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Computer and Information Sciences - ISCIS 2006

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Thesearetheproceedingsofthe21stInternationalSymposiumonComputerand ? Information Sciences (ISCIS 2006) held in Istanbul, Turkey, N... Weiterlesen
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Thesearetheproceedingsofthe21stInternationalSymposiumonComputerand ? Information Sciences (ISCIS 2006) held in Istanbul, Turkey, November 1 3, 2006. ISCIS 2006 was organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural S- ences of Sabanc?University. These proceedings include updated versions of 106 papers selected by the program committee for presentation at the symposium. The increasing com- tition for presenting at the symposium, which relies on the success of previous ISCIS symposia,has led to many excellent papers and a higher standard overall. From a record-breaking 606 submissions, scheduling constraints dictated that only 106 papers could be accepted, resulting in a 17.5% acceptance rate. The program committee and external reviewers worked very hard and went through all submissions meticulously to select the best in a limited time frame. The selection process was especially hard when some of the good submissions could not be selected for publication due to space and time limitations. Another interesting fact about the submissions is that they were by authors from 41 countries covering all habitable continents (excluding Antarctica). This is a clear indication of the ever-increasing popularity of ISCIS symposia among researchersallaroundtheworldasamediumtoshareanddisseminatetheresults of their research activities.

Invited Papers and Talks.- Analysis of Automated Auctions.- Advanced Mixed Reality Technologies for Surveillance and Risk Prevention Applications.- Requirements Engineering as a Key to Holistic Software Quality.- Invited Talks.- Problems and Challenges of Image-Guided Neurosurgical Navigation and Intervention.- Information and Communication Technologies in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme.- Algorithms and Theory.- The Greedy Prepend Algorithm for Decision List Induction.- Heuristics for Minimum Brauer Chain Problem.- Dispatching Rules for Allocation of Component Types to Machines in the Automated Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards.- Heuristic Approach to Schedule Crew for a Regional Airline.- Automatic Segmentation of the Liver in CT Images Using a Model of Approximate Contour.- Unambiguous 3D Measurements by a Multi-period Phase Shift Method.- Hybrid Techniques for Dynamic Optimization Problems.- Minimizing the Search Space for Shape Retrieval Algorithms.- Decision Support for Packing in Warehouses.- A Fast Partial Distortion Elimination Algorithm Using Selective Matching Scan.- Variable Neighborhood Search for the Orienteering Problem.- Bioinformatics.- Extracting Gene Regulation Information from Microarray Time-Series Data Using Hidden Markov Models.- Asymptotical Lower Limits on Required Number of Examples for Learning Boolean Networks.- Modified Association Rule Mining Approach for the MHC-Peptide Binding Problem.- Prediction and Classification for GPCR Sequences Based on Ligand Specific Features.- An Efficient Algorithm for the Identification of Repetitive Variable Motifs in the Regulatory Sequences of Co-expressed Genes.- Computational Intelligence.- An Intelligent Shopping Agent for Optimal Purchasing Decision on the Semantic Web.- Adapting the Pyramid Technique for Indexing Ontological Data.- Comparison of Different Neural Networks Performances on Motorboat Datasets.- Dynamic Role Assignment for Multi-agent Cooperation.- Lexical Ambiguity Resolution for Turkish in Direct Transfer Machine Translation Models.- Design of a Feature Set for Face Recognition Problem.- Computer Architecture.- Low-Cost Microarchitectural Techniques for Enhancing the Prediction of Return Addresses on High-Performance Trace Cache Processors.- Recovery Logics for Speculative Update Global and Local Branch History.- An ILP Formulation for Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessors.- Hardware Designs for Local Alignment of Protein Sequences.- A New Model of BAM: Alpha-Beta Bidirectional Associative Memories.- Computer Graphics.- PARM: Data Structure for Efficient Volume Ray Casting.- Triangle Propagation for Mass-Spring Chain Algorithm.- Hardware Acceleration of Terrain Visualization Using ef-Buffers.- Computer Simulation of Woven Fabric Defects Based on Faulty Yarn Photographs.- Bidirectional Distancemap for Efficient Volume Ray Casting.- Segmenting Free-Form 3D Objects by a Function Representation in Spherical Coordinates.- Applying Natural Neighbor Coordinates for Electromagnetic Tracker Calibration.- Minkowski Sum Based Octree Generation for Triangular Meshes.- Hardware-Oriented Visualisation of Trees.- A Multi-resolution Technique for Real-time Animation of Large Crowds.- A Framework for Working with Digitized Cultural Heritage Artifacts.- Computer Networks.- On the Stability of Application-Layer Multicast Tree.- Extended Authentication Integrating Scheme for Beyond 3G Wireless Networks.- A New Function for Optimization of Working Paths in Survivable MPLS Networks.- HIMUTSIS: Hierarchical Multi-tier Adaptive Ad-Hoc Network Security Protocol Based on Signcryption Type Key Exchange Schemes.- Dual-Level Traffic Smoothing Technique over Switched Ethernet for Hard Real-Time Communication.- A Model of a Packet Aggregation System.- On the Use of Principle Component Analysis for the Hurst Parameter Estimation of Long-Range Dependent Network Traffic.- Throughput Analysis of UDP and VPN Traffic in 802.11g Networks.- Path Loss Rate Driven Burst Assembly in OBS Networks.- Computer Vision.- Pixel Domain Spatio-temporal Denoising for Archive Videos.- Fast Sub-pixel Motion Estimation by Means of One-Bit Transform.- Neighborhood Decomposition of Convex Structuring Elements for Mathematical Morphology on Hexagonal Grid.- Block Motion Estimation Using Modified Two-Bit Transform.- 3D Face Tracking Using Appearance Registration and Robust Iterative Closest Point Algorithm.- Video as Input: Spiral Search with the Sparse Angular Sampling.- An Adept Segmentation Algorithm and Its Application to the Extraction of Local Regions Containing Fiducial Points.- Lossless Compression of Volumetric Medical Data.- Identification of Luminal and Medial Adventitial Borders in Intravascular Ultrasound Images Using Level Sets.- Data Mining.- Prediction of Moving Object Location Based on Frequent Trajectories.- A Framework for Visualizing Association Mining Results.- Databases.- Credential-Based Policies Management in an Access Control Framework Protecting XML Resources.- Evaluating Proposals in Web Services Negotiation.- Nested Bitemporal Relational Algebra.- A Protocol for Reconciling Recovery and High-Availability in Replicated Databases.- Migrating a Hierarchical Legacy Database Application onto an XML-Based Service-Oriented Web Platform.- Embedded Systems.- Power-Aware Processors for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Effects of Asynchronism and Neighborhood Size on Clustering in Self-propelled Particle Systems.- Virtual-ROM: A New Demand Paging Component for RTOS and NAND Flash Memory Based Mobile Devices.- Model-Driven Development of RTOS-Based Embedded Software.- Information Retrieval.- A Target Oriented Agent to Collect Specific Information in a Chat Medium.- Algorithms for Within-Cluster Searches Using Inverted Files.- Effect of Inverted Index Partitioning Schemes on Performance of Query Processing in Parallel Text Retrieval Systems.- Exploiting Social Networks Dynamics for P2P Resource Organisation.- Security Considerations in e-Cognocracy.- Mobile Computing.- A Dynamic Service Range Management Strategy for Improving Mobile Multicast Protocol Performance.- A Survey of Major Challenges and Future Directions for Next Generation Pervasive Computing.- Camera-Based Virtual Environment Interaction on Mobile Devices.- A Cost Model for an Adaptive Cell-Based Index Structure.- Positioning Method for Outdoor Systems in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Parallel and Distributed Computing.- Formal Description of a Runtime Infrastructure for Automatic Distribution of Programs.- Super-Peer Selection Based Framework Using Dynamic Capacity and Similarity.- A General Graph Model for Representing Exact Communication Volume in Parallel Sparse MatrixVector Multiplication.- Safety of Rollback-Recovery Protocol Maintaining WFR Session Guarantee.- 3-D Parallel Implementation of the Wave-Equation PML Algorithm Using Distributed System.- Trustworthy Distributed Algorithm Design to Defend Distance Cheating in Link-Weighted ALM.- jEQN a Java-Based Language for the Distributed Simulation of Queueing Networks.- Exact Performance Measures for Peer-to-Peer Epidemic Information Diffusion.- A Leader Election Protocol for Timed Asynchronous Distributed Systems.- Performance Evaluation.- Computing the Steady-State Distribution of G-networks with Synchronized Partial Flushing.- Worst-Case Analysis of Router Networks with Rival Queueing Models.- Security and Cryptography.- An Anomaly Intrusion Detection Approach Using Cellular Neural Networks.- A Lookup Table Model for Time-Memory Trade-Off Attacks on Binary Additive Stream Ciphers.- Improved Merkle Cryptosystem (IMC).- Threshold Cryptography Based on Asmuth-Bloom Secret Sharing.- Capture Resilient ElGamal Signature Protocols.- A New Efficient Protocol for Authentication and Certificate Status Management in Personal Area Networks.- A New Image Encryption Algorithm Based on One-Dimensional Polynomial Chaotic Maps.- A Non-committing Encryption Scheme Based on Quadratic Residue.- Biometric Cryptosystem Using Online Signatures.- Finite Field Polynomial Multiplication in the Frequency Domain with Application to Elliptic Curve Cryptography.- A Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme with Nonrepudiation and Anonymity.- Deterministic Analysis of Balancedness in Symmetric Cryptography.- Test Suite Reduction Based on Dependence Analysis.- Realism in Project-Based Software Engineering Courses: Rewards, Risks, and Recommendations.- Problems of Adiabatic Quantum Program Design.- Modified Cognitive Complexity Measure.- Coverage-Based, Prioritized Testing Using Neural Network Clustering.- Component Oriented Design Based on Axiomatic Design Theory and COSEML.


Titel: Computer and Information Sciences - ISCIS 2006
Untertitel: 21th International Symposium Istanbul, Turkey, November 1-3, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540472421
ISBN: 978-3-540-47242-1
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1088
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006

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