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IUTAM Symposium on Optimization of Mechanical Systems

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Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Stuttgart, Germany, 26-31 March 1995The International Union of Theoretical and Applied ... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Stuttgart, Germany, 26-31 March 1995

The International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) initiated and sponsored an International Symposium on Optimization of Mechanical Systems held in 1995 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Symposium was intended to bring together scientists working in different fields of optimization to exchange ideas and to discuss new trends with special emphasis on multi body systems. A Scientific Committee was appointed by the Bureau of IUTAM with the following members: S. Arimoto (Japan) EL. Chernousko (Russia) M. Geradin (Belgium) E.J. Haug (U.S.A.) C.A.M. Soares (Portugal) N. Olhoff (Denmark) W.O. Schiehlen (Germany, Chairman) K. Schittkowski (Germany) R.S. Sharp (U.K.) W. Stadler (U.S.A.) H.-B. Zhao (China) This committee selected the participants to be invited and the papers to be presented at the Symposium. As a result of this procedure, 90 active scientific participants from 20 countries followed the invitation, and 49 papers were presented in lecture and poster sessions.


The IUTAM Symposium on Optimization of Mechanical Systems brought together scientists from various disciplines within the field of optimization to contribute to the development of computer-aided methods for dynamic system design. The 46 papers collected here indicate the wide scope of engineering applications of optimization methods and show some of the first fruits of using sensitivity analysis and optimization in the field of multibody dynamics. The presentations and discussions during the symposium will certainly stimulate further theoretical and applied investigations in this challenging field of optimization, and the publication of the proceedings will certainly promote this development. The volume will be of interest to scientists and engineers working in the fields of multibody dynamics and dynamic system design. Also interesting to specialists in optimization who would like to contribute methods for application in dynamic system design.

Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Stuttgart, Germany, 26-31 March 1995


Preface. List of participants. Welcome Address; H. Ziegler. Welcome Address; N. Olhoff. Opening Address; W. Schiehlen. Decomposition and Sensitivity Analysis for Some Dynamic Problems of Optimal Design; N.V. Banichuk, A.D. Larichev. A Min-Max Problem of Optimal Actuator Placement for Lifting; L. Beiner. Optimization of Structure and Material Properties for Solids Composed of Softening Material; M.P. Bendsøe, et al. Multibody Systems Modeling and Optimization Problems of Lower Limb Prostheses; V. Berbyuk. Multi-criteria Multi-model Design Optimization; D. Bestle, P. Eberhard. On the Automatic Differentiation of Computer Programs and an Application to Multibody Systems; C.H. Bischof. Layout of Linear and Nonlinear Structures by Shape and Topology Optimization; K.-U. Bletzinger, et al. Constrained Control in a Mechanical System with Two Degrees of Freedom; F.L. Chernousko, I.S. Dobrynina. A New Approach to the Min-Max Dynamic Response Optimization; D.-H. Choi, M.-S. Kim. Considering Local Buckling Effects for the Optimization of Stiffened Composite Panels; H.A. Eschenauer, C.M. Weber. Optimization of Multibody Systems Using Approximation Concepts; L.F.P. Etman, et al. Optimal Rocking and Damping of a Swing; A.M. Formal'sky, E.K. Lavrovsky. An Integrated Strategy for the Control of Complex Mechanical Systems Based on Sub-System Optimality Criteria; T.J. Gordon. Design Optimization of a Solid Surface Deployable Antenna; S.D. Guest, S. Pellegrino. Perimeter Constrained Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures; R.B. Haber, et al. Optimization of Laminate Strength; V.B. Hammer, P. Pedersen. An Efficient Method for Synthesis of Mechanisms Using an Optimization Method; J.M. Hansen, D.A. Tortorelli. Synthesis of Mechanisms Including the Shape of Bodies as Design Variables; M.R. Hansen. Robust Integrated Design of Controlled Multibody Systems; P.K. Kiriazov. Optimal Robot Path Planing; D. Kraft. Topology Optimization of Integral Rib Reinforcement of Plate and Shell Structures with Weighted-sum and Max-min Objectives; L.A. Krog, N. Olhoff. Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Finite Element Discretized Structures; E. Lund. Optimization of the Dynamic Response of Linear Mechanical Systems Using a Multipoint Approximation Technique; V.L. Markine, et al. Differentiation of Reliability Functions; K. Marti. A Constraint-based Approach to the Design and Optimisation of Mechanism Systems; A.J. Medland, et al. Multibody Dynamics Optimization by Direct Differentiation Methods Using Object-oriented Programming; J.M. Pagalday, et al. Optimization of Planar Mechanism Kinematics with Symbolic Computation; V.J. Pesch, et al. Optimization Methods for Parameter Adaption in Mechatronic Systems; K. Popp, K.-D. Tieste. PSI Method and Multi-criteria Optimization of Objects with the Use of Finite Element Models; A.V. Ptchelintsev, V.S. Shenfel'd. Optimal Design of Structures Subject to Nonconservative Forces; U.T. Ringertz. Simulation, Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Constrained Multibody Systems with Impacts Based on Mass-Orthogonal Projections; M. Schulz, H. Brauchli. Parameter Estimation in Discontinuous Descriptor Models; R. von Schwerin, et al. Some Inverse Problems in Topology Design of Materials and Mechanisms; O. Sigmund. The Practical Application of a Dynamic Search Trajectory Method for Constrained Global Optimization; J.A. Snyman, K.A. Geerthsen. Multicriteria Optimal Design of a Dynamically Responsive Safety Chair; W. Stadler, A. Johnson. Multicriteria Design of Machines; R. Statnikov, J. Matusov. Optimum Design of 3-D Truss Structure Considering Control with Stress Constraint at Initial Deformed State; Y. Tada, S. Mita. Application of Continuum Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization to Automobile Structures; S. Wang, et al. Multibody Model-based Multi-objective Parameter Optimization of Aircraft Landing Gears; H. Wentscher, W. Kortüm. Multicriteria Optimization as a Tool in the Vehicle's Design Process; J. Wimmer, J. Rauh. Optimization of High Performance Resilient Machinery Foundations on Ships; D. Wittekind, L. Ga


Titel: IUTAM Symposium on Optimization of Mechanical Systems
Untertitel: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Stuttgart, Germany, 26-31 March 1995
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