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Green Metathesis Chemistry

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Green Metathesis Chemistry: Great Challenges in Synthesis, Catalysis and Nanot... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Green Metathesis Chemistry: Great Challenges in Synthesis, Catalysis and Nanotechnology Bucharest, Rumania 21 July - 2 August 2008.

An outstanding international scientific event in the field of metathesis chemistry, the NATO ASI "Green Metathesis Chemistry: Great Challenges in Synthesis, Catalysis and Nanotechnology" has been recently organized in Bucharest, Romania (July 21- August 2, 2008). Numerous renowned scientists, young researchers and students, convened for two weeks to present and debate on the newest trends in alkene metathesis and identify future perspectives in this fascinating area of organic, organometallic, catalysis and polymer chemistry with foreseen important applications in materials science and technology. Following the fruitful practice of NATO Advanced Study Institutes, selected contributions covering plenary lectures, short communications and posters have been compiled in this special volume dedicated to this successful convention on green metathesis chemistry.

General interest was primarily focused on relevant "green chemistry" features related to all types of metathesis reactions (RCM, CM, enyne metathesis, ADMET and ROMP). Diverse opportunities for green and sustainable technologies and industrial procedures based on metahesis have been identified. Largely exemplified was the utility of this broadly applicable strategy in organic synthesis, for accessing natural products and pharmaceuticals, and also its ability to fit in the manufacture of smart and nanostructured materials, self-assemblies with nanoscale morphologies, macromolecular engineering.

Preface.List of contributors. I. Innovations In Catalysts Design.Recent Advances in Ruthenium Catalysts for Alkene Metathesis; L. Delaude et al.-New N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands in Grubbs and Hoveyda-Grubbs Catalyst; S. Monsaer et al.-Ruthenium Indenylidene Complexes Bearing Saturated N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Synthesis and Application in Ring-Closing Metathesis Reactions; S. Monsaert et al.- Building Indenylidene-Ruthenium Catalysts for Metathesis Transformations; H. Clavier, S. P. Nolan.-The Influence of Anionic Counter-Ion on Activity of Ammonium Substituted Hoveyda-Type Olefin Metathesis Catalysts in Aqueous Media; L. Gutajski, K. Grela.- Ruthenium Catalysts Bearing Carboxylate Ligand; R. Gawin, K. Grela.- Mono- and Bimetallic Ruthenium-Arene Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis: A Survey; Y. Borguet et al.- Ruthenium-Arene Complexes Derived from NHC.C02 and NHC.CS2 Adducts and Their Use in Olefin Metathesis; L. Delaude, A. Demonceau.- Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Based Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis and Metathesis Polymerization; H. Balcar, J. Cejka.- Binary and Ternary Catalytic Systems for Olefin Metathesis Based on MoC15 /SiO 2 ;V. I. Bykov et al.- II. Concepts And Challenges In Sustainable Chemicals Synthesis.Ring-Closing Metathesis Synthesis of Medium and Large Rings: Challenges and Implications for Sustainable Synthesis; S. Monfette, D. E. Fogg.- Functionalisation of Vinylsubstituted (Poly)Siloxanes and Silsesquioxanes via Cross-Metathesis and Silylative Coupling Transformations; B. Marciniec, C. Pietraszuk.-The Olefin Metathesis Reactions in Dendrimers;D. Astruc.-Alkene Metathesis and Renewable Materials: Selective Transformations of Plant Oils; R. Malacea, P. H. Dixneuf.-Recent Applications of Alkene Metathesis in Fine Chemical Synthesis; D. Bicchielli et al.-Probing the Mechanism of the Double C-H (De)Activation Route of a Ru-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalyst; A. Poater, L. Cavallo.-A Comparison of the Performance of the Semiempirical PM6 Method vs. DFT Methods in Ru-Catalyzed Olefin Metathesis; A.Correa et al.- Mechanism of Gold-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization of Enynyl Esters; A. Correa, L. Cavallo.-Carbonyl-Olefin Exchange Reaction and Related Chemistry; Chr. Jossifov, R. Kalinova.- Activation of Cycloolefin Metathesis by Ultrasonic Irradiation; I. Dragutan et al.- Microwave-Assisted Olefin Metathesis and Atom Transfer Radical Reactions; A. Demonceau.-III. New Materials By Metathesis Polymerization. Acyclic Diene Metathesis (ADMET) Polymerization of Bis(4-Pentenyl) Dimethyl-stannane and Bis(4-Pentenyl)Diphenylstannane with an Electrochemically Induced Catalyst; S. Karabulut, Y. Imamoglu.-A Selective Route for Synthesis of Linear Polydicyclopentadiene; V. Dragutan et al.- Tuning Product Stereoselectivity in ROMP of Cycloolefins with W-Based Catalytic Systems; V. Dragutan et al.-[RuCl2(p-cymene)]2 Immobilized on Mesoporous Molecular Sieves SBA-15 As Catalyst for ROMP of Norbornene; D. Bek et al.-Behaviour of Silyl-Containing Norbornenes in the Conditions of Addition Polymerization; M. L.Gringolts et al.-New Applications of Ring-opening Metathesis Polymerization for Grafting Alkylene Oxide-based Copolymers; B. Spurcaciu et al.-Subject Index. Author Index.


Titel: Green Metathesis Chemistry
Untertitel: Great Challenges in Synthesis, Catalysis and Nanotechnology
EAN: 9789048134311
ISBN: 978-90-481-3431-1
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Netherlands
Genre: Chemie
Anzahl Seiten: 425
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Jahr: 2009
Auflage: 2010

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