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Comparative Cardiovascular Dynamics of Mammals

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Provides data on the structure and function of the circulatory systems of the different mammalian species. The text explores clas... Weiterlesen
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Provides data on the structure and function of the circulatory systems of the different mammalian species. The text explores classic allometry, dimensional analysis, and modern haemodynamics to establish similarity principles. It also examines fluid mechanics, and cardiac and arterial systems.

Comparative Cardiovascular Dynamics of Mammals offers never-before-published data on the structure and function of the circulatory systems of the different mammalian species. This text explores classic allometry, dimensional analysis, and modern hemodynamics to establish similarity principles that provide a necessary and important step in understanding the natural common design and functional features of the cardiovascular systems of different mammals.Fluid and blood vessel mechanics, pulse transmission characteristics, cardiac energetics and mechanics, as well as heart-arterial system interaction are included in this essential reference. The sensitivity of parameters and similarity of principles in the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases are also addressed. This book also describes the natural processes involved in the functional development of the mammalian cardiovascular system.By using modern methods to present recent findings on the similarities and differences of the mammalian cardiovascular system, the author provides an easily understood approach to this dynamic field of study.

IntroductionThe Mammalian SpeciesThe Cardiovascular SystemFunction of the CirculationBook ContentComparative Anatomy and Physiology of the CirculationThe HeartArteriesThe VeinsThe MicrovasculatureComparative Analysis With AllometryModeling Principles and Comparison Across SpeciesAllometric Equation and DefinitionsGrowth and Differential GrowthThe Importance of Body Size and Organ SizeCirculatory AllometryIntroduction of Allometry to HemodynamicsDimensional Analysis for Identifying Circulatory SimilaritiesBasic Mathematical ToolsDimensional Analysis and the Pi-TheoremMethods for Establishing Similarity PrinciplesIllustrative ExamplesCardiac MechanicsCardiac Muscle MechanicsStarling's Law Applied to the Mammalian HeartSImilar Ejection Fraction and Contractility of the HeartThe Pressure-Volume CurveArterial System FunctionRheological Properties of Mammalian ArteriesPressure and Flow Relationship: The Windkessel and Vascular Input ImpedancePulse Propagation Wavelength and System LengthPulse Wave ReflectionsPulsatile Power Generation and Energy DissipationSimilarity Analysis of the Cardiovascular FunctionLaminar and Turbulent Flow in Mammalian ArteriesBlood Pressure and Flow WaveformsLaplace's LawThe Heart RateEnergetics and Efficiency of the Mammalian HeartArterioles, Venules, Capillaries, and the Red Blood CellsMyocardial Oxygen Consumption, Blood Flow, and Metabolic Turn-Over RateClosed-Loop Analysis of the CirculationFundamentals of Biological ControlsAllometry in Cardiovascular ControlHeart-Arterial System InteractionDifferentiating the Normal and the Diseased Cardiovascular SystemOptimality and SimilarityExternal Work, Optimal Power, and EfficiencyGeometry and Elasticity: Low Loss Aorta and Branching Characteristics, Minimum ShearMinimum Local Reflections and Area RatioThe Natural Design CharacteristicsReferencesIndex


Titel: Comparative Cardiovascular Dynamics of Mammals
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ISBN: 978-0-8493-0169-8
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