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Frontiers of WWW Research and Development -- APWeb 2006

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2006. More than 100 papers cover all ... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2006. More than 100 papers cover all current issues on WWW-related technologies and new advanced applications for researchers and practitioners from both academic and industry.

Relates advances for water resources management More than 100 full length and short papers Covers all current issues on WWW-related technologies and new advanced applications for researchers and practitioners from both academic and industry.

Keynote Papers.- Applications Development for the Computational Grid.- Strongly Connected Dominating Sets in Wireless Sensor Networks with Unidirectional Links.- Mobile Web and Location-Based Services.- The Case of the Duplicate Documents Measurement, Search, and Science.- Regular Papers.- An Effective System for Mining Web Log.- Adapting K-Means Algorithm for Discovering Clusters in Subspaces.- Sample Sizes for Query Probing in Uncooperative Distributed Information Retrieval.- The Probability of Success of Mobile Agents When Routing in Faulty Networks.- Clustering Web Documents Based on Knowledge Granularity.- XFlat: Query Friendly Encrypted XML View Publishing.- Distributed Energy Efficient Data Gathering with Intra-cluster Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks.- QoS-Driven Web Service Composition with Inter Service Conflicts.- An Agent-Based Approach for Cooperative Data Management.- Transforming Heterogeneous Messages Automatically in Web Service Composition.- User-Perceived Web QoS Measurement and Evaluation System.- An RDF Storage and Query Framework with Flexible Inference Strategy.- An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Declarative Access Control for Web Applications.- A Statistical Study of Today's Gnutella.- Automatically Constructing Descriptive Site Maps.- TWStream: Finding Correlated Data Streams Under Time Warping.- Supplier Categorization with K-Means Type Subspace Clustering.- Classifying Web Data in Directory Structures.- Semantic Similarity Based Ontology Cache.- In-Network Join Processing for Sensor Networks.- Transform BPEL Workflow into Hierarchical CP-Nets to Make Tool Support for Verification.- Identifying Agitators as Important Blogger Based on Analyzing Blog Threads.- Detecting Collusion Attacks in Security Protocols.- Role-Based Delegation with Negative Authorization.- Approximate Top-k Structural Similarity Search over XML Documents.- Towards Enhancing Trust on Chinese E-Commerce.- Flexible Deployment Models for Location-Aware Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Diachronic Analysis of Gender-Related Web Communities Using a HITS-Based Mining Tool.- W3 Trust-Profiling Framework (W3TF) to Assess Trust and Transitivity of Trust of Web-Based Services in a Heterogeneous Web Environment.- Image Description Mining and Hierarchical Clustering on Data Records Using HR-Tree.- Personalized News Categorization Through Scalable Text Classification.- The Adaptability of English Based Web Search Algorithms to Chinese Search Engines.- A Feedback Based Framework for Semi-automic Composition of Web Services.- Fast Approximate Matching Between XML Documents and Schemata.- Mining Query Log to Assist Ontology Learning from Relational Database.- An Area-Based Collaborative Sleeping Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- F@: A Framework of Group Awareness in Synchronous Distributed Groupware.- Adaptive User Profile Model and Collaborative Filtering for Personalized News.- Context Matcher: Improved Web Search Using Query Term Context in Source Document and in Search Results.- Weighted Ontology-Based Search Exploiting Semantic Similarity.- Determinants of Groupware Usability for Community Care Collaboration.- Automated Discovering of What is Hindering the Learning Performance of a Student.- Sharing Protected Web Resources Using Distributed Role-Based Modeling.- Concept Map Model for Web Ontology Exploration.- A Resource-Adaptive Transcoding Proxy Caching Strategy.- Optimizing Collaborative Filtering by Interpolating the Individual and Group Behaviors.- Extracting Semantic Relationships Between Terms from PC Documents and Its Applications to Web Search Personalization.- Detecting Implicit Dependencies Between Tasks from Event Logs.- Implementing Privacy Negotiations in E-Commerce.- A Community-Based, Agent-Driven, P2P Overlay Architecture for Personalized Web.- Providing an Uncertainty Reasoning Service for Semantic Web Application.- Indexing XML Documents Using Self Adaptive Genetic Algorithms for Better Retreival.- GCC: A Knowledge Management Environment for Research Centers and Universities.- Towards More Personalized Web: Extraction and Integration of Dynamic Content from the Web.- Supporting Relative Workflows with Web Services.- Text Based Knowledge Discovery with Information Flow Analysis.- Short Papers.- Study on QoS Driven Web Services Composition.- Optimizing the Data Intensive Mediator-Based Web Services Composition.- Role of Triple Space Computing in Semantic Web Services.- Modified ID-Based Threshold Decryption and Its Application to Mediated ID-Based Encryption.- Materialized View Maintenance in Peer Data Management Systems.- Cubic Analysis of Social Bookmarking for Personalized Recommendation.- MAGMS: Mobile Agent-Based Grid Monitoring System.- A Computational Trust Model for Semantic Web Based on Bayesian Decision Theory.- Efficient Dynamic Traffic Navigation with Hierarchical Aggregation Tree.- A Color Bar Based Affective Annotation Method for Media Player.- Robin: Extracting Visual and Textual Features from Web Pages.- Generalized Projected Clustering in High-Dimensional Data Streams.- An Effective Web Page Layout Adaptation for Various Resolutions.- XMine: A Methodology for Mining XML Structure.- Multiple Join Processing in Data Grid.- A Novel Architecture for Realizing Grid Workflow Using Pi-Calculus Technology.- A Chord-Based Novel Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Protocol.- Web-Based Genomic Information Integration with Gene Ontology.- Table Detection from Plain Text Using Machine Learning and Document Structure.- Efficient Mining Strategy for Frequent Serial Episodes in Temporal Database.- Efficient and Provably Secure Client-to-Client Password-Based Key Exchange Protocol.- Effective Criteria for Web Page Changes.- WordRank-Based Lexical Signatures for Finding Lost or Related Web Pages.- A Scalable Update Management Mechanism for Query Result Caching Systems at Database-Driven Web Sites.- Building Content Clusters Based on Modelling Page Pairs.- IRFCF: Iterative Rating Filling Collaborative Filtering Algorithm.- A Method to Select the Optimum Web Services.- A New Methodology for Information Presentations on the Web.- Integration of Single Sign-On and Role-Based Access Control Profiles for Grid Computing.- An Effective Service Discovery Model for Highly Reliable Web Services Composition in a Specific Domain.- Using Web Archive for Improving Search Engine Results.- Closed Queueing Network Model for Multi-tier Data Stream Processing Center.- Optimal Task Scheduling Algorithm for Non-preemptive Processing System.- A Multi-agent Based Grid Service Discovery Framework Using Fuzzy Petri Net and Ontology.- Modeling Identity Management Architecture Within a Social Setting.- Ontological Engineering in Data Warehousing.- Mapping Ontology Relations: An Approach Based on Best Approximations.- Building a Semantic P2P Scientific References Sharing System with JXTA.- Named Graphs as a Mechanism for Reasoning About Provenance.- Discovery of Spatiotemporal Patterns in Mobile Environment.- Visual Description Conversion for Enhancing Search Engines and Navigational Systems.- Reusing Experiences for an Effective Learning in a Web-Based Context.- Special Sessions on e-Water.- Collaboration Between China and Australia: An e-Water Workshop Report.- On Sensor Network Segmentation for Urban Water Distribution Monitoring.- Using the Shuffled Complex Evolution Global Optimization Method to Solve Groundwater Management Models.- Integrating Hydrological Data of Yellow River for Efficient Information Services.- Application and Integration of Information Technology in Water Resources Informatization.- An Empirical Study on Groupware Support for Water Resources Ontology Integration.- Ontology Mapping Approach Based on OCL.- Object Storage System for Mass Geographic Information.- The Service-Oriented Data Integration Platform for Water Resources Management.- Construction of Yellow River Digital Project Management System.- Study on the Construction and Application of 3D Visualization Platform for the Yellow River Basin.- Industry Papers.- A Light-Weighted Approach to Workflow View Implementation.- RSS Feed Generation from Legacy HTML Pages.- Ontology Driven Securities Data Management and Analysis.- Context Gallery: A Service-Oriented Framework to Facilitate Context Information Sharing.- A Service-Oriented Architecture Based Macroeconomic Analysis & Forecasting System.- A Web-Based Method for Building Company Name Knowledge Base.- Demo Sessions.- Healthy Waterways: Healthy Catchments An Integrated Research/Management Program to Understand and Reduce Impacts of Sediments and Nutrients on Waterways in Queensland, Australia.- Groundwater Monitoring in China.- The Digital Yellow River Programme.- Web Services Based State of the Environment Reporting.- COEDIG: Collaborative Editor in Grid Computing.- HVEM Grid: Experiences in Constructing an Electron Microscopy Grid.- WISE: A Prototype for Ontology Driven Development of Web Information Systems.- DSEC: A Data Stream Engine Based Clinical Information System.- SESQ: A Novel System for Building Domain Specific Web Search Engines.- Digital Map: Animated Mode.- Dynamic Voice User Interface Using VoiceXML and Active Server Pages.- WebVine Suite: A Web Services Based BPMS.- Adaptive Mobile Cooperation Model Based on Context Awareness.- An Integrated Network Management System.- Ichigen-San: An Ontology-Based Information Retrieval System.- A Database Monitoring and Disaster Recovery System.- IPVita: An Intelligent Platform of Virtual Travel Agency.- LocalRank: A Prototype for Ranking Web Pages with Database Considering Geographical Locality.- Automated Content Transformation with Adjustment for Visual Presentation Related to Terminal Types.


Titel: Frontiers of WWW Research and Development -- APWeb 2006
Untertitel: 8th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Harbin, China, January 16-18, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540311423
ISBN: 978-3-540-31142-3
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1224
Gewicht: g
Größe: H61mm x B243mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2006
Auflage: 2006

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