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High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications

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Nowadays, networks and telecommunications are two of the most active ?elds. Research and development in these areas have been goin... Weiterlesen
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Nowadays, networks and telecommunications are two of the most active ?elds. Research and development in these areas have been going on for some time, reaching the stage of products. The objectives of HSNMC 2004 (International Conference on High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications) were to promote research and development activities and to encourage communication between academic researchers and engineers throughout the world in the areas related to high-speed networks and multimedia communications. The seventh edition of HSNMC was held in Toulouse, France, on June 30 July2,2004. Therewere266submissionstoHSNMCthisyearfrom34countries, which were evaluated by program committee members assisted by external - viewers. Each paper was reviewed by several reviewers. One hundred and one papers were selected to be included in these proceedings. The quality of s- missions was high, and the committee had to decline some papers worthy for publication. The papers selected in this book illustrate the state of the art, current d- cussions, and development trends in the areas of networks, telecommunication and multimedia applications. The contributions published in this book und- line the international importance of the related ?eld of research. They cover a variety of topics, such as QoS in Di?Serv networks, QoS analysis and m- surement, performance modelling, TCP modelling and analysis, MPLS for QoS provision, scheduling and resource allocation, routing, multicast, security and privacy issues, peer-to-peer applications, video applications, software and m- dleware for networks, mobile networks, mobility, satellite, mobile IP, wireless networks, WLAN, ad hoc networks, 3G/UMTS, IEEE 802.

Quality of Service, DiffServ, Performance Analysis.- Network Admission Control for Fault-Tolerant QoS Provisioning.- Expedited Forwarding End to End Delay Jitter in the Differentiated Services Networks.- Enhancing Delay Differentiation Semantics of Class-Based IP Networks.- Analyzing Unfairness Properties of Assured Service in Differentiated Services Network.- Analysis of Scalable TCP.- Improving the Performance of TCP in the Case of Packet Reordering.- Control-Theoretic Approach for a QoS Router.- Modelling of Individual and Aggregate Web Traffic.- Internet Traffic Characterization An Analysis of Traffic Oscillations.- Transatlantic Native 10 Gigabit Ethernet Experiments: Connecting Geneva to Ottawa.- Performance Evaluation of a Probabilistic Packet Filter Optimization Algorithm for High-Speed Network Monitoring.- Modeling TCP and High Speed TCP: A Nonlinear Extension to AIMD Mechanisms.- HMM-Based Monitoring of Packet Channels.- Survey on the End-to-End Internet Delay Measurements.- Performance Evaluation of the RSVP Reservation Aggregation Model.- Scheduling, Resource Allocation.- LAS Scheduling to Avoid Bandwidth Hogging in Heterogeneous TCP Networks.- iRGRR: A Fast Scheduling Scheme with Less Control Messages for Scalable Crossbar Switches.- Design and Implementation of a New Adaptive Algorithm for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation.- Protective Queue Management for TCP Friendly Flows.- Leaky Bucket Based Buffer Management Scheme for TCP/IP Traffic over GFR Service.- Handling Two-Way TCP Traffic in Asymmetric Networks.- Packet Delay Analysis under Class Based Queueing.- Distributed Scheduling Policies of Low Complexity for Networks of Input-Queued Switches.- Design and Analysis of a Virtual Output Queueing Based Windowing Scheduling Scheme for IP Switching System.- MPLS.- New MPLS Switch Architecture Supporting Diffserv for High_Speed Switching and QoS.- Network Convergence over MPLS.- MPLS DiffServ-Enabled Traffic Engineering: A Scalable QoS Model for Optical-Speed Media Streaming Networks.- CoS Based LSP Selection in MPLS Networks.- Routing, Multicast.- Fast Update Algorithm for IP Forwarding Table Using Independent Sets.- IMRA A Fast and Non-greedy Interference Minimizing On-Line Routing Algorithm for Bandwidth Guaranteed Flows.- Embedded BGP Routing Monitoring.- Neural Net Based Approach for Adaptive Routing Policy in Telecommunication Networks.- Hybrid Unicast and Multicast Flow Control: A Linear Optimization Approach.- A New Adaptive Layered Multicast Protocol.- A Novel Scalable Explicit Multicast Protocol.- Multicast Routing with Delay and Delay Variation Constraints for Multimedia Applications.- Mobile Networks, Mobile IP, 3G/UMTS.- Performance Analysis of IP Mobility Protocols in Wireless Mobile Networks.- Connection Admission Control Using Transient QoS Measures in Broadband Satellite Systems.- Reliable Multicast Transport by Satellite: A Hybrid Satellite/Terrestrial Solution with Erasure Codes.- A Rate Adaptation Scheme for out of Profile Packets in a DiffServ Enabled CDMA Network.- QoS Aware Multicast Using Mobile Agents Technique.- RBU+: Recursive Binding Update for End-to-End Route Optimization in Nested Mobile Networks.- An Architecture for User Location in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks.- Enhancing Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Addressing for the Annex Architecture.- Performance Analysis of Binding Update in Mobile IP during Handoff.- TCP Performance Enhancement Incorporating Handoff Analysis in Mobile IPv6 Networks.- Packet Loss Analysis in Mobile IP.- Integration of 3G Protocols into the Linux Kernel to Enable the Use of Generic Bearers.- Managing Mobility in Beyond-3G Environments.- Signaling Traffic Optimization in UMTS IP Multimedia Subsystem.- Call Admission Control and Scheduling Policies for UMTS Traffic for QoS Provisioning.- IEEE 802.11 Networks, Ad Hoc Networks.- Throughput Analysis of IEEE 802.11e EDCA Protocol.- Design of a New IFFT/FFT for IEEE 802.11a WLAN Based on the Statistics Distribution of the Input Data.- Enhancing QoS in 802.11e with Beacon Management.- QoS Mechanisms for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs.- Minimum Energy Maximum Residual Battery Capacity Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Network.- PatchPSMP: A New Multicast Protocol for Ad-Hoc Network.- An Adaptive Probabilistic Broadcast Scheme for Ad-Hoc Networks.- Optimized Dissemination of Alarm Messages in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANET).- Wireless and WLAN.- Analysis on Call Blocking Probability of Streaming Data Service in CDMA System Interworking with WLAN for Different Cell Geometry.- Overlay Wireless Sensor Networks for Application-Adaptive Scheduling in WLAN.- A New Design and Analysis of M-ary PPM UWB.- A Variation of the WTLS Authentication Protocol for Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless Devices.- Priority Based Packet Scheduling with Tunable Reliability for Wireless Streaming.- Modeling Wireless Discovery and Deployment of Hybrid Multimedia N/W-Web Services Using Rapide ADL.- Two-Tier Geographic Location of Internet Hosts.- Multi-protocol Header Protection (MPHP), a Way to Support Error-Resilient Multimedia Coding in Wireless Networks.- Optical Networks, WDM.- An Adaptive Unconstrained Routing Algorithm in All-Optical Networks.- Fiber Delay Line-Random Early Detection QoS Scheme for Optical Burst Switching Networks.- Effects of Slotted Optical Packet Assembly on End-to-End Performance.- Resource Allocation in User-Controlled Circuit-Switched Optical Networks.- QoS Guaranteed Optimal Offset-Time Decision Algorithm for Prioritized Multi-classes in Optical Burst Switching Networks.- A Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in Optical TDM.- Reconfigurable Add/Drop Multiplexing Topology Employing Adaptive MicroPhotonic Technology.- Performance Assessment of Signaling Protocols with One-Way Reservation Schemes for Optical Burst Switching Networks.- The Effect of Increased Traffic Variability and Wavelength Capacities on ORION.- Area Efficient and Low Power Pipelined IIR Filter Design for Intelligent Integrated Photonic System.- Integrated Optical Routing Topology for MicroPhotonic Switches.- Absolute Differentiated Services for Optical Burst Switching Networks Using Dynamic Wavelength Assignment.- The Performance and the Computational Complexity of the Digital Demultiplexers.- An Improved Band-Gap Voltage Reference Circuit Design for Multimedia VLSI Systems Integration Applications.- A Heuristic Scheduling Algorithm for 1xEV-DO-Like Systems.- High Density and Low Power Beam Steering Opto-ULSI Processor for IIPS.- An Improved ILP Formulation for Path Protection in WDM Networks.- Buffer and Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms for Quality of Service Provisioning in WDM Optical Burst Switching Networks.- Applications, Software Development.- Performance Comparison of Different Cache-Replacement Policies for Video Distribution in CDN.- Robust Video Transmission with an SNR Scalable H.264 Codec.- Subjective Video Codec Evaluation for Streaming Services up to 1 Mbps.- A Smooth Recursive Frequency-Splitting Scheme for Broadcasting VBR-Encoded Hot Videos.- Design and Implementation of a Semantic Peer-to-Peer Network.- A Signaling Protocol for Small Closed Dynamic Multi-peer Groups.- TAP: Topology-Aware Peer-to-Peer Network with Expanding-Area Lookup.- A Pull-Based Approach for a VoD Service in P2P Networks.- Benefits of Using Ontologies in the Management of High Speed Networks.- QoS-Aware Network Design with UML.- User-Aware Adaptive Applications for Enhanced Multimedia Quality in Heterogeneous Networking Environments.- Adaptive Media Streaming Using Self-reconfigurable Proxies.- Security and Privacy Issues.- Hybrid and Adaptive Hash-Chaining Scheme for Data-Streaming Source Authentication.- SIP Extension and Some Approaches for Establishment of a Secure Large-Scale Conference.- An Efficient Domain Based Marking Scheme for IP Traceback.- Intelligent Assessment of Distributed Security in TCP/IP Networks.


Titel: High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications
Untertitel: 7th IEEE International Conference, HSNMC 2004, Toulouse, France, June 30- July 2, 2004, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540222620
ISBN: 978-3-540-22262-0
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1106
Gewicht: 1663g
Größe: H233mm x B62mm x T156mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004

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