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Computational Science - ICCS 2004

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The International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2004) held in Krak´ ow, Poland, June 69, 2004, was a follow-up to the ... Weiterlesen
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The International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2004) held in Krak´ ow, Poland, June 69, 2004, was a follow-up to the highly successful ICCS 2003 held at two locations, in Melbourne, Australia and St. Petersburg, Russia; ICCS 2002 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and ICCS 2001 in San Francisco, USA. As computational science is still evolving in its quest for subjects of inves- gation and e?cient methods, ICCS 2004 was devised as a forum for scientists from mathematics and computer science, as the basic computing disciplines and application areas, interested in advanced computational methods for physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, arts and humanities, as well as computer system vendors and software developers. The main objective of this conference was to discuss problems and solutions in all areas, to identify new issues, to shape future directions of research, and to help users apply various advanced computational techniques. The event harvested recent developments in com- tationalgridsandnextgenerationcomputingsystems,tools,advancednumerical methods, data-driven systems, and novel application ?elds, such as complex - stems, ?nance, econo-physics and population evolution.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Track on Parallel and Distributed Computing.- Optimization of Collective Reduction Operations.- Predicting MPI Buffer Addresses.- An Efficient Load-Sharing and Fault-Tolerance Algorithm in Internet-Based Clustering Systems.- Dynamic Parallel Job Scheduling in Multi-cluster Computing Systems.- Hunting for Bindings in Distributed Object-Oriented Systems.- Design and Implementation of the Cooperative Cache for PVFS.- Track on Grid Computing.- Towards OGSA Compatibility in Alternative Metacomputing Frameworks.- DartGrid: Semantic-Based Database Grid.- A 3-tier Grid Architecture and Interactive Applications Framework for Community Grids.- Incorporation of Middleware and Grid Technologies to Enhance Usability in Computational Chemistry Applications.- An Open Grid Service Environment for Large-Scale Computational Finance Modeling Systems.- The Migrating Desktop as a GUI Framework for the Applications on Demand Concept.- Interactive Visualization for the UNICORE Grid Environment.- Efficiency of the GSI Secured Network Transmission.- An Idle Compute Cycle Prediction Service for Computational Grids.- Infrastructure for Grid-Based Virtual Organizations.- Air Pollution Modeling in the CrossGrid Project.- The Genetic Algorithms Population Pluglet for the H2O Metacomputing System.- Applying Grid Computing to the Parameter Sweep of a Group Difference Pseudopotential.- A Grid Enabled Parallel Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for SPN.- An Atmospheric Sciences Workflow and Its Implementation with Web Services.- Twins: 2-hop Structured Overlay with High Scalability.- Dispatching Mechanism of an Agent-Based Distributed Event System.- An Adaptive Communication Mechanism for Highly Mobile Agents.- Track on Models and Algorithms.- Knapsack Model and Algorithm for HW/SW Partitioning Problem.- A Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Circles Packing Problem.- Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Graph Coloring Problem.- Characterization of Efficiently Parallel Solvable Problems on a Class of Decomposable Graphs.- The Computational Complexity of Orientation Search in Cryo-Electron Microscopy.- Track on Data Mining and Data Bases.- Advanced High Performance Algorithms for Data Processing.- Ontology-Based Partitioning of Data Steam for Web Mining: A Case Study of Web Logs.- Single Trial Discrimination between Right and Left Hand Movement-Related EEG Activity.- WINGS: A Parallel Indexer for Web Contents.- A Database Server for Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions.- PairAnalyzer: Extracting and Visualizing RNA Structure Elements Formed by Base Pairing.- A Parallel Crawling Schema Using Dynamic Partition.- Hybrid Collaborative Filtering and Content-Based Filtering for Improved Recommender System.- Object-Oriented Database Mining: Use of Object Oriented Concepts for Improving Data Classification Technique.- Data-Mining Based Skin-Color Modeling Using the ECL Skin-Color Images Database.- Maximum Likelihood Based Quantum Set Separation.- Chunking-Coordinated-Synthetic Approaches to Large-Scale Kernel Machines.- Computational Identification of -1 Frameshift Signals.- Track on Networking.- Mobility Management Scheme for Reducing Location Traffic Cost in Mobile Networks.- Performance Analysis of Active Queue Management Schemes for IP Network.- A Real-Time Total Order Multicast Protocol.- A Rule-Based Intrusion Alert Correlation System for Integrated Security Management.- Stable Neighbor Based Adaptive Replica Allocation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Mobile-Based Synchronization Model for Presentation of Multimedia Objects.- Synchronization Scheme of Multimedia Streams in Mobile Handoff Control.- Poster Papers.- The Development of a Language for Specifying Structure of a Distributed and Parallel Application.- Communication Primitives for Minimally Synchronous Parallel ML.- Dependence Analysis of Concurrent Programs Based on Reachability Graph and Its Applications.- Applying Loop Tiling and Unrolling to a Sparse Kernel Code.- A Combined Method for Texture Analysis and Its Application.- Reliability of Cluster System with a Lot of Software Instances.- A Structural Complexity Measure for UML Class Diagrams.- Parallelizing Flood Models with MPI: Approaches and Experiences.- Using Parallelism in Experimenting and Fine Tuning of Parameters for Metaheuristics.- DEVMA: Developing Virtual Environments with Awareness Models.- A Two-Leveled Mobile Agent System for E-commerce with Constraint-Based Filtering.- ABSDM: Agent Based Service Discovery Mechanism in Internet.- Meta Scheduling Framework for Workflow Service on the Grids.- Resources Virtualization in Fault-Tolerance and Migration Issues.- On the Availability of Information Dispersal Scheme for Distributed Storage Systems.- Virtual Storage System for the Grid Environment.- Performance Measurement Model in the G-PM Tool.- Paramedir: A Tool for Programmable Performance Analysis.- Semantic Browser: an Intelligent Client for Dart-Grid.- On Identity-Based Cryptography and Grid Computing.- The Cambridge CFD Grid Portal for Large-Scale Distributed CFD Applications.- Grid Computing Based Simulations of the Electrical Activity of the Heart.- Artificial Neural Networks and the Grid.- Towards a Grid-Aware Computer Algebra System.- Grid Computing and Component-Based Software Engineering in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.- An NAT-Based Communication Relay Scheme for Private-IP-Enabled MPI over Grid Environments.- A Knowledge Fusion Framework in the Grid Environment.- A Research of Grid Manufacturing and Its Application in Custom Artificial Joint.- Toward a Virtual Grid Service of High Availability.- The Measurement Architecture of the Virtual Traffic Laboratory.- Adaptive QoS Framework for Multiview 3D Streaming.- CORBA-Based Open Platform for Processes Monitoring. An Application to a Complex Electromechanical Process.- An Approach to Web-Oriented Discrete Event Simulation Modeling.- Query Execution Algorithm in Web Environment with Limited Availability of Statistics.- Using Adaptive Priority Controls for Service Differentiation in QoS-Enabled Web Servers.- On the Evaluation of x86 Web Servers Using Simics: Limitations and Trade-Offs.- MADEW: Modelling a Constraint Awareness Model to Web-Based Learning Environments.- An EC Services System Using Evolutionary Algorithm.- A Fast and Efficient Method for Processing Web Documents.- Online Internet Monitoring System of Sea Regions.- Modeling a 3G Power Control Algorithm in the MAC Layer for Multimedia Support.- Network Probabilistic Connectivity: Exact Calculation with Use of Chains.- A Study of Anycast Application for Efficiency Improvement of Multicast Trees.- Performance Analysis of IP-Based Multimedia Communication Networks to Support Video Traffic.- Limited Deflection Routing with QoS-Support.- Advanced Multicasting for DVBMT Solution.- Server Mobility Using Domain Name System in Mobile IPv6 Networks.- Resource Reservation and Allocation Method for Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems.- Improved Location Scheme Using Circle Location Register in Mobile Networks.- An Energy Efficient Broadcasting for Mobile Devices Using a Cache Scheme.- On Balancing Delay and Cost for Routing Paths.- Performance of Optical Burst Switching in Time Division Multiplexed Wavelength-Routing Networks.- On Algorithm for All-Pairs Most Reliable Quickest Paths.- Performance Evaluation of the Fast Consistency Algorithms in Large Decentralized Systems.- Building a Formal Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Computing.- Efficient Immunization Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Networks.- A Secure Process-Service Model.- Multi-level Protection Building for Virus Protection Infrastructure.- Parallelization of the IDEA Algorithm.- A New Authorization Model for Workflow Management System Using the RPI-RBAC Model.- Reducing the State Space of RC4 Stream Cipher.- A Pair-Wise Key Agreement Scheme in Ad Hoc Networks.- Visual Analysis of the Multidimensional Meteorological Data.- Using Branch-Grafted R-trees for Spatial Data Mining.- Using Runtime Measurements and Historical Traces for Acquiring Knowledge in Parallel Applications.- Words as Rules: Feature Selection in Text Categorization.- Proper Noun Learning from Unannotated Corpora for Information Extraction.- Proposition of Boosting Algorithm for Probabilistic Decision Support System.- Efficient Algorithm for Linear Pattern Separation.- Improved Face Detection Algorithm in Mobile Environment.- Real-Time Face Recognition by the PCA (Principal Component Analysis) with Color Images.- Consistency of Global Checkpoints Based on Characteristics of Communication Events in Multimedia Applications.- Combining the Radon, Markov, and Stieltjes Transforms for Object Reconstruction.


Titel: Computational Science - ICCS 2004
Untertitel: 4th International Conference, Kraków, Poland, June 6-9, 2004, Proceedings, Part I
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ISBN: 354022114X
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Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
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Jahr: 2004
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Auflage: 2004

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