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Intelligent Robotics and Applications

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This two volumes constitute the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Application... Weiterlesen
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This two volumes constitute the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, ICIRA 2008, held in Wuhan, China, in October 2008. The 265 revised full papers presented were thoroughly reviewed and selected from 552 submissions; they are devoted but not limited to robot motion planning and manipulation; robot control; cognitive robotics; rehabilitation robotics; health care and artificial limb; robot learning; robot vision; human-machine interaction & coordination; mobile robotics; micro/nano mechanical systems; manufacturing automation; multi-axis surface machining; realworld applications.


This two volumes constitute the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, ICIRA 2008, held in Wuhan, China, in October 2008.

The 265 revised full papers presented were thoroughly reviewed and selected from 552 submissions; they are devoted but not limited to robot motion planning and manipulation; robot control; cognitive robotics; rehabilitation robotics; health care and artificial limb; robot learning; robot vision; human-machine interaction & coordination; mobile robotics;
 micro/nano mechanical systems; manufacturing automation; multi-axis surface machining;
realworld applications.

Keynote Speeches.- Modeling and Optimization of Crowd Guidance for Building Emergency Evacuation.- Designing Interactive and Intelligent Control for Rehabilitation Robots.- Human-Machine Interaction and Coordination.- Architecture of Multi-Agent-Based Multi-Operator Multi-Mobile-Manipulator Teleoperation System.- Stable Multirate Control Algorithm for Haptic Dental Training System.- Ground Control Station Development for Autonomous UAV.- Speech Emotion Recognition Using Spectral Entropy.- Robot Auditory Search Realization Based on Virtual Reality.- Application of Touch Sensing Technique Based on Magneto-Rheological Fluid in Constant Power Control of Coal Mining Machine.- Research on the Unmanned Air Vehicle Team Intelligence Control System Based on Multi-agent.- Transparency Oriented Virtual Coupling Design: New Approach and Application to a Novel Admittance Haptic Device.- Retracted Article: Self-collision Detection for Rigid Non-convex Multi-link Model.- Inter-enterprise Multi-processes Quality Dynamic Control Method Based on Processing Network.- A Tele-operation System for Collaborative Works with Vision-Guided Autonomous Robot.- Occlusion Handling in Augmented Reality System for Human-Assisted Assembly Task.- Research on the Wave-Variable Based Tele-operation with Force-Feedback.- On-Line Simulation for Shop Floor Control in Manufacturing Execution System.- Micro/Nano Mechanical Systems.- Realization of the Synchronization Mechanism of Step and Scan Projection Lithography.- A Thin-Type Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor and Phenomenon Analysis of Experiment with Single-Phase Voltage.- A Vertical Sidewall Surface Piezoresistor Technology Based on DRIE and Its Typical Application in Micro xy-Stages.- Three-Dimensional Tracking at Micro-scale Using a Single Optical Microscope.- Bionic Flying Robot: Design, Fabrication and Experiment.- Fuzzy Logic Control for Vehicle Suspension Systems.- A Sidewall Piezoresistive Force Sensor Used in a MEMS Gripper.- Estimation of the Cell Deformation.- Optimizing Mechanism for a Polymorphic Tracked Robot.- Design on the Driving Mode of MEMS Vibratory Gyroscope.- Investigation on the Key Technologies of Micro Machine Tool and Prototype Development.- Forward Kinematics and Solution Methodologies for a Flexure-Based Micro-manipulator.- Approximate Numerical Solution of Hydrodynamic Gas Journal Bearings.- Modeling and Control of Macro-micro Dual-Drive High Acceleration and High Precision Positioning Stage Using for IC Packaging.- Conceptual Design Modeling for Microcomponent Based on FES.- Manufacturing Automation.- Clamping Modeling - State-of-the-Art and Future Trends.- A Feasibility Study of the Design and Calculation of Fully Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine System.- Towards a Network Video Conference System Based-On Group Cooperation Mode for Multidisciplinary Collaborative Product Design.- Straightening Model and Prediction of Straightening Stroke of Precision Linear Guide Rail.- Finite Element Modeling of Part Distortion.- Kinematics Analysis for a New-Style Machine Tool Based on 3-PRS Parallel Robot.- Safe and Short Tool Length Generation for 3+2 Axis NC Machining of a Ball-End Cutter Using Graphics Hardware.- Analysis of Clamping within a Fixing System.- A Novel Dual-Cam Linkage Drive Automatic Tool Changer for Horizontal Machining Center.- Scheduling Mixed-Model Assembly Lines with Cost Objectives by a Hybrid Algorithm.- Design and Implement of Synchronizing Dual-Drive Gantry Based on Multi-axes Motion Control Card.- Tools for Simulation Based Fixture Design to Reduce Deformation in Advanced Fusion Welding.- Modeling of Machining Error Propagation Network for Multistage Machining Processes.- Research on Design Method and Application of FPGA-Based Motion Control.- A Method of Change Management in Error Analysis for Multistage Machining Processes.- Research on the Thermal Error of the 3D-Coordinate Measuring Machine Based on the Finite Element Method.- Dynamic Stability Analysis of a Novel Forging Manipulator.- Intelligent Clamping Fixture in General.- Kinematics Analysis for a 4-RPR Parallel Mechanism of the Milling of the Big Radius Spherical Fiducial Surface.- Development of a 3D High-Precise Positioning System Based on a Planar Target and Two CCD Cameras.- Research on TOC Accounting Based Decision Making of Products Pricing.- A Genetic Algorithm for Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling Problem.- Variable Neighborhood Genetic Algorithm for the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problems.- Intelligent Robot Manipulator's Application in the Racking of Drill Pipe.- A Novel Six-Axis Heavy Force Sensor.- Research on Benefits Distribution of Fourth Party Logistics Based on Nonprofit Organization.- Design of Acceleration Feedforward and Study of Calibration Algorithm.- Research on Acceleration and Deceleration Control Algorithm of NC Instruction Interpretations with High-Order Smooth.- A Novel Auto-focusing Method Applied to Micro Manipulation System.- Simulation and Development Environment for Digital Controlled PMSM Servo System.- Development of SOA Based Equipments Maintenance Decision Support System.- Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Approach of Reliability for Condition Monitoring System.- The Condition Monitoring and Performance Evaluating of Digital Manufacturing Process.- Research on Measurement Entropy-Based of Equipment Management Complexity and Its Application in Production Planning.- Error Compensation of Indoor GPS Measurement.- A Method for Calibrating Camera Lens Distortion with Cross-Ratio Invariability in Welding Seam System.- Analysis of Stable Grasping for One-Parameter Four-Pin Gripper.- A Method for Evaluation of Coning Error Based on Adaptive Cone.- Numerical Simulations of Open-Die Forging Process for Manipulator Design.- A New, Simple and Universal Four-Finger Gripper for 3D Objects Grasping.- Reliability Assessment of Machining Accuracy on Support Vector Machine.- A Multi-aspect Simulation System for Flexible Aircraft Wing Assembly.- Design of an RFID-Based Manufacturing Data Tracking System in Plant Production.- A Visual Servoing System for the Torch Alignment to Initial Welding Position.- Design of Motion Controlling System Based on Structured Grating 3D Measuring Machine.- Dynamic Analysis and Control of the MJR Robot Palletizer.- Isotropic Design of Stewart Platform-Based Force Sensor.- Service Design for Product Lifecycle in Service Oriented Manufacturing.- Look-Ahead Scheme for High Speed Consecutive Micro Line Interpolation Based on Dynamics of Machine Tool.- Robotic Digital Manufacturing of FGM Component.- Dual-Core Embedded Real-Time Inspection and Analysis Platform for Field Quality Control and Application.- Tension/Position Hybrid Control of a Web-Conveyed System.- Testing Technology of Torsional Vibration Spring Static Stiffness.- Research of Integrated Access Control Based on Task-Driven RBAC for Lifecycle Software Quality Management.- Adaptive Notch Filter Control for the Torsion Vibration in Lead-Screw Feed Drive System Based on Neural Network.- Fusion of Data and Expert Judgments with Imprecise Probabilities for Decision Making.- MIMO Probability Density Function Control Using Simple LOG-MLP Neural Networks.- Research on Intelligent Manufacturing System Based on Multi-Agent.- Influence of Contact Forces on Stable Gripping for Large-Scale Heavy Manipulator.- Macro-micro Driven Ultra-Precision Positioning Stage for Conventional Grinder.- Hierarchical Reasoning Model of Tolerance Information and Its Using in Reasoning Technique of Geometric Tolerance Types.- Role Identification and Reallocation of a Distributed Sensor Network in Manufacturing Floor.- Dynamic Modeling of Large Scale Heavy Duty Grippers Based on the Response Dead Zone of Counteracting Force.- Toolpath Generation for Four-Axis Rough Milling of Sculptured Surface Turbine Blade.- A Multi-physics Simulation Based Parameters Optimization for Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Interconnection in Electronic Packaging.- Optimum Path Planning of Robotic Free Abrasive Polishing Process.- Circular Sub-window Multi-Step GPI Method in Seam Tracking of Welding Robot Based on 3D Vision.- Intelligent Assembly for Aero Engine Components.- The Scheduling for Press Shop Based on Operation Constraints Parallel Machine Model.- Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm for Job-Shop Scheduling under Uncertainty.- Numerical Study on Viscous Heating of Oil Flow in a Spool Valve.- Clamping Fixtures for Intelligent Cell Manufacturing.- Multi-axis Surface Machining.- Kinematics Constrained Toolpath Planning for Five-Axis Machines.- The Research of Dual NURBS Curves Interpolation Algorithm for High-Speed Five-Axis Machining.- Numeric-Symbolic Solutions to Analyses of Forward Position and Singularity Configuration for 3-RPS Parallel Mechanism.- A Genetic Optimization Approach to Optimize the Multi-head Surface Mount Placement Machine.- A Method of General Stiffness Modeling for Multi-axis Machine Tool.- Symbolic Solutions for Direct Displacement and Manipulability Analyses of 3-DOF Parallel Machine Tools Using Groebner Base Method.- Application of High Speed Machining in Impeller Process.- The Influence of Material Removal on the Modal Change of Blade.- Research on Cutting Parameters Optimization of High-Speed Milling Based on Orthogonal Experiment.- Dynamical Research Based on a New Type of Reconfigurable Robot.- The Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Error on Turn-Milling Centre.- Predictive Force Model Based Variable Feedrate Scheduling for High-Efficiency NC Machining.- Design of Redundant Robot for Automated Painting of Large and Complex Surface.- Realworld Applications.- Intellectualized Structural Synthesis and Classification of the 3-DOF Space Parallel Robot Mechanisms.- The New Design of Digital Servo Robot Controller.- Computer Vision Based Autonomous Navigation for Pin-Point Landing Robotic Spacecraft on Asteroids.- Research on the Application of a Marsupial Robot for Coal Mine Rescue.- Crucial Technology Research on Pipeline Jet Cleaning Robot.- A Novel Self-navigated Inspection Robot along High-Voltage Power Transmission Line and Its Application.- Coriolis Moments in Manipulators: Demonstrative Experiment and Mathematical Analysis.- Applications of the Fuzzy Immune PID Control and the Genetic Algorithm in the Automated Pharmacy System.- A Needle-Holding Robot for Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Hepatic Microwave Ablation and Initial Experiments.- An Application of Psychoacoustic Metrics to Improve Sound Quality of Fission Air-Conditioning Unit.- Modeling, Analysis and Control for a Robotic Roadheader.- Automatic Excavation Planning of Hydraulic Excavator.- Accuracy of a Novel Parallel Robot with Orthogonal Chains.- Application of a New Fault Detection Approach to Aerocraft's Closed-Loop Control System.- Design of Dexterous Arm-Hand for Human-Assisted Manipulation.- Noise Properties in Spool Valves with Cavitating Flow.- Self-collision Detection for Rigid Non-convex Multi-link Model.


Titel: Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Untertitel: First International Conference, ICIRA 2008 Wuhan, China, October 15-17, 2008 Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540885160
ISBN: 978-3-540-88516-0
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Medizin
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Gewicht: g
Größe: H44mm x B236mm x T156mm
Jahr: 2008
Auflage: 2008

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