

The fie listening choices you always have available, whether at home, work, or school

Specific calming strategies to access when negative emotions run high

A step-by-step process to transform potential conflict into relationship-building opportunities."

As kids, we are all curious. Kids are constantly asking questions, wanting to solve problems, looking for new possibilities. All because they are curious, wanting to learn more. Curiosity is a childhood survival skill; it's how they learn, test their assumptions, become open to new perspectives, push the boundaries of what they are capable of, make mistakes, and do things they (and often we) never thought were possible. As kids, time is a limitless commodity, and the present is the only place to be.

But somewhere along the way, as we grow into adulthood, we lose our sense of curiosity. Is it when our parents become frustrated with our millions of questions--as they're thinking about other things in their lives and are not present in the moment--and tell us to stop asking them or make us feel bad for asking them? Is it when our teachers, who don't have the time or means to answer the myriad of questions thrown at them, dismiss these questions or make us feel we aren't smart enough because we don't already know the answer?

Sadly, however it happens, curiosity in adulthood is hard to find. We live in a time-pressured world, always anticipating what is coming next with little time to be curious about what is happening now.

A recent Globe and Mail (BC) interview with Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play: When No One Has the Time, pointed out that North Americans feel they are time constrained, which impacts their ability to be curious. Our offices are now our homes; our homes are now our offices. Technology tracks our every move, connecting us with friends on social media. Expectations of people are high, and people are trying to do everything at once. As a consequence, our communication is brief and our instructions shallow, leaving little room for listening, inquiry, and understanding.

But curiosity shouldn't be something we grow out of. In fact, curiosity has been recognized as one of the most important skills needed by a leader today. In 2011, Forbes recognized curiosity as the one trait all innovative leaders share, using the success of Steve Jobs as an example: Jobs wasn't curious because he wanted to be successful. He became successful because he was so curious.

Part One: The Curiosity Skills

Chapter 1: Why Curiosity?

Chapter 2: Be Present to ABSORB

Chapter 3: Choose How to Listen

Chapter 4: Ask Curious Open Questions

Part Two: Using Curiosity to Understand Yourself

Chapter 5: Define Your Values

Chapter 6: Identify Your Wants and Set Appropriate Boundaries

Chapter 7: Connect Your Values to Your Emotions

Chapter 8: Access Your Calming Strategies

Part Three: Using Curiosity to Understand Others

Chapter 9: The Million-Dollar Answer


Titel: The Power of Curiosity
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