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Information Computing and Applications

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Welcome to the proceedings of the International Conference on Information ComputingandApplications(ICICA2010),whichwasheldinTangsh... Weiterlesen
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Welcome to the proceedings of the International Conference on Information ComputingandApplications(ICICA2010),whichwasheldinTangshan,China, October 15 18, 2010. As future-generation information technology, information computing and applications become specialized, information computing and applications - cluding hardware, software, communications and networks are growing with ever-increasing scale and heterogeneity and becoming overly complex. The c- plexity is gettingmore criticalalongwiththe growingapplications.Tocope with the growingandcomputing complexity,informationcomputing and applications focusonintelligent,selfmanageable,scalablecomputingsystemsandapplications to the maximum extent possible without human intervention or guidance. With the rapid development of information science and technology, infor- tion computing has become the third approach of science research. Information computing and applications is the ?eld of study concerned with constructing intelligent computing, mathematical models, numerical solution techniques and using computersto analyzeandsolvenaturalscienti?c,socialscienti?c anden- neeringproblems.Inpracticaluse,itistypicallytheapplicationofcomputers- ulation, intelligent computing, internet computing, pervasive computing, sc- ablecomputing,trustedcomputing,autonomy-orientedcomputing,evolutionary computing, mobile computing, applications and other forms of computation - dressing problems in various scienti?c disciplines and engineering. Information computing and applications is an important underpinning for techniques used in information and computational science and there are many unresolved problems worth studying. The ICICA 2010 conference provided a forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government to address the most innovative research and development including technical challenges and social, legal, political, and economic issues, and to present and discuss their ideas, results, work in progress and experience on all aspects of information computing and applications.


address the most innovative research and development including technical challenges and social, legal, political, and economic issues, and to present and discuss their ideas, results, work in progress and experience on all aspects of information computing and applications.

Parallel and Distributed Computing.- A Non-strategic Microeconomic Model for Single-Service Multi-rate Application Layer Multicast.- Importance Measure Method for Dynamic Fault Tree Based on Isomorphic Node.- Shortages of the Traditional Calculation of Interference Intensity of the Control Rules.- Dynamic Data Replication Strategy Based on Federation Data Grid Systems.- A Novel Approach for QoS Guided Metascheduler for P2P Grid System.- Failure Recovery Mechanism in Neighbor Replica Distribution Architecture.- Autonomous Discovery of Subgoals Using Acyclic State Trajectories.- Numerical Computing and Forecasting to Land Subsidence in Coastal Regions of Tangshan.- Stochastic Newsboy Inventory Control Model and Its Solving on Multivariate Products Order and Pricing.- Grey Correlation Analysis on the Influential Factors the Hospital Medical Expenditure.- Discrete Construction of order-k Voronoi Diagram.- Trusted and Pervasive Computing.- Double Verifiably Encrypted Signature-Based Contract Signing Protocol.- Semantic Memory for Pervasive Architecture.- Fair E-Payment Protocol Based on Certificateless Signature and Authenticated Key Exchange.- Short Signature from the Bilinear Pairing.- The Construction of an Individual Credit Risk Assessment Method: Based on the Combination Algorithms.- Method for Evaluating QoS Trustworthiness in the Service Composition.- Three-Party Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Based on Bilinear Pairings.- Bayesian Network Based on FTA for Safety Evaluation on Coalmine Haulage System.- Internet and Web Computing.- Multi-factor Evaluation Approach for Quality of Web Service.- Execution-Aware Fault Localization Based on the Control Flow Analysis.- The Influence of Cacheable Models on E-Voting Technology.- An Efficient HybridFlood Searching Algorithm for Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks.- Ontology Model for Semantic Web Service Matching.- Approaches to Improve the Resources Management in the Simulator CloudSim.- Introducing a New Predicate Network Model Constructed Based on Null Hypothesis Testing for Software Fault Localization.- Multimedia Networking and Computing.- Image Segmentation Based on FCM with Mahalanobis Distance.- A Novel AHP and GRA Based Handover Decision Mechanism in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.- Annotating Flickr Photos by Manifold-Ranking Based Tag Ranking and Tag Expanding.- Application of Chaos in Network Video Security.- Integration of Complementary Phone Recognizers for Phonotactic Language Recognition.- Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11a Based on Modified Markov Model in Non-saturation Conditions.- Soft Set Theory for Feature Selection of Traditional Malay Musical Instrument Sounds.- ETSA: An Efficient Task Scheduling Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Comparing Fuzzy Algorithms on Overlapping Communities in Networks.- Color Image Segmentation Using Swarm Based Optimisation Methods.- Adaptive Seeded Region Growing for Image Segmentation Based on Edge Detection, Texture Extraction and Cloud Model.- Evolutionary Computing and Applications.- A New Optimization Algorithm for Program Modularization.- Self-organizing Learning Algorithm for Multidimensional Non-linear Optimization Applications.- Research on Set Pair Cognitive Map Model.- The Development of Improved Back-Propagation Neural Networks Algorithm for Predicting Patients with Heart Disease.- Two-Stage Damage Detection Method Using the Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.- Designing an Artificial Immune System-Based Machine Learning Classifier for Medical Diagnosis.- Human-Oriented Image Retrieval of Optimized Multi-feature via Genetic Algorithm.- Genetic Algorithm Based on Activities Resource Competition Relation for the RCPSP.- A New Flatness Pattern Recognition Model Based on Variable Metric Chaos Optimization Neural Network.- Comparison between BP Neural Network and Multiple Linear Regression Method.- Research of Granularity Pair and Similar Hierarchical Algorithm.- The Research and Application of Parallel Generalized Minimal Residual Algorithm Based on Grid MPI Parallel Running Framework.- Scientific and Engineering Computing.- A New Family of Methods for Nonlinear Equations.- A Filter Method to Solve Nonlinear Bilevel Programming Problems.- Convergence of the Semi-implicit Euler Method for Stochastic Age-Dependent Population Equations with Markovian Switching.- Interior Point Algorithm for Constrained Sequential Max-Min Problems.- Representations for the Generalized Drazin Inverse of Bounded Linear Operators.- Uniformity of Improved Versions of Chord.- Aggregate Homotopy Method for Solving the Nonlinear Complementarity Problem.- A Biomathematic Models for Tuberculosis Using Lyapunov Stability Functions.- Construction of Transition Curve between Nonadjacent Cubic T-B Spline Curves.- Finite Element Simulation of Reinforce-concrete Frame Beam to Resist Progressive Collapse.- Recognition of Linkage Curve Based on Mathematical Morphology.- Interval Implicitization of Parametric Surfaces.- Calculation Method of Indirect Accident Loss Based on Life Value.- Hazard Source Identification of Mined-Out Area Based on Grey System Theory.- Intelligent Computing and Applications.- Consistency Analysis of Dynamic Evolution of Software Architectures Using Constraint Hypergraph Grammars.- Scalable Model for Mining Critical Least Association Rules.- Research on the Spatial Structure and Landscape Patterns for the Land Use in Beijing Suburb Based on RS & GIS.- Adaptive Filter and Morphological Operators Using Binary PSO.- Driving Factors' Identification Based on Derivative Process of Subjective Default Credit Risk.- Mechanical Behavior Analysis of CDIO Production-Blood Vessel Robot in Curved Blood Vessel.- The Choice of Neuropathological Questionnaires to Diagnose the Alzheimer's Disease Based on Verbal Decision Analysis Methods.- Applying Verbal Decision Analysis on the Choice of Materials to the Construction Process of Earth Dams.- Research on Numerical Analysis of Landslide Cataclysm Mechanism and Reinforcement Treatment Scheme in ShengLi Open-Pit Coal Mine.- Adaptive Methods for Center Choosing of Radial Basis Function Interpolation: A Review.- Novel Approach for the Design of Half-Band Filter.- Key Technique of GMTM for Numerical Analysis Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering: Calculation Region Cutting.- Pagerank-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation.


Titel: Information Computing and Applications
Untertitel: First International Conference, ICICA 2010, Tangshan, China, October 15-18, 2010, Proceedings
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ISBN: 3642161669
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Jahr: 2010
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