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Fast Software Encryption

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2.1 Di?erential Power Analysis Di?erential Power Analysis (DPA) was introduced by Kocher, Ja?e and Jun in 1998 [13] and published ... Weiterlesen
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2.1 Di?erential Power Analysis Di?erential Power Analysis (DPA) was introduced by Kocher, Ja?e and Jun in 1998 [13] and published in 1999 [14]. The basic idea is to make use of potential correlations between the data handled by the micro-controller and the electric consumption measured values. Since these correlations are often very low, s- tistical methods must be applied to deduce su?cient information from them. Theprinciple ofDPAattacksconsistsincomparingconsumptionvalues m- suredonthe real physical device (for instance a GSM chip or a smart card)with values computed in an hypothetical model of this device (the hypotheses being made among others on the nature of the implementation, and chie?y on a part of the secret key). By comparing these two sets of values, the attacker tries to recover all or part of the secret key. The initial target of DPA attacks was limited to symmetric algorithms. V- nerability of DES ?rst shown by Kocher, Ja?e and Jun [13, 14] wasfurther studied by Goubin and Patarin [11, 12], Messerges, Dabbish, Sloan [16]and Akkar, B evan, Dischamp, Moyart [2]. Applications of these attacks were also largely taken into account during the AES selection process, notably by Biham, Shamir [4], Chari, Jutla, Rao, Rohatgi [5] and Daemen, Rijmen [8].

New Cryptographic Primitives Based on Multiword T-Functions.- Towards a Unifying View of Block Cipher Cryptanalysis.- Algebraic Attacks on Summation Generators.- Algebraic Attacks on SOBER-t32 and SOBER-t16 without Stuttering.- Improving Fast Algebraic Attacks.- Resistance of S-Boxes against Algebraic Attacks.- Differential Attacks against the Helix Stream Cipher.- Improved Linear Consistency Attack on Irregular Clocked Keystream Generators.- Correlation Attacks Using a New Class of Weak Feedback Polynomials.- Minimum Distance between Bent and 1-Resilient Boolean Functions.- Results on Rotation Symmetric Bent and Correlation Immune Boolean Functions.- A Weakness of the Linear Part of Stream Cipher MUGI.- Vulnerability of Nonlinear Filter Generators Based on Linear Finite State Machines.- VMPC One-Way Function and Stream Cipher.- A New Stream Cipher HC-256.- A New Weakness in the RC4 Keystream Generator and an Approach to Improve the Security of the Cipher.- Improving Immunity of Feistel Ciphers against Differential Cryptanalysis by Using Multiple MDS Matrices.- ICEBERG : An Involutional Cipher Efficient for Block Encryption in Reconfigurable Hardware.- Related Key Differential Attacks on 27 Rounds of XTEA and Full-Round GOST.- On the Additive Differential Probability of Exclusive-Or.- Two Power Analysis Attacks against One-Mask Methods.- Nonce-Based Symmetric Encryption.- Ciphers Secure against Related-Key Attacks.- Cryptographic Hash-Function Basics: Definitions, Implications, and Separations for Preimage Resistance, Second-Preimage Resistance, and Collision Resistance.- The EAX Mode of Operation.- CWC: A High-Performance Conventional Authenticated Encryption Mode.- New Security Proofs for the 3GPP Confidentiality and Integrity Algorithms.- Cryptanalysis of a Message Authentication Code due to Cary and Venkatesan.- Fast Software-Based Attacks on SecurID.- A MAC Forgery Attack on SOBER-128.- On Linear Approximation of Modulo Sum.


Titel: Fast Software Encryption
Untertitel: 11th International Workshop, FSE 2004, Delhi, India, February 5-7, 2004, Revised Papers
EAN: 9783540221715
ISBN: 3540221719
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Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
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Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T26mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004

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