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Computer Vision - ACCV 2006

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Welcometothe7thAsianConferenceonComputerVision.Itgivesusgreatpl- sure to bring forth its proceedings. ACCV has been making its rou... Weiterlesen
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Welcometothe7thAsianConferenceonComputerVision.Itgivesusgreatpl- sure to bring forth its proceedings. ACCV has been making its rounds through the Asian landscape and came to India this year. We are proud of the technical program we have put together and we hope you enjoy it. Interest in computer vision is increasing and ACCV 2006 attracted about 500 submission. The evaluation team consisted of 27 experts serving as Area Chairs and about 270 reviewers in all. The whole process was conducted electronically in a double-blind manner,a ?rstfor ACCV. Eachpaper wasassignedto an Area Chair who found three competent reviewers for it. We were able to contain the maximum load on the reviewers to nine and the average load to less than six. The review form had space for qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the paper on nine aspects. The submitted reviews underwent an elaborate process. First, they were seen by the Area Chair, who resolved divergences of opinion among reviewers, if any. The Area Chair then wrote qualitative comments and a quantitative score along with his/her initial recommendation on the paper. These were looked at by Program Co-chairs and compiled into a probables list. The Area Chairs and Program Co-chairs met in Beijing during ICCV to discuss this list and arrivedat the ?nal list of 64 oral papers and 128 posters. Naturally, many deserving papers could not be accommodated.

Proceedings of the 7th Asian Conference on Computer Vision The papers are organized in topical sections on camera calibration, stereo and pose Papers of the second volume cover such topics as detection and applications, statistics and kernels

Infinite Homography Estimation Using Two Arbitrary Planar Rectangles.- Infinite Homography Estimation Using Two Arbitrary Planar Rectangles.- Shape Orientability.- How to Compute the Pose of an Object Without a Direct View?.- Dense Motion and Disparity Estimation Via Loopy Belief Propagation.- A Real-Time Large Disparity Range Stereo-System Using FPGAs.- Use of a Dense Surface Point Distribution Model in a Three-Stage Anatomical Shape Reconstruction from Sparse Information for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery: A Preliminary Study.- Fisheye Lenses Calibration Using Straight-Line Spherical Perspective Projection Constraint.- Robust Linear Auto-calibration of a Moving Camera from Image Sequences.- Frame Rate Stabilization by Variable Resolution Shape Reconstruction for On-Line Free-Viewpoint Video Generation.- Vision-Based Posing of 3D Virtual Actors.- Super-Resolved Video Mosaicing for Documents Based on Extrinsic Camera Parameter Estimation.- Content Based Image and Video Retrieval Using Embedded Text.- Object Tracking Using Background Subtraction and Motion Estimation in MPEG Videos.- Multi-camera Tracking of Articulated Human Motion Using Motion and Shape Cues.- Matching Gait Image Sequences in the Frequency Domain for Tracking People at a Distance.- Performance Evaluation of Object Detection and Tracking in Video.- Vehicle Detection Using Double Slit Camera.- Automatic Vehicle Detection Using Statistical Approach.- A Handheld Projector Supported by Computer Vision.- FormPad: A Camera-Assisted Digital Notepad.- Symmetric Color Ratio in Spiral Architecture.- A Geometric Contour Framework with Vector Field Support.- Clustering Spherical Shells by a Mini-Max Information Algorithm.- Clustering of Interval-Valued Symbolic Patterns Based on Mutual Similarity Value and the Concept of k-Mutual Nearest Neighborhood.- Multiple Similarities Based Kernel Subspace Learning for Image Classification.- Detection and Applications.- Boosted Algorithms for Visual Object Detection on Graphics Processing Units.- Combining Iterative Inverse Filter with Shock Filter for Baggage Inspection Image Deblurring.- Automatic Chromosome Classification Using Medial Axis Approximation and Band Profile Similarity.- Object Detection Using a Cascade of 3D Models.- Heuristic Pre-clustering Relevance Feedback in Region-Based Image Retrieval.- Biologically Motivated Perceptual Feature: Generalized Robust Invariant Feature.- Statistics and Kernels.- A Framework for 3D Object Recognition Using the Kernel Constrained Mutual Subspace Method.- An Iterative Method for Preserving Edges and Reducing Noise in High Resolution Image Reconstruction.- Fast Binary Dilation/Erosion Algorithm Using Kernel Subdivision.- Fast Global Motion Estimation Via Iterative Least-Square Method.- Kernel-Based Robust Tracking for Objects Undergoing Occlusion.- Adaptive Object Tracking with Online Statistical Model Update.- Segmentation.- Inducing Semantic Segmentation from an Example.- Super Resolution Using Graph-Cut.- A Multiphase Level Set Based Segmentation Framework with Pose Invariant Shape Priors.- A Unified Framework for Segmentation-Assisted Image Registration.- Geometry and Statistics.- Fusion of 3D and Appearance Models for Fast Object Detection and Pose Estimation.- Efficient 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single 2D Image by Combining Statistical and Geometrical Information.- Multiple View Geometry in the Space-Time.- Detecting Critical Configuration of Six Points.- Robustness in Motion Averaging.- Signal Processing.- Detection of Moving Objects by Independent Component Analysis.- OK-Quantization Theory and Its Relationship to Sampling Theorem.- Contour Matching Based on Belief Propagation.- Key Frame-Based Activity Representation Using Antieigenvalues.- Fast Image Replacement Using Multi-resolution Approach.- Poster Session 3.- Histogram Features-Based Fisher Linear Discriminant for Face Detection.- Perception Based Lighting Balance for Face Detection.- An Adaptive Weight Assignment Scheme in Linear Subspace Approaches for Face Recognition.- Template-Based Hand Pose Recognition Using Multiple Cues.- Scalable Representation and Learning for 3D Object Recognition Using Shared Feature-Based View Clustering.- Video Scene Interpretation Using Perceptual Prominence and Mise-en-scène Features.- Smooth Foreground-Background Segmentation for Video Processing.- Efficient Object Segmentation Using Digital Matting for MPEG Video Sequences.- Background Segmentation Beyond RGB.- Classification of Photometric Factors Based on Photometric Linearization.- Material Classification Using Morphological Pattern Spectrum for Extracting Textural Features from Material Micrographs.- A Hierarchical Framework for Generic Sports Video Classification.- Feature Detection with an Improved Anisotropic Filter.- Feature Selection for Image Categorization.- An Energy Minimization Process for Extracting Eye Feature Based on Deformable Template.- Image Feature Detection as Robust Model Fitting.- Extraction of Salient Contours Via Excitatory-Inhibitory Interactions in the Visual Cortex.- Identification of Printing Process Using HSV Colour Space.- Spatiotemporal Density Feature Analysis to Detect Liver Cancer from Abdominal CT Angiography.- Fast Block Matching Algorithm in Walsh Hadamard Domain.- Skin Detection by Near Infrared Multi-band for Driver Support System.- Extracting Surface Representations from Rim Curves.- Applying Non-stationary Noise Estimation to Achieve Contrast Invariant Edge Detection.- Corner Detection Using Morphological Skeleton: An Efficient and Nonparametric Approach.- Correspondence Search in the Presence of Specular Highlights Using Specular-Free Two-Band Images.- Stereo Matching Algorithm Using a Weighted Average of Costs Aggregated by Various Window Sizes.- Pseudo Measurement Based Multiple Model Approach for Robust Player Tracking.- A Hierarchical Method for 3D Rigid Motion Estimation.- Virtual Fashion Show Using Real-Time Markerless Motion Capture.- Space-Time Invariants for 3D Motions from Projective Cameras.- Detecting and Tracking Distant Objects at Night Based on Human Visual System.- Motion Guided Video Sequence Synchronization.- Landmark Based Global Self-localization of Mobile Soccer Robots.- Self-calibration Based 3D Information Extraction and Application in Broadcast Soccer Video.- Error Analysis of SFM Under Weak-Perspective Projection.- General Specular Surface Triangulation.- Dense 3D Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Active Stereo System.- Surface-Independent Direct-Projected Augmented Reality.- Aspects of Optimal Viewpoint Selection and Viewpoint Fusion.- An Efficient Approach for Multi-view Face Animation Based on Quasi 3D Model.- Hallucinating 3D Faces.- High Quality Compression of Educational Videos Using Content-Adaptive Framework.- Video Processing.- Double Regularized Bayesian Estimation for Blur Identification in Video Sequences.- A Multi-Layer MRF Model for Video Object Segmentation.- Scene Interpretation: Unified Modeling of Visual Context by Particle-Based Belief Propagation in Hierarchical Graphical Model.


Titel: Computer Vision - ACCV 2006
Untertitel: 7th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Hyderabad, India, January 2006, Proceedings, Part II
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Jahr: 2006
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